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THE BEST: Most Succinct & Detailed Message For Curing Cancer On Your Own

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PANDORAS BOX Meets The STRATUM OF TRUTH † : THE BEST: Most Succinct & Detailed Message For Curing Cancer On Your Own by ~Eric G.Plott June 1st 2014

You Asked For It And Now My Greatest Work Ever Is Here…

Tanglewood Wellness Center
Water Fasting Retreats
We understand that fasting is nature's way of allowing your body to cleanse and heal itself, and that rest is paramount to the success of the process. Tanglewood Wellness Center is a water fasting retreat that provides beautiful, clean,
quiet, and comfortable surroundings that foster the deep rest and introspection that allow for true healing. When water fasting your #1 concern should be your health and the use of a fasting retreat
provides you with a supervised safe environment to allow you to have the best water fasting experience possible. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding water fasting or fasting retreats.

This Is Dedicated To You, A Great Deal Of Work Went Into This
•MUST SEE- Help Make This MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL Go Viral- I Want You To Share With ALL FAMILY-
Kindest, Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott ~E.G.L.Plott~
Very Detailed Instructions for Water Fasting and Detoxification
Water fasting is nature's oldest natural health cure. People fast for spiritual reasons, mental health benefits, emotional healing, and physical detoxification. Learn how you can safely and effectively perform water fasts ranging from 1 day to even 40 days.
In this 90 minute instructional video you will learn how water fasting can help you. The video begins by speaking about how to effectively perform a water fasting, starting with a simple one day water fast and then adding days with later fasts. The length of water fasts must increase gradually at first to allow the body to adapt to deeper detoxification. Know when to keep fasting and when to stop. Learn how the body's physiology changes as the length of the fast increases.
Then the instruction moves onto the use of detoxification aids such as enemas, colonics, internal salt water baths, dry brushing, far infrared saunas and other supportive tools and techniques. Learn why stretching and mild exercise are necessary when fasting.
Finally learn how to break a water fast by choosing correct foods. Understand why eating some foods after a fast can cause your body harm. Know how quickly to return to eating solid foods. Gain valuable knowledge to eliminate the fears that often arise after fasting - such as regaining weight, constipation, and low energy levels. All of this and more is thoroughly discussed in this information-packed 90 minute video on fasting.
 This Will Become The Impetus Of Spiritual teachings to help humanity understand themselves more deeply and transform their creative expressive in alignment with Divine Love. The Higher Self Teachings are a unique spiritual path that will align you directly with your Higher Self within, increasing the experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power.
: THE BEST: Most Succinct & Detailed Message For Curing Cancer On Your Own
 by ~Eric G.Plott June 1st 2014
Aloha, My name Is Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott; I Will Save Your Time And Say If You Would like To Know More About Me Just Look My Name Up Or Simply Go To My Website Or, Either Link You Will Learn More Than Enough About My Awards, Credentials, And Experience In This Area. I Will Move Right On And Say I Have A Story To Tell You About How In Just Four Years I Have Saved Or Helped Patients With SEVERE CHRONIC ILLNESS Reverse It With A REALLY SIMPLE “Green-Silver-Bullet”. In Fact ON RECORD, To Public Documentation, I HAVE OBTAINED  SOME PATIENTS CONSENT TESTIMONIAL PRESENT HERE:
    Over 500 Cured People RECORDED FOR PUBLIC SHARING. Let Me Tell You The Story Now…I Am A Palm Tree Grower From Missouri, I Was the First man To Bring Palm Trees To Missouri; You Can View My Video Online “Eric Plott strives To Make A Tropical Looking Missouri”…This Got Me A Great Deal Of Exposure To The World To Put My Business And MESSAGE Out To The Masses. Being A Overnight Sensation, We Had A Great Deal Of Business And Success, In This Process A Great Deal Of Stress Was Overbearing On My Life, I Was Never Really A Healthy Eater. I Would Drink Great Deal Of Sodas (As If It Were My water), I ate out Almost Everyday, Junk food, Fast Foods And Restaurants. I Believed Meat, Dairy And Eggs Were Healthy For Me, I Wanted As Much Protein As I Could; Now I Know That Was The NUMBER ONE CAUSE TO MY CANCER.
I Developed A Tumor On The Back Of My Neck, I Have A Testimonial Of how I also Had To Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction HERE:
I Still Had A Fast Pace Life Of Events Happening Still, For Instance The Harvard Dean Noticed What I Was Doing, I Ended Up Getting Accepted In Harvard University, Right Around This Time With All This Success And Up’s, There Is Always Going To Be A DOWN To Balance things Out; UNFORTUNATELY. I Never paid much attention Or Made A BIG DEAL About My Tumor, Though I Was Lacking Energy And Depressed All The Time, I Was Just Managing To Get Through The Day…On Off Days I Could Sleep Till 3 PM With No Problem; I Had “ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, And Bipolar”.
I Was Diagnosed And On over 7 Medications For These “Disorders”.
So, Long Story Jumping Around Short, I Ended Up Getting Slammed Into A COMA Due To Medical Malpractice, The Doctors Gave Me Too High Of A Dosage Adjustment And I Was Confirmed Dead On Three Different Occasions Due To This Fact, That You Cannot Function Off Of Man-Made Drugs, Your Body ONLY FUNCTIONS AND PROPERLY WORKS WITH NUTRIENTS. So, Apparently My Higher Power, Yahweh, Wanted Me To Be Alive. I Had Quite A Spiritual Experience In This Moment, Something About It Made Me Forget Who I Was; Which Was A Blessing In Disguise And You See Why Here In A Second. With A Dramatic Turn Of Events, My Dad Got In A Motorcycle Accident, He Had To Get Surgery And He Was Told By The Doctor That He Had Acquired A Diabetic Condition That Was Very Severe And Crucial To Put Focus ON!
The Doctors Of Course Put Him On Insulin, Over Time They Wanted Him On Statin.
Read More Here:
I Actually Went Off Using My Plant Based Research Knowledge That I Had Been Learning From Harvard university, With Classes Like Epidemiology (Which Is The Study Of Epidemics), I Learned Fairly Well That The Medical Institution Was Actually The
The Way I Saw My Dad Being Treated By The Doctors, Was Very Careless And I KNOW NOT ALL ARE, however Overall I Know That The Process Is To Push Drugs On People, Due To Financial Priority, It Is Very Important They meet A Certain Quota For Pharmaceutical Prescriptions To The Consumer, Or Patient. I Say CONSUMER, Simply Because They Are A Business And A Very LARGE INDUSTRY Co-Franchised With The BIG PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION Of America, They Bring In Over 400 Billion Per Year AND GROWING (More And More Disorders And Pills Being Patented And Created Every Minute)
I Have A Movie About This, If You Can Plan To Make Time For It, IT IS CRUCIAL I BELIEVE That You Watch It, It Is Called “Healing Cancer PLOTTPALMTREES.COM”. It Goes Into Greater Detail On This Topic, Which I Am Moving Away From Now, And Moving Into The Fact That I WANTED SOMETHING BETTER FOR MY DAD! What I Did Next Might Surprise You.
I Researched Some Miracle Plants, As I Had Learned In Plant Based Researching, That Really The ONLY CURE FOR SEVERE AILMENTS, Was Found In Nature, Nutrition, Exercise, Avoidance Of Chemical Toxins, And Fresh Air & Pristine Water. I Had Written An Article On HOW TO STAY HEALTHY- In TEN TIPS; According To Science. I Believe PREVENTION IS THE GREATEST CURE, For You Out There Reading This And Wanting To Prevent, Overcome, Or Stay Cured From Cancer for GOOD!
So, In Researching My Findings On A Miracle Tree That Was Used Around The World For THOUSANDS OF YEARS HEALING PEOPLE OF OVER 300 DIFFERENT DISEASES, In all Nations With OVER HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT NAMES
(Hundreds Of Names Link Here);
I Was Completely Dumbfounded To have Found The One Plant That RULED ALL SUPERFOOD MIRACLE PLANTS IN THE WORLD! I Know You Are Interested Now, Believe This Or Not, This Is No Scam Or Hoax Here People, This Plant Was Declared The PLANT OF THE YEAR in 2008 Because It Is The MOST NUTRITIONAL TREE AND ANTIOXIDANT PLANT EVER DISCOVERED! In Fact Nothing In The Plant Or Animal Kingdom Come Close To The nutritional Content Of This One Plant….WOW! The Name Of This Miracle Tree Of Healing, Is Called The Moringa Oleifera! Why Had We Not Heard About This Plant If It Was So Special? When Growing Up, We Are Told About The Banana, Broccoli, And Salads Etc…Why Were We Not Told About The Moringa Plant? Well, In MANY Countries Around The World, They Have Embraced This Plant And Grew Up Taking It; It May Be One Of The Many Reasons These Countries Do Not Experience As Much Chronic Or Acute Illness. In Fact This Factor Is Back up By Science, John Hopkins School Of Medicine & Health Found that Moringa Does PREVENT AND CURE OVER 300 DIFFERENT DISEASES, Of Course Confounders Aside (Article On John Hopkins Showing This Claim:  )
While Taking Harvard Epidemics Class, I Learned About ALL THE THINGS That Can Contribute To Illness, These Little Bad Guys Are Called “CONFOUNDER/CONFOUNDING” And They Directly Affect The “STRATUM” Or Absolute TRUTH.
So, In Essence, To Find The Stratum, We Must Look At All Confounders In Order To Find The Causes, Which Contribute To This STRATUM OF TRUTH. When I Began To become AWARE Of The Environmental, Societal Stress (Cortisol), And Nutritional CONFOUNDERS THAT WENT AGAINST THE HUMAN BODY, I Knew I Opened Up The PANDORA'S BOX On A Endless Journey Of Problems, That NEEDED To Be Resolved. This Was Back in 2010, When I Sought Out To Find A Cure For Diabetes, Cancer Was Out Of The Question; They Still Haven’t Found A Cure For Cancer (Right?).
Other Resources From My “Leonard Library”


Thank you god bless, 
 Eric Plott
Revelation 22:2 (CJB) 
2 Between the main street and the river was the Tree of Life producing twelve kinds of fruit, a different kind every month; and the leaves of the tree were for healing the nations -
Note to Consumer Love & Light With Blessings, Favor, And Miracles In The Fullest. Since Day One We Have Had A Deep Connection And Understanding On How All These Things Are Working In Life - I Just Want You To Know You No Longer Have To Stress Or Live Next To Strife- YOUR MIRACLE IS IN. Take At Least 1-5 Tablespoons Of God's Serum And See What Nature Can Do. This Is Fresh, Pure, And Organic Form - Prepare To Enrich Your Entire Body With Nutrients. Set Aside From This Physical Procurement Found in Nature. I Would Also Like To Pray That You Become Enlightened Spiritually And Mentally Enhanced As Well As Now Physically More-So Than You Were Before. You Might Have Thought Or Not Thought You Were Lacking. May The Holy Spirit Also Sway Into Every Fiber Of Your Being, Soul, And Body. Take Over And Also Heal All Of You With The Moringa Medicine Tree. Might This Prevent Any Attacks From The Enemy As He Lurks. That Is Be Turned Away By You New-found Power. Strength Like The Sun To Overcome With The One And Only
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