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VLOG: Belieze "Believe Raw Belize" Mini-Documentary

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Believe Raw Belize vlog: 
The Final Solution Show Cased for the Entire World Against The "NWO (New World Order)" Which is actually the Atlantean Conspiracy. I am so proud of myself with this production, as I have over 5 hours plus of pictures and videos and I meticulously was able to cut it down into a picture video and 5 part segments, into a 2:49:08:18 hour minute full length feature video. This was the most challenging work I have ever done to date; I also have broken it down into 20 minute segments that will be available on Youtube. Main Movie premere will be open for free viewing at 
3) How To Buy Belize Real Estate:
A Journey to Success!

Maybe we aren't meant to keep riding the circle, but rather enjoy progressing on forward the plaine.

Learning the world :

Balancing this plaine with greatness and humility by love.

What a beautiful heart and soul. I appreciate your wisdom, peace, maturity and simplicity.

THANK YOU so much Belize
For believing in everything we dreamt to see;

It's not ME
Let Belize be!

1) construction
2) agriculture
3) visitors

4) It's not going to be U.S
But it is gunna be us.

I know so much more today than ever.

Keeping the freshness alive!

You won't Belize this Earth!

BELIZE Raw Believeth


 OUR MISSION IS TO GET EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN OUT OF THIS COUNTRY OF CESS POISON POOL and A PLACE THAT IS MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE AND TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE OFF THE LAND AND THRIVE AND FEEL AMAZING AT THEIR NEW JUNGLE HOME LIKE THIS. Complete With All PURE Rainforest Water, Superfoods and Gardens, ALL HEIRLOOM Organic Coconut Trees and Mangoes as well as REAL DEAL #MoringaKKing TREES And SOURSOP or #MoringaSOPTrees and MORE, So you can BREATHE Fresh Air and PURE DRINKING WATER, No Chemicals or POLLANTS Found in this SAFE COUNTRY With the Sweetest Caring Individuals. We will help you make this POSSIBLE, I have a MOVIE PROCESSING That Wil Talk more about this as soon as it is DONE! 

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We base "world happiness" off getting what we think is good for us, however getting what we want that kills us, will not make us happier anyways
~E. G. Plott~
I am getting many of my clients taken care of first. There are some that do need my info. But I just got back as well.
Checkout my mini documentary shown above on
I have also broken the miniDocumentary into 4 parts on my various Youtube Channels; however if you watch the FULL Movie Documentary, there is a secret special 5th part that is not being shown to those on Youtube, you must view the entire production.
This is Part one, which is only 24:30 Minutes.
This is more of the introduction. People who like to adventure through rainforests and learn more about the jungle and powerful miracle plants and superfoods, than part 4 would be for you. Part 5 is more about the Astonishing Belizean history, in which they are very proud of, and they really should, that is a must view. Part 2 & 3 are more the fun journey taking you through Belize City, Corozal, Orange Walk, San Pedro, and  Sarteneja.
Don't Forget to watch the Part 4 segment episode, which is about an 1 hour and 2. minutes into the full production "Believe Raw Belize" or you can click the Part 4 Segment here:
Joel Diaz Belize

