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Shopify Reviews: WORST eCommerce Site Ever

FRAUD COMPANY Men Shopify Reviews: WORST eCommerce Site Ever



But Don't Take My Word for It they Have a 3.3/10 Star Rating Read More HERE:


1) Unethical
2) Liars
3) Thieves
4) Unjust
I have contacted SHOPIFY THREE TIMES OVER THIS SAME THING! I have not gotten any payments sent through with Their Company for Sales in over $4000 for these Two charges on sales from my website and I AM BEING CHARGED for these Sales and NOT RECEIVING MONEY FROM THE ORDERS. I am being charged each time roughly 118-200$ more than I would with the normal set price, Which is already overpriced, because they even took their Shopify Payments away from me, for absolutely no reason. So my site is practically a CATALOG Site. I am contacting the FTC and FBI and I will make sure to plaster this all over ICCC, this is the Third time, NO ONE HAS FULL-FILLED ANY PURCHASE and These Guys are charging even More each time and setting this up on their own. I am wanting their ADDRESS TO Their FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT, Now this is the Third or Fourth Time I have asked Them for this. They refuse to reply and actually give me their address. Yes I will be sending them a Demand letter, as they think this is a funny joke and don't take anything serious. I am sick of being charged extra for no reason.



Shopify doesn't want to process our customers because they don't want to support people getting healthy with natural raw organic...

I am letting everyone know never to use Shopify; and I will be reporting this behavior, because these con artists don’t like what I stand for and my message, I believe they have shills set up fake phony orders that don’t go through and charge me for UNFULFILLED ORDERS! I know this is the case, because they purchase huge items and people from odd locations that don't match up with their address and they aren't real people. They create the order, to set up a huge charge by the end of the month. This is unfair however, because I never got a complete order and they know this, they don't care, they still charge as if I made the $4000 sale. This is theft, as they are playing around with my website in order

•I am attempting to contact as many online and outsourced media connections, making a big deal about how you can get ripped off big time by eCommerce shopping cart websites. I am going to even make a blog on their own platform and will post it like crazy, everywhere I can. Let as many people as I can that use Shopify, know the heads up that if you aren't careful they will set up fake charges against you that you won't know you are being charged for.
*Again, This is Unethical and Dishonest. We are doing to blast THE TRUTH all over. I want a REFUND ASAP, for all these phony orders that never go through to my bank and they say there is no way to refund, because they claim I fulfilled the order somehow. Which is a LIe. So if You make a checkout of a order that is for $20,000 and a person is playing around, you might be left with a $550-580 charge on your invoice. How would you feel if this was going on while you are trying to run a business and be honest, hardworking and ethical yourself?
•Again, remember I said this isn't the first time they have done this, they have unlimited sources of money, yet like to try to steal from enough people with this Ponzi scheme and milk your bank account dry.
•I don't work this hard to throw my extra earnings away with a corrupt and dishonest company. They will ultimately go down, as I have been in business ethically for over 10 years and I have never had a single charge back or refund in all my years for my services or products.
•Shopify will be just another Edomite company that goes down the drain. Obviously they are struggling already so bad they must steal money from my hard work.
•They don't want to give me their Financial department, as they know I am accurate that they are breaking their own User Agreement policy, because there is no way you can uphold an agreement that is based off of breaking the law, this is clearly theft.

•Also they don't like me, because I reprove of alot of other companies, as I am an expert on Fraud; this is among one of the most malicious company's I have ever worked with. If you have been using them for a long time, don't over look this, they are sneaky; if you are thinking about using them BEWARE. They could be just the people who ruin your business.


"You think you guys are above the law, I know how to sue you, you think it isn’t for much money, but you repeatedly do this, you think this is a joke. You don’t anyone, and this is theft. SHOPIFY OVER CHARGES TO BEGIN WITH, WHEN THEY DO NOT LIKE
TRUTH OF A PERSON TRYING TO DO A GOOD THING, YOU ATTEMPT TO SET UP FALSE SHILL BUYERS, THAT NEVER GO THROUGH AND YOU CHARGE THE RATE OF YOUR FEES, KNOWING DAMN WELL THE MONEY NEVER WENT THROUGH. How Can You Live With Yourself Knowing this is Theft? You are stealing from good people. You know it will come back at you guys Ten Fold, in the name of Yahuwah, your soul will face the consequences, you heathens, Gentile, Edomites!


Maybe I Should Switch to Wix. I Would say if you are going to put in alot of work for your life work, do not go with Shopify. They are not a good people to work with. READ THE COUNTLESS OTHERS WHO AGREE HERE 

TrustPilot - DO NOT GET STARTED WITH THEM - Shopify Apps ...
Trustpilot was the biggest mistake I ever made on Shopify. They try to charge you $400 a month for their service. Their service promotes negative reviews. Its just a complaint board. Once you stop with them you will only get negative reviews from crazy customers that are looking to harm you. Nobody that is happy searches ...


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Written by Araz'EL White Lion ERIK ARAK YAH YISRAEL

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