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Do I Need My Supplements If I Am Taking Moringa?

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 Do I Need My Supplements If I Am Taking Moringa?

From: Pamela

 TheMoringaQueen.Com for soursop tea

I take Vitamin D-3, Omega-3, Bone Renewal, Eye Protecter, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Maitake, 4 Herbal Tea, Yew Yip Tea, B12, 2000 Green Food Powder, resveratrol plus, Beta Glucans Plus Maitake, MSM Sulphur, Bloodroot/poke salve, Liver Support,

Colloidal Silver, Olive Leaf Liquid, Respir 8 when needed

No prescriptions

Organic diet for blood type A 

Berkey Filter Water

Drank the water during the fasting? Yes


I did...I just don't think you want to hear my opinion on taking that many supplements...which can do you in the wrong direction, which some call nutritional poisoning...Really the main concerning factor or confounding I have in the field of being an expert in nutrition and wholefood supplementation is that all these products you are buying are blanched and heavily sprayed for one, read my article on this and also everything you need from protein, antioxidants, omegas  3,6,9 and probiotic enzymes in active bioavailable, bio-photon form can be found in our one fresh raw TheMoringaQueen.Com produce. Moringa is known as the power tree of life and miracles for this reason sustains the body in every area to build up the body's immune system function, so that the body actually heals or repairs end up building a castle cell structure of the human physiological body to a superior vehicle manifestation...which in turn, will take you into optimum health living and thriving motion of homeostasis...I promise you this...this plant carries over 90 nutrients, 47 antioxidants, 37 anti-inflammatories and all 86 of the live active organic minerals the anatomy needs to function...nutrients are the only thibg that makes us move, fueled by a combustion of things like nitrogen or protein...oxygen...water in good pure form...probiotic enzymes found only in wholefoods and not on a shelf...then minerals to use those gut floras and the minerals can then suck up the micronutrients, which over time can properly assimilate the macronutrients, then like getting your car's oil changed, you need those omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids regulated constantly, NOT FROM ANIMAL PRODUCTS; rather from whole food wildcrafted plants! We also need b12 vitamin bacteria, which is possibly the most important and this comes from poop in the soil. It is a good bacteria, not talked about often enough...but b12 deficiencies are what contribute to all disorders mentally and all diseases physically, please watch my video on this as well to learn more about this underrated nutrient that all are lacking in the western world, due to our poor soil conditions...

GOOD NEWS MORINGA HOLDS HIGH AMOUNTS OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING OUR BODY NEEDS INCLUDING B12 etc...and in HIGH amounts...see since this complex structure of a perfect plant is all found in one source, it makes it actually very simple to break down...which is probably the most special and important thing to realize about the Moringa Wonder tree of healing...the never-die tree..the survival tree...the medicine tree...the God tree...the mother best friend tree...all these names and over 300 different names have been coined worldwide describing Moringa and no plant has been cultivated for its mass amount of remedies throughout the thousands of years than this one plant, that leaves have been healing all nations since the fall of man. Dating back far beyond the ancient esoteric Egyptian times. Is it manna from heaven? What more do you need in your diet...We don't diet, we livit. See what happens and trust in the creators creation. Pray in loving thought for you and your family. ~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~ •HARVARD RESEARCHER •PLANT BASED NUTRITIONIST : CORNELL UNIVERSITY E.G.Plott

> Hi Eric, I just spoke to Clare and placed an order. I was telling her about Protandim (the Nrf2 Synergizer). That is how it is marketed. She said you could check on its quality. It is a > MLM Co. LifeVantage. We take it along with Morenga. My husband has ALZ. And I believe that these have made a huge difference in slowing the disease. He takes 4 of your capsules a day, 1 Protandim, > 2000 mg v D, and a B12. Any suggestions from you would be very welcome. Diet is fresh & with coconut oil. > Thanks you so much for your research & your product. >That would be awsome, Eric.  Educating everyone is always a good thing.


> Pat Nimke

MY REPLY WAS MAKING THIS MOVIE: •What in the woe is quality movie:

•B12 explained: •Shopping right at 50$ per week: •MORINGA b12 (Cobalamin) Concentration & Controversy Unveiled For Vegans And “Meat-Eaters Alike” •Why all your supplements, food, and juices are poisoned here: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS- Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and More

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