I would be so honored and it correlates with what we both stand for. It was my journey through the rainforest and jungle about these superfood fruits and how leaving the country is the healthiest choice to make. So it promotes both our ideas and would get people to start thinking, maybe they need to leave and getaway on a retreat. It really was fun going to Central America and I even put an entire Vlog together about the history and cost of living as well as real estate etc. With a lot of extra goods. Maybe you could even check out and steal some ideas or collaborate etc. Perhaps if I went to Fuji I could do the same or similar things
For your retreat. You know I love to promote.
I can't wait to get the health party started My mom calls it a SMARTY PARTY!
Anyways. I don't want to even push nothing on you. Just throwing it out there. I can even share and you don't have to watch all of it. I do theatrical productions some times. This was important to my heart.
You really hit close to my heart when you said "the people here would never
Allow for a villager to go homeless". That is exactly how Belizeans are. There are possibly more Belize people than Fiji, I don't know, I mention in this production, it is almost 400,000 people and the size is about the size of Cambridge.
They are the sweetest people in this world. Thy have ethics and honesty that would blow your mind. My bag and my moms bag were left behind in public; my bag out in the street with my passport and over 2000$ cash. The civilians took my bag and turned it into the Moridor hotel in Corazol. They easily could have used all of my clothes and money and sold that passport for a lot of money. Not a single person in Belize stole it, even though they could; as it sat out in the street corner for over an hour. Unbelievable.
My mother is one that is more, quick to judge. As if she is missing ten dollars, she is running around asking if Anyone picked up her cash. Practically emptying pockets. So when we were on the water taxi coming back to Belize City form San Pedro (Passing Cay Kaulker island) she had left her carry bag, with many important things; including expensive Superfood cold press extracts such as Noni and Moringa with other herb sticky syrups.
We road the water taxi for over two hours to get to our destination and actually found another hotel and everything. Would you believe they actually picked up her bag and turned it in and then shipped it in the water taxi, two islands away and hand delivered her important baggy?
Then it was funny, my dad actually left behind a bag when we got back to America, somehow he left his backpack with TSa, luckily they did keep his bag in lost and found. He had to go pick his up, it had our car keys; we were blessed to have had a Muslim bus driver, named Muhammad, who drove us all the way home, as we couldn't even get back home via our own vehicle. He didn't have to do that, but he graciously did.
It was a gorgeous adventure and that was wild how we all, left one bag to the side, on accident and not a single one of us lost anything!
I never misplace things like this; it was crazy. But I have constantly been given examples, where Belize people (and not all) , overall, do not steal or mislead. They, I think, are firm believers in what goes around will come back around. They live from the ancient Mayan circulation of civilization, which challenges the people to really be thoughtful and care.
You don't know about authenticity and genuine people, till you live down in a more poorer village and actually get to know the people; I felt apart of Belize when you talked about how understanding and a brothers keeper the Fujian people are; that is just like Belize or Mayan people in Central America. Can you imagine how much love instead of crime we would have in the states of USA; if more Americans could adapt this Astonishing love found in third world countries. I don't even like referring to Belize as a third world, because in my book; their love and spiritual wealth, puts our decadent ways to shame. They are the true first world people.

*My Important Heart-Felt Message to the World about how Kratom has Saved Millions UNNOTICED; two part short series below.
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"Let us set a goal today, where we must be better than yesterday.
I am working on my most challenging work of art yet. I am honored I have the material, gift and privilege to complete this one of a kind project. Not many can say they get this opportunity in a life time. I will not let God and void down. As I will be officially reflecting the entire world in this one masterpiece. This will be my greatest yet!"
~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott ~


One amazing story about Belize, is its people. When my family and I stayed this last time to invest more time into our TheMoringaKingdom.Com Royal Champion alliance; I was shocked and even dumbfounded, by the honest integrity and ethics of these people found throughout the entire nation of BELIZE. Let me give you some short examples for instance. When you watch the entire documentary, you will see one scene where I unpack all the bags at the "Morador Hotel" in Corozal
The Longest work vimeo video production, I have ever done, next to this was my "Woe in the world is Quality " Health Seminar. Which Ironically, was also made this date, two years ago. I must have my most long-drained ideas, around the 12th days of the month; especially on the human month of 5-May. Don't forget to watch the Picture video of this MiniDocumentary called "


The Health seminar, will have a link below as well, for those who want to learn everything I know and have time to educate themselves, for free. I don't charge people for my common sense logic, that later, people are left, with an awakening moment; usually after they are done name calling, attacking and insulting me, they will finally agree with my message at the end. This is Unfortunate, but I am getting better at not letting it get under my skin or raising my blood pressure. I noticed most the time it is, "Fear+Ignorance= HATE"or either that and "JEALOUSY & ENVY". I don't see too many people who hate me for no reason, or just to hate, that would be childish; it is often because they have to make that stance, due to their career or profession, or they might believe I am making all this up and crazy. Either way, I do put a lot of work into connecting all dots entirely, with no censorship or conflict of interest; I am unique because of this, because normally, most of the time, there is always someone directly above, to come down on them, and say, "You can't say this or that, you are stepping on our toes...etc". See, where as, I don't really care much, I know the bloodline of the Atlanteans and I know they run the "Show", but I don't allow them to run me, I have exclusively taken the time out, to express, how you fight back to all corners of the real life, worldly deception, in this VLOG Below. I Wrote it out in plain English at "OTHER RESEARCH:" Section, after all the Belize History and Realestate info.


