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The Perfectional Practice Pyramid ∆ News Album Updates for 2017© How to Value and Sell Your Business

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"Dr.Moringa King" Speakth Empyreal Knowledge From Heaven Above To Earth
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News Album Updates for 2017© How to Value and Sell Your Business

We Now Own MoringaMoney.Com. Congrats
Thank you so much for supporting us to help people who are starving and sick, needing nutrition and whole-foods, get their life and health back into Golden Green status. Thank you for allowing us to help small businesses grow and purify water impurities in water system's all around the world. It is our goal and mission to manifold an operation to send Moringa O. Heirloom seeds all around the world, and make it our duty to cultivate a Moringa Tree in every single person's life today, right now; when it matters most. To Teach The Future Generation about Optimum Raw Superfood Nutrition and our Perfectional Practice™ Pyramid that goes hand in hand with our Sustainable Permaculture in TheMoringaKingdom.Com Royal Champion alliance Tribe.
We will sweep up our side of the walk, and walk this talk all the way into a Pristine and Clean Healthy Future for the Children's Safety, Care, Security, and Welfare.



We Aren't Necessarily about Being The Biggest Business in The Universe, But The BEST Business For The Universe!
~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~
Harvard Researcher
Plant Based Nutritionist Cornell University.
If we refuse everything but the best, the best is often all we will receive and deserve.
I am a simple 8 Steps of Naturpathy I call
Perfectional Practice™
It is actually 3 main action Steps however
Cant find the page, but on this video is the chart I put together. I think I have given you enough. I have so many blogs to put together. Still have to file taxes. Get my Orders out. Email clients etc...And Then Lots of web Work, But I will get that Moringa as Soon as I get a little down time to package fresh...All Harvested Hand Picked With Love.
Yes, But I want to really talk to you and walk you through every thing, Perfectly and succinctly, so it isnt confusing
News Album Updates for 2017© How to Value and Sell Your Business
many people think that they cannot consume fruits either
This isn't true
Doctors are mislead about Gyclose
Raw Oganric Fruits Veggies and Nuts are Fine while Diabetec
∆ Moringa Cures Diabetes Again & Parkinsons Disease ∆
YUM! Can you see this Christina?
How To Use Moringa As A Cure For Diabetes TYPE 1 OR 2 MELLITUS

Plott Palm Trees Girl Jānuar TBTBS© 2017

∆ Astonishing Tennessee Tropical Paradise 8-2016 † from Eric Plott on Vimeo.





  • Toni OrToni

    I'm a devoted follower of your enterprise here. I follow along and I journey along and because of you and 2 others here on fb I am blessed to be in wellbeing on a stage IV cancer journey. I started with "nothing" had no idea what to do or in this case what NOT to do. Now I am proud to say that I am a researcher and I am pursuing some certifications so that I can elevate in helping others. I'm extremely low income single parent, but God has ALWAYS made a way for us. I always say "if I handle His business, He will handle mine" and for that reason, it is proven to hold true. Therefore I will not quit.

  • (12:32pm)

    Back to my question/situation I have an assistance program I am in that helps with my bills and Snap (food stamp) ...they will give me more for out of pocket expenses like my wellness regimen which in no way is covered by insurances.. I end up using all I have to keep up with my health practices. I would have a health coach but cannot afford one which has to change really all this time, you are all I have, Dr.Eric Plott...and it's been working for me. I read and research and I end up all over the world wide web following your ideas. First let me say...there are no words I can say to express my thanks to you for your diligence and for accepting your God-given calling. Nothing I can say here. I'm inspired and looks like I will be joining the winning team someday and become a holistic doctor... So, these things I wanted to tell you anyway but my reason for stopping by is I want to know if it's okay for me to add you as my health coach so that I can add credibility to my case because they want to know a source that verifies these expenses so I would just want to add you as a "health coach" ...would this be ok with you?

  • (12:36pm)
    Toni OrToni

    Nonetheless it's the truth. I'm actually telling the truth to really hurts that out holistic lifestyle is looked upon as nothing worthy..and abnormal. I really don't care. I'm going to stay in it Blessings, my friend

    Toni Ellison Sacramento, CA


    I would be honored to be your health Coach.

    Much love and light energy to you Toni, you are a blessing, a Miracle, Capable and Powerful. Lets Win! You are a Warrior! You are the LIGHT! We are already Winners!





    The Plottified Pyramid Greenhouse Plans!

    January 08, 2017 The Plottified Pyramid Greenhouse Plans!


    Visible (as of 2017-01-08 8:28am CST) MODERN DAY ORMUS MIRACLE MINERAL TRUTH NATURAlchemist (NaturAlchemist) Just be careful Eric.... we were told at this FB class... anyone that makes claims to Cure diseases and cancer. The gov will be shutting these kind of peoples Cathy Rogers   BUILD THE PYRAMID!Destroy the system If we advocate Moringa as a food supplement we shall survive, but if we go as using Moringa for treatment we shall not go far ! Let us Thrive with RAW SUPERFOODS, ORGANIC PRODUCE AND SUPPLEMENTED WATER FASTING! sorry but we can ! we life in system now and...

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    10 Year Anniversary Award to Plott Palm Trees Productions

    December 31, 2016


    Helping Small Businesses Grow since Palm Sunday 2006 Happy anniversary! It’s already been 10 year since your first order. View order Classic THE PYRAMID GREENHOUSE CHRISTMAS MOVIE PLOTTPALMTREES.COM YESHUAH TRADITION © from Eric Plott on Vimeo. ALTERNATIVE TO PAYPAL & SQAURE/STRIPE   We Are Taking Referrals For LOTS IN BELIZE (Central America) BENEFITS OF MOVING… $ 9,998.88 $ 19,000.00 Upon major research I had found that culturally that masses of people (specific ethnic groups) would travel and cultivate on... Flash Banc: Executive Agent Manager by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com on Scribd Really Quit Your Day-Job And Make Money with us? December 19,...

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    Sue PayPal in Small Claims Court...AND WIN!

    December 27, 2016


    Welcome to The Internet's #1 Anti-PayPal Consumer Advocate Website: Over 1,750,000 Visitors...and counting!  Flash: Charging into The Future with LOWEST RATE, NO DOWNTIME, NO HOLDING FUNDS November 02, 2016 • Agent • • Brain Tree • Card Swiper • Flash Banc• Pay Pal • PayPAl • Square •     Sue PayPal in Small Claims Court...AND WIN! You may not get Judge Judy to hear your case (but it might be worth a try to contact the show and see if you could), but there is a judge that will hear your case if you do the work you need to do to make it happen! You do not have to buy a book...

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    MORINGA HAS HUNDREDS OF NAMES- It Is The Oldest And Most Useful Herb That Is NOT Known ~E.G.Plott~

    December 25, 2016


    MORINGA HAS HUNDREDS OF NAMES- It Is The Oldest And Most Useful Herb That Is NOT Known ~E.G.Plott~ Read The Authentic Article with Pictures here. February 28, 2014 at 7:02pm Also Read "Exposing the Lies & Deception with Imported Moringa Leaf & Seed Suppliers from Cameroon and other Fraudsters!"     Yes Moringa Has MANY NAMES Common names for Moringa. In ancient times, Moringa was well known and used in traditional societies around the world. This was long before people had the means of instant communication we have today. So, people should have discovered Moringa independent in all these places and...

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