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Why Moringa King Produce is Number #1

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Fresh Vegan Moringa Powder

Q: Hi there, I have seen Moringa powder in another site for much less, why that big difference in price? 1lb from you is 99.95 other stores 19.79, 13.99, 25.00 certified organic  

 moringa sop cures over 300 different diseases[/caption] A: YES! Of Course- This IS The Exact Problem I Ran Through... I Will Tell You Now You Can Go Get Those Powders- And Save Money... Do It If It Is Truly what You Feel... But, Let Me Explain The Difference... THE CERTIFIED ORGANIC IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK... Today We Are In Such A Corrupt Time...- My Dad Bought The SAME Lower Quality Moringa And Wasted Way More Than 99 Dollars All Together- Because We Thought Going Through Those ONLINE SITES- That Claimed To Be Certified Organic Was Smart... Not So, When I Discovered That The Pills I Had Been Giving My Dad WERE BROWN- I Look into This More...And Come To Find BROWN IMPLIED DEAD- Made Since To Me... So I Called All These Places I Thought I Was Getting The Moringa For A Good Deal From... And Asking Them Real Questions- WHY IS IT BROWN>? What Is Your Process- And Why Are You Lying And Ripping Me Off.... Well... Come To Find I Research To Learn  About Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy Theory  

 And 2#....So Knowing About Codex, I Had To Figure Out WHY ORGANIC WAS SO BAD... I Mean, I Thought I Was Good And Safe Getting This... BUT THAT MAY BE TRUE WITH FRUITS AND VEGGIES (MAYBE, For Right Now At Least).... BUT!...The Organics- Maybe Organic, BUT THEY ARE GOING THROUGH A "Blanching Process"... What Is That?... Well, After Researching The Certified Organic Site I Discovered That Blanching Is Taking The Organic Substance Or Vitamin -Powder-ETC And Actually SPRAYING IT WITH REAL LIFE CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVE!

   I Was Very Shocked And Disappointed In This... So All The Vitamins I Had been Getting For My Dad And Even Myself... HAD BEEN NOT ONLY NUTRIENT DEFICIENT... But POISONOUS... A Good Doctor To Listen To All The Way Through On This Topic Is Dr. Fischer. Please Listen To This Explanation, Before You "Save Your Money" Buying Blanched Herbs. If You Want To Know Why Our Moringa Is The Real Stuff And How Others Like Me Are Selling The More RICH NATURAL - NON FILLER Version Of Moringa- ALOHA! We Sell All Forms Of The Moringa From All Portions Of WILD CRAFTED OR ORGANIC IN NATURE... ∆ And There Is NO GREATER Life Then Living Your Dream And At The Same Moment Helping Save Lives ... And Together...WE Are Helping Humanity, Not Just I. But Instead WE. † We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business In The World, But The B AS Well, Allow Me To Share WIth You The Color Of The Moringa We Sell...And I Can Almost Guarantee You That No Industrialized Moringa Dealer On The Corporate Moringa Market Has GREEN MORINGA LIKE THIS...Their Moringa Is Either BROWN...Really Faded, Or It Taste Odd, Because It Does Keep The Color, But Taste Like NUTS Instead Of Like Spinach... In Fact If You Read Up On Moringa, You Will Hear People Say It Taste Like NUTS...

 Well, I Hate To Be The One To Break It To Them, But Organic Wild Crafted Moringa Taste NOTHING Like That. It Taste Like STRONG SPINACH. You Are Talking To Someone Who Really Knows. And This Is A Very Serious Topic... But The Whole Reason I Began This Business Was So I Could Shed A LIght On The Truth.... I Was Forced To Grow The Moringa Myself For My Dad. I Was Tired Of Being Lied To And Ripped Off By The Major Moringa Industries That Were Just MASS PRODUCING HIGH VOLUMES OF THE ACTUAL MORINGA, BUT NOT WITH THE QUALITY.

   And The Whole Guideline Makes This Process Corrupt, The "Certified Organic" Guidelines That Is. Can you See How Green This Stuff Is? This Is What It Looks Like When I Ship It Out And When You Get It. Know It Seems Like A LOT Of Info, But Please Understand- I AM NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC- Because My Produce IS 100% ENZYMATICALLY ALIVE- And If You Ask Them, They LEGALLY CANNOT SAY THE SAME... Because As Soon As Chemicals Hit Soil Or A Plant - THEY KILL THE LIVING NUTRIENTS KNOWN AS PHYTONUTRIENTS OR ENZYMES... This Is The Same Heat Process That KILLS THE NUTRIENTS OUT OF YOUR FOOD WHEN YOU COOK- That Is Why Raw Vegans Acquire The Healthiest Diet Known.

 *I Do Sell Certified Organic Genius Herb- Moringa Soup.... But I Will Say, The BEST ORGANIC, Is The Guy Down The Street That Grows It And Does Not Need A Preservative- So His Product Can Sit Up On A Shelf Under The Light For 10 Hours Or So At A Time. Initially They MUST DO THE BLANCHING PROCESS To Keep The Product Looking Fresh.... EXEMPT FROM THE FACTORS OF LOSING THE VERY THING YOU ARE INTENDING ON GETTING.......Nutrition. I Hope This Makes Sense... It Is Possibly The Most Difficult Thing For&l There are no discussions for this product. 



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