Another neat thing about this production, is I have taken the newer TheKazweh.Com style, instead of the Plott Palm Trees Production, in your face, advertise and marketing approach, with my newer videos, I do less promoting and more of a ministry of a message, such as this popular "Astonishing Tennessee"
Certified Organic is still bad, contrary to what people believe, This label uses ETO and cleaning solutions that is just as cancer causing/carcinogenic. This is just a way to play the opposition and act like there is a solution, then create this problem, to solve by saving up money, some way shape or form. Of course they are creating this big big octopus boogey monster called Monsanto, however we know that is bad, but so is the "Organic Opposition". The only solution available, is doing what is right and grow your own. Get out of the grisp of the Governmental Systematic Chaos. We do NOT NEED MONEY To Grow spiritually or live off the land. Get away from the system and it will collapse; work with the system and it will still collapse. We must sell all we have and work as a local small community and save the planet, by getting rid of our money and emptying our bank accounts. Buy land, and connect with GOD FOUND IN NATURE; YAHWEH, then stop being lazy, quit your jobs and work together as a people and our families together, we can all make a better living and homes for one another. WE DO NOT NEED ALL THESE BIG BUILDINGS, ROADS, AND SKYSCRAPERS. I Am working on a Mini Documentary as we speak for the Greatest Solution ever made, its so simple and the answer is right in front of our eyes. We must stop the selfish decadence; forget wealth and greed and power over the people. LETS TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH And Our LIFE. The Solution is not printing more money or anything of the such. Spread this message and the word of TRUTH.

Picture It Belieze Video:
Ignorance never settles a question. Basic Numerology is Incoherent with Gods Universal Code; to believe one, is to not believe in the other and will make the latter incorrect or incomplete. YHWH led by the Holy spirit, is the one full truth and goes beyond the emotional set of addition mathematics of this manmade false formula. There is a spiritual soul led power of the Binuary as is the Composite; that is reflected only as the finger print and indention of the intelligent designer and creator that is God the father and he is not related to Astrology or this synthetic number game to bastardize his actual meaning and divine purpose which is heavenly and all that is
12. 4. 8. 23. 24. 21.
He will reveal himself to those who are ready and connect with him and not the deceptive light bearer and prince of the air waves. He is connected with the one true PRINCE of PEACE (23) and his Father is One True Father (12/24/144).
One day all will see, for judgement of the final days will be upon us, as no matter what, it has already been prophesied before us all. This I profess before you, for it is so and it will be revealed as a gift to those who read and live the lambs book of life.
And that is the Revelation, the balance of heaven within, to the Ying, there is a Yang and that is the full circle of life; Life is all and no only carried out by the circle, but all shaping that surround us, for he created it all, good and evil; light and darkness and he saw that they separated each other, and that it was good.
~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~
Plott Palm Trees Belize Babes,

Want more Tropical Exotic adventures go here and like our page:
Video documentary will be available at and for the Picture it photography video scene. I finally dont feel like a loser for being content to live poorly on my earth and two feet in my own skin, each day like the last; not caring about people around me, and what People's expectation of me are. You can look all my work up by searching for
10 Year Anniversary Award to Plott Palm Trees Productions

10 Year Anniversary Award to Plott Palm Trees Productions

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3) How To Buy Belize Real Estate:

How To Buy Belize Real Estate:

Choice beachfront cottages in Belize.
Belize real estate values have been steadily going up during the past ten years. This trend continues and any property purchased now at a fair price will most likely be an excellent investment for short and medium term planners.

This is is one of the few countries in the world where foreigners enjoy the same right as nationals in land ownership and tenure – and land rights on the beach are not difficult to obtain. All land purchases are subject to a Government Stamp Transfer Tax which at 2015 is a little under 5% of the purchase price.

A little-known benefit for those wishing to invest in real estate is that there is no Capital Gains Tax. So if you purchase land, then sell it later at a good profit, you pay no Capital Gains Tax – all profits remain with you. Condos are a growing part of the real estate market and the country has modern legislation to handle this kind of property ownership based on the well recognized strata principle used in first world jurisdictions.

Real Estate – Some Basic Tips

Among the many attractions of Belize, none is more important to prospective retirees and expatriates than the relatively low cost of property and housing. For sure you can spend a lot of money on North American-style luxury developments. But you can also buy raw land at prices not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s and in some areas find a simple but pleasant rental house near the sea for under US$200. a month.


Like anywhere in the world, local Belize real estate scams do exist. Be wary of fast-talking real estate brokers, attorneys or anyone making a high pressure pitch. Do not be afraid to walk away or take your own deliberate time on any real estate transaction. Do not be swayed by who the real estate agent is. Most real estate agents in Belize are immigrants from North American who have literally taken over this business from Belizeans. You may understandably feel more comfortable with someone who looks like you, talks like you, and likely is from your own country. Caveat emptor: con artists come in any range of colors and nationalities.

