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Be Careful Out There

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Be Careful Out There

When I see what is being stated on the internet about monitoring your pH balance closely with limited red meat and sugar. While drinking alkaline water and sticking to an organic diet. Then I get comments from people like Linda G. Robinson who informs me her mother did all that and still came down with and passed away with a glioblastoma multiforme. Her belief when you live near a toxic dump cancer is environmentally based, living in a cancer cluster site in Shelby Twp., Michigan. She warns that her mother died still after doing all of the above from a brain tumor. While living within a 4 mile radius of a Ford Visteon plant which closed down because of contamination. Being we live in a dirty filthy country polluted from over 100 years of Industrialized Living. One must always consider it a good thing to give yourself a gentle detox twice a year. While also getting your full plate of antioxidants in your diet. As we also hear Dr. Earthman Eric Plott talk about Moringa Oleifera as an option worth researching. Natural forces within us are true healers of disease ~Hippocrates.~ This Will Become The Impetus Of Spiritual teachings to help humanity understand themselves more deeply and transform their creative self in alignment with Divine Love. The Higher Self Teachings are a unique spiritual path that will align you directly with your Higher Self within, increasing the experience of Divine Love, peace and creative power. In this instructional video you will learn how water fasting can help you. Very Detailed Instructions about Water Fasting and Detoxification Water fasting is nature’s oldest natural health cure. People also fast for spiritual reasons, mental health benefit, emotional healing, and physical detoxification. Learn how you can safely and effectively perform water fasts ranging from 1 day to even 40 days. The video begins by speaking about how to effectively perform a water fasting, starting with a simple one day water fast and then adding days with later fasts. The length of water fasts must increase gradually at first to allow the body to adapt to deeper detoxification. Know when to keep fasting and when to stop. Learn how the body’s physiology changes as the length of the fast increases. Then the instruction moves onto the use of detoxification aids such as enemas, colonics, internal salt water baths, dry brushing, far infrared saunas and other supportive tools and techniques. Learn why stretching and mild exercise are necessary when fasting. Finally learn how to break a water fast by choosing correct foods. Understand why eating some foods after a fast c an cause your body harm. Know how quickly to return to eating solid foods. We understand that fasting is nature’s way of allowing your body to cleanse and heal itself, and realize that rest is paramount to the success of the process. Tanglewood Wellness Center is a water fasting retreat that provides beautiful, clean, quiet, and comfortable surroundings that foster the deep rest and introspection that allow for true healing. FACT SHEET: Interesting USES OR BENEFITS OF MORINGA… India, where the Moringa tree is said to have originated, some eat it three times daily. India’s ancient tradition of ayurveda medicine sites 300 diseases that are treated. The claim is that leaves are used as a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.
Here is an ongoing list, researchers claim are prevented cured or treated by Moringa *CURES 300 diseases: HIV
*TREATS many illnesses and conditions: upset stomach, cancer, gastric ulcers, skin diseases, lowers blood sugar, increases bone density, nervous conditions, diabetes, fatigue, increase lactation, hay fever, impotence, edema, cramps, hemorrhoids, headaches, sore gum, strengthens eyes, brain, gall, digestive, respiratory system, is a blood cleanser and builder. This never die tree gives relief from high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, obesity, cholesterol, cancer, lupus, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, glaucoma, blindness, skin diseases, prostate enlargement & prostate cancer, hepatitis, M.E., depression, S.A.D, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome.
Moringa seeds.*ON PlottPalmTrees.Com , pills sold are marketed for: Flatulence • Toothache • Circulatory tonic • Nervous debility •Intermittent fever •Spleen enlargement •Skin infection •Kidney stone •Rheumatism •Diabetes •Arthritis/Gout •Anti-ulcer •Anti-cancer •Anti-cholesterol •UTI •Tumor/blood clotting •Anemia •Children’s vit and vege cap •Constipation/LBM • Diuretic and tonic •Homeostasis •Insomnia •Anemia •Anti-tumor >Anti Cancer •Anti-inflammatory •Detoxification • while it Normalizes Body sugar •Strengthens immune system •Normalizes blood pressure •Vision improvement improving wound healing •Reduces fine lines/wrinkles •Improves digestion •Increases energy •Fatty liver •Appetite suppressant Milk enhancer •Natural antibiotic •Mild stroke •Dysmenorrheal •High blood •Scurvy • Boosts male potency

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