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How much Moringa should I take?

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START: Introduce Moringa to your diet
How much moringa to take?

Pt1: DOSE MORINGASOP TO TAKE For Cancer Or In General Prevention from Eric plott on Vimeo.

Dose Instructions: MORINGASOP PART 2 Direction ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

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How to take Moringa 
For Full Moringa Effect, PLEASE Refrain From All Meat, Dairy, And Egg Consumptions; This Is So Less Toxins Are Being Infiltrated out Of The Body And Moringa Doesn't have To Work As Hard To Remove Heavy Metals And Toxins. If You Cannot Completely Do This Challenge, I  At Least Urge You To Try At Least For 30 Days And For OPTIMUM & NOTICEABLE Results 90 Days. That Is My 90 Day Moringa Superior Results Test...Can You Pass?
~Eric G. Plott~

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1. Start with half a teaspoon per day for 3 - 5 days!
preferably with breakfast (tips below) and ALWAYS with food. Our Moringa powder is strong and can cause side effects if taken in too large doses.
2. After 3-5 days 
increase your intake. 1 teaspoons per day total is plenty for a healthy person. If you are recovering from illness or suffer from any chronic condition that affects you physically, two teaspoons per day may be better or even more, email me to ask about what ailment you are having trouble curing (
 -BUT if your stomach is struggling because it needs to cope with medication it is better to slow things down.
If you are healthy and physically very active, three teaspoons per day is possible. Unless you are body building, more may be a waste.
3. After 2 Weeks:
You may want to take Moringa every second day after a while -Listen to your body. You will notice if your dosage is too high. Just take less, or skip a day -or two. Your body is unique as are its needs. After two weeks of regular use you can begin to make changes in how much and when you take Moringa.
Remember, you can't force the body's processes, so don't take Moringa as a quick-fix.
Take it regularly as part of your diet and you should get the miracle benefits -many of which are preventative.
When to take Moringa
Most who take only one teaspoon daily take Moringa in the morning with breakfast.
Those who struggle after lunch, usually take it with lunch. Those who take it to improve digestion or sleep, take it with dinner.
The 3 Day Rule: You are going to have to see what works best for you. A three day regimen taking Moringa at a specific time will tell you what results are for you by taking it at that time.
Not everyone takes Moringa daily. Some take less daily, others take 1 or two teaspoons every second or third day.
Remember Moringa is for the entire body, not just the tongue.
Health Risks:
Like all dark green foods, such as Spinach, Moringa thickens the blood.
If you are on blood-thinning medication or are pregnant, consult your health care practitioner before taking Moringa.
Moringa with Food: Recipes
Take in a juice, or mix into your breakfast. It will go green!
Honey works well to mask the taste.
You can take half a teaspoon with cereal or
oats to lessen the impact of the taste.
Sprinkle your Moringa over wet salad - you wont notice it.
Cooked Meals
Sprinkle Moringa powder over the food just before serving.
You can stir it in, but DON'T COOK Moringa powder,
it diminishes the nutritional value. UNLESS IT IS WELL UNDER 180F or If Possibly 118F
Go to town! but for best results, add lemon, honey or dates.
A full teaspoon will often affect the taste, so go for half a teaspoon.
Add only half a teaspoon of Moringa to juice to prevent spoiling the taste.
One easily masks half a teaspoon of moringa. If you drink hig-green smoothies, you can do one.
If taste is an issue, you need to take less more frequently. Again. given the benefits of regular Moringa intake, should your tongue get such a big say?
Moringa Tea South Africa
You can add our Moringa powder to hot water to create a tea.
Obviously you will need to strain it through a cloth. Do not boil the Moringa, add it to a pot of pre-boiled water an let it brew fro 3-5 minutes.
Moringa tea has less nutrients than taking the powder.
By adhering to the Do's and Dont's below, you can't go wrong.
Do Not
Don't cook Moringa powder. Heat above 47 degrees celsius/ 118 F depotentizes raw food. Minerals survive, but many phyto-nutrients -including vitamins take a huge knock.
DO NOT Take too much too soon! See the next point.
DO NOT Take Moringa on an empty stomach! Moringa makes a brilliant and natural laxative.
In the beginning, 1 to 2 teaspoon on an empty stomach should do it.
Keep your powder dry. Moringa ferments in no time at all. Great compost, but too expensive.
Keep your powder out of the sun. The Chlorophyll in Moringa carries the goodness.
Take Moringa regularly. Moringa is a food, not a medicine. It works best preventitively.
Moringa Side Effects
Moringa may have side effects manifest when you take it wrong.
Firstly - we've seen it at least a hundred times: People get their Moringa and immediately take too much...
SLOW DOWN. Moringa is not a silver bullet, it is food, and it is potent.
 Give your body the time it needs to asapt and gain the benefits.
You cannot rush your system, but you can make it very uncomfortable by bombarding it with something strong.
Gag-reflex / Vomiting
About 15% of people: Usually just a reaction to the taste.
Camouflage your Moringa taste and powder texture to prevent a gag reflex.
Thick juices, non dairy smoothies, vegan yogurt, or mixed in food, breakfast cereal or salad.
If Moringa makes you nauseous you are taking too much...
lower your dosage substantially and build up slower, or spread your dosage over three meals.
Moringa is very potent.
Taken neat on an empty stomach it acts as a laxative.
If your constitution is weak, take your daily dosage over several meals and take it with food.
A sudden dose of potency can overwhelm the stomach.
If you take moringa neat with water, or very little else to mix with, it can cause a heartburn-like sensation.
If this happens to you, mix it with something thicker, or take it with food.
Like all green foods Moringa thickens the blood. This is of note to those on blood-thinning medication. 


NEED ENERGY NOW -to last? Forget Caffeine and Sugar. Take a Moringa Power Shot:


* 1 teaspoon Moringa leaf Powder * Half a fresh Lemon * Water / Sugar-Free Juice * Optional: Any other juiced Berries


1. Add a teaspoon of juice to the glass, 2. Add the Moringa powder & stir to create a pulp 3. Fill the glass with juice & stir 4. Squeeze in the Lemon 5. Drink immediately 6. Notice what happens... Eat, drink, sprinkle, mix, drink... the options are endless. As long as it ends up in your stomach you won! BUT follow the steps here to have a smooth transition.

Moringa drink mix:

Well, you can add Moringa powder to any smoothie. The trick is to camouflage the taste with your other ingredients.  
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