It is recommended that you do all real estate land transactions through a licensed real estate agent or attorney. You need to ensure that a “Title Search” is conducted at the Government Land Registry and that the real estate that you are purchasing is free and clear of all liens, judgments and encumbrances. A title search done through a local attorney should not cost you more than U.S. $250. The real estate market is is not tightly regulated, thus we recommend that all property purchased must have a Title Search by an attorney-at-law, NOT affiliated with your real estate agent, AND completed before you enter into any contract or make any deposit.

One of the best ways to avoid being ripped off and get a better price, is to try and find the owner of the property you are interested in and cut out the middleman – the real estate agent. You can do this by scouting the property and talking to neighbors, maybe assisted by your taxi driver. Then hire a recommended Belize attorney-at-law to arrange the title search, negotiate and purchase direct from the owner. As with any profession, there are crooked attorneys in Belize. And likewise, many crooked real estate brokers, especially those in the luxury real estate segment. Some of our clients suggest avoiding real estate brokers associated with international franchises. Here you will find no end of brokers flying under the flag of foreign real estate franchises. Your mileage may vary and may very well go to paying those nose-bleed franchise fees. Ask around, get recommendations and consider our recommended attorneys in the Belize Attorney page. Going rates for buying property through a local attorney are between 2 and 5 per cent of the property value. A real estate agent will charge more and is really working for the owner and himself to get a high price and commission.

If you are looking to save even more money you can hire a local land facilitator. These are retired government employees who have worked in the lands department and know the inner workings of this bureaucracy. They are also known as land fixers. Expect to pay half the rate an attorney or real estate person will charge. Attorneys and real estate agents often employ these same “fixers” to process documents for them. We always recommend using a vetted attorney-at-law to finalize your real estate purchase. Belize attorneys have legal and fiduciary ethics that they should follow. Realtors and real estate agents can be anyone from an honest professional to a tree-shade land peddler from the U.S. operating illegally out of his or her home on a visitor’s permit.

The preferred way of owning real estate is through Title Free and Clear, either as an individual or through a corporate body. The property can be mortgaged with a bank or credit union. Titles Free and Clear, are issued for land and condominiums. Condominiums are purchased through a “Strata” title.

Property prices are generally quoted in U.S. dollars.

Purchasing a property is pretty straightforward – the time for completion is usually 30 to 90 days.


Real Estate Financing

Foreigners can obtain financing in U.S. dollars from local offshore banks. The maximum you can borrow is between 60 and 80% of the value of the property. Rates are about 8.5% to 12% interest. Most foreigners purchasing real estate pay cash from their own money, or borrow funds in their home countries where interest rates are lower. One advantage of financing your real estate purchase through a local bank is that the bank will have in-house attorneys to protect its loan portfolio. But the attorney for the bank will always have the bank’s interests foremost, not yours. Consider hiring an attorney not associated with the lending institution to review your loan mortgage documents.

Another option to purchase real estate is through owner financing where the seller provides part financing for the buyer, Conditions are flexible but an owner financed transaction usually sees the buyer putting down 30% cash and the owner finances the balance at rates of between 6 to 8 per cent over a five or ten year period. If you are buying property as an investment or future retirement home, you can hire a property management company to rent out your property when you are out of the country and pretty much have tenants pay for most of the cost of the purchase. Consider using a local attorney to review and sign off on any owner financing agreement.

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Belize are very affordable. A house or condo worth U.S. $250,000 on Ambergris Caye for example attracts an annual property tax of under U.S. $375.00. Some wise investors choose to invest in real estate located in rural areas where taxes are ridiculously low.

How low? A Washington D.C. Library of Congress employee known locally as Four Dollar Charlie, recently shared with us his annual Belize property tax return. The annual property tax on his mansion hideout in Succotz – a village near Belize’s western border popular with American expats who do not mind having property in a Maya village as long as it is cheap – runs him U.S. $4.00 per year. No, we are not making this up – Four U.S. Dollars a year. 2016 Edit: Four Dollar Charlie recently complained that his annual property tax has been raised to U.S. $6.00 a year. The villagers are upset. He really does not care. He is adding a third floor on his rental property.

Most immigrants dream of living on the beach and beach front property is in great demand, with prices at a premium compared with similar property inland or a couple of streets behind the beach.

Real estate prices are highest on Ambergris Caye which is regarded as being almost overrun with tourists and expats but which has the attraction of the Barrier Reef. Prices are more reasonable in the south, especially on the Placencia Peninsula and nearby areas such as Sitee River. This area has far more land available for development and is accessible by road or air.

Some expatriates like to settle in areas close to the border with Mexico or Guatemala. This makes it convenient to cross over by highway to a first world country for a day or weekend trip and savor different cultures, access to malls and a wider range and lower prices for food, medical attention, entertainment and other services.

Corozal Town in the North (bordering Mexico), and the Cayo District in the West (bordering Guatemala) are popular for expatriates retiring here. The construction of the last few miles to link the southern highway with Guatemala will create another attractive area to purchase real estate abutting Guatemala’s attractive Izabal Department with its attractions of Puerto Barrios and the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, and a comfortable drive to Honduras

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History of Belize The History of Belize dates back thousands of years.

The Maya civilization spread into the area of Belize between 1500 BC to 1200 BC and flourished until about 1000 AD. Several major archeological sites, including Cahal Pech, Caracol, Lamanai, Lubaantun, Altun Ha, and Xunantunich reflect the advanced civilization and much denser population of that period. The first recorded European settlement was established by shipwrecked English seamen in 1638. Over the next 150 years, more English settlements were established. This period also was marked by piracy, indiscriminate logging, sporadic attacks by natives, and neighboring Spanish settlements.[1]
Great Britain first sent an official to the area in the late 17th century, but Belize was not formally termed the "Colony of British Honduras" until 1840. It became a crown colony in 1862. Subsequently, several constitutional changes were enacted to expand representative government. Full internal self-government under a ministerial system was granted in January 1964. The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973, and full independence was granted on September 21, 1981.[1]
Ancient Maya civilizatio
Main article: Pre-Columbian Belize
The extent of the Mayan civilization. The Maya civilization emerged at least three millennia ago in the lowland area of the Yucatán Peninsula and the highlands to the south, in what is now southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, western Honduras, and Belize. Many aspects of this culture persist in the area despite nearly 500 years of European domination. Prior to about 2500 B.C. some hunting and foraging bands settled in small farming villages; they later domesticated crops such as corn, beans, squash, and chili peppers. A profusion of languages and subcultures developed within the Maya core culture. Between about 2500 B.C. and 250 A.D. the basic institutions of Maya civilization emerged. The peak of this civilization occurred during the classic period, which began around 250 A.D.[2]
The recorded history of the center and south is dominated by Caracol, where the inscriptions on their monuments was, as elsewhere, in the Lowland Maya aristocratic tongue Classic Ch'olti'an.[3] North of the Maya Mountains, the inscriptional language at Lamanai was Yucatecan as of 625 CE.[4] The last date recorded in Ch'olti'an within Belizean borders is 859 A.D. in Caracol, stele 10. Yucatec civilisation, in Lamanai, lasted longer.
Farmers engaged in various types of agriculture, including labor-intensive irrigated and ridged-field systems and shifting slash-and-burn agriculture. Their products fed the civilization's craft specialists, merchants, warriors, and priest-astronomers, who coordinated agricultural and other seasonal activities with rituals in ceremonial centers. These priests, who observed the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, developed a complex mathematical and calendrical system to coordinate various cycles of time and to record specific events on carved stelae.[2]
The Maya were skilled at making pottery, carving jade, knapping flint, and making elaborate costumes of feathers. the architecture of Maya civilization included temples and palatial residences organized in groups around plazas. These structures were built of cut stone, covered with stucco, and elaborately decorated and painted. Stylized carvings and paintings, along with sculptured stelae and geometric patterns on buildings, constitute a highly developed style of art.[2]
A Mayan temple at Altun Ha. Belize boasts important sites of the earliest Maya settlements, majestic ruins of the classic period, and examples of late postclassic ceremonial construction. About five kilometers west of Orange Walk, is Cuello, a site from perhaps as early as 2,500 B.C. Jars, bowls, and other dishes found there are among the oldest pottery unearthed in present-day Mexico and Central America. Cerros, a site on Chetumal Bay, was a flourishing trade and ceremonial center between about 300 B.C. and 100 A.D. One of the finest carved jade objects of Maya civilization, the head of what is usually taken to be the sun god Kinich Ahau, was found in a tomb at the classic period site of Altún Ha, thirty kilometers northwest of present-day Belize City. Other Maya centers located in Belize include Xunantunich and Baking Pot in Cayo District, Lubaantún and Nimli Punit in Toledo District, and Lamanai on Hill Bank Lagoon in Orange Walk District.[2]
In the late classic period, it is estimated that at least 400,000 people inhabited the area. People settled almost every part of the country worth cultivating, as well as the cay and coastal swamp regions. But in the 10th century, Maya society suffered a severe breakdown. Construction of public buildings ceased, the administrative centers lost power, and the population declined as social and economic systems lost their coherence. Some people continued to occupy, or perhaps reoccupied, sites such as Altun Ha, Xunantunich, and Lamanai. These sites ceased being ceremonial and civic centers. The decline of Maya civilization is still not fully explained. Rather than identifying the collapse as the result of a single factor, many archaeologists now believe that the decline of the Maya was a result of several complex factors and that the decline occurred at different times in different regions.[2]
Conquest and early colonial
Main article: History of Belize (1502-1862) Pre-Columbian Maya societies and the
Many Maya were still in Belize when the Europeans came in the 16th and 17th centuries. Archaeological and ethnohistorical research confirms that several groups of Maya peoples lived in the area now known as Belize in the 16th century. The political geography of that period does not coincide with present-day boundaries, so several Maya provinces lay across the frontiers of modern Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala.[2]
Christopher Columbus traveled to the Gulf of Honduras during his fourth voyage in 1502. Spain soon sent expeditions to Guatemala and Honduras, and the conquest of Yucatán began in 1527. Though the Maya offered stiff resistance to Spanish "pacification", diseases contracted from the Spanish devastated the indigenous population and weakened its ability to resist conquest. In the 17th century, Spanish missionaries established churches in Maya settlements with the intention of converting and controlling these people.[2]
Piracy along the coast increased during this period. In 1642, and again in 1648, pirates sacked Salamanca de Bacalar, the seat of Spanish government in southern Yucatán. The abandonment of Bacalar ended Spanish control over the Maya provinces of Chetumal and Dzuluinicob.[2]
Between 1638 and 1695, the Maya living in the area of Tipu enjoyed autonomy from Spanish rule. But in 1696, Spanish soldiers used Tipu as a base from which they pacified the area and supported missionary activities. In 1697 the Spanish conquered the Itzá, and in 1707, the Spanish forcibly resettled the inhabitants of Tipu to the area near Lake Petén Itzá. The political center of the Maya province of Dzuluinicob ceased to exist at the time that British colonists were becoming increasingly interested in settling the area.[2]
Colonial rivalry between Spain and Britain Edit In the 16th and 17th centuries, Spain tried to maintain a monopoly on trade and colonization in its New World colonies, but northern European powers were increasingly attracted to the region by the potential for trade and settlement. These powers resorted to smuggling, piracy, and war in their efforts to challenge and then destroy Spain's monopoly. In the 17th century, the Dutch, English, and French encroached on Spain's New World possessions.[2]
Early in the 17th century, in southeastern Mexico and on the Yucatán Peninsula, English buccaneers began cutting logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum), which was used in the production of a textile dye. According to legend, one of these buccaneers, Peter Wallace, called "Ballis" by the Spanish, settled near and gave his name to the Belize River as early as 1638. English buccaneers began using the coastline as a base from which to attack Spanish ships. Buccaneers stopped plundering Spanish logwood ships and started cutting their own wood in the 1650s and 1660s. Logwood extraction then became the main reason for the English settlement for more than a century. A 1667 treaty, in which the European powers agreed to suppress piracy, encouraged the shift from buccaneering to cutting logwood and led to more permanent settlement.[2] During the winter of 1717-1718 the notorious pirate Blackbeard, aka Edward Teach, harassed shipping sailing to and from the port of Vera Cruz, Mexico while sailing in the Bay of Honduras.[5] In April 1718, at Turneffe Atoll, Blackbeard captured the logwood cutting sloop Adventure and forced its captain David Herriot to join him. Blackbeard then made Israel Hands captain of the Adventure and began sailing for North Carolina.[6]
Conflict continued between Britain and Spain over the right of the British to cut logwood and to settle in the region. In 1717 Spain expelled British logwood cutters from the Bay of Campeche west of the Yucatán.[2] During the 18th century, the Spanish attacked the British settlers repeatedly. The Spanish never settled in the region, however, and the British always returned to expand their trade and settlement. The 1763