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Personal Reviews of Eric Plott around the World

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What Saddens me most is taking a frozen Soursop custard out of my freezer on a lazy Sunday and hand-feeding my girlfriend the fruit and sharing it together, knowing the the medical institution could literally have underground tunnels going from South America to every Hospital, Clinic, and ER in the nation and instead of feeding them conventional apple sauces, cafeteria foods, and drugs; they could actually like give each child some soursop and moringa safely right along with treatment. They would still make the money they would need to pay all their astronomical bills and at the same time they would be the superheros of the world. This tea is all they would need to make called Soursop Fruit leave & Reishi, Matcha with MoringaSOP tea. As I was making this tea and giving it to my girlfriend at the time, I literally broke down and cried, because the unfortunate indulgence I was committing by eating a natural chemo-fruit that could have the greatest potential in curing all types of cancer and there wasn't a single thing I could do about it. It eats me up inside to consume soursop, I just want everyone to know about it and at least try it, r educate themselves on how it can kill cancer cells up to 10,000 times greater than chemo. Much safer too, in fact so much safer, you could take it while on treatment, even while on a feeding tube.

Do what you want to do, either ignore this fruit or have faith in it, but first remember God put each thing we needed in life right in front of us for a reason, including the cures. Go back to his creation, you might be shocked what it could do, it might even save you or a loved one. I believe being blessed, sometimes means accepting information that is being passed down to you, is it really so hard to believe? Rather keep looking, what do we have to lose? My heart goes out to all those undergoing Chemo, radiation, or any type of surgery today, Know that my site "TheMoringaQueen.Com" with The Moringa King Produce, is not intended to sway you away from your doctors orders or to replace your current treatment. We are simply a Raw Superfood store, that also resents science to back up health information claims that John Hopkins, Purdue University, and Harvard even support. This is not a crusade against your doctors, medical institution, AMA, WHO, or your Big Pharma companies. Literally The Perfection Practice™ is just The Old Clinic found in Nature and our Prescriptions were handcreated by God himself and handpicked for you. Whether you believe that or not, shouldn't this have as much merit as a 3--5% success Rate?

~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~

I'm digging the impersonation, it is truly entertaining to read, true blue. I hope everything is going well with you. And good job by the way, I'm really proud of what you have accomplished, you're living proof that hard work does pay off. Stay true blue (Plott) you!

This Reminds me of when we were tweens and we would make short skits and use accents recorded on good ol' hi-quality VHS, lol instead of YouTube we were posting on BoobTube we had so many hits, Man we'd definitely be famous by now if we had YouTube then. Glad you're staying healthy. You always have my prayers and blessings of love and I truly respect and appreciate what you're doing; helping people eat healthier) God bless!   ∆Play Video ∆ Ian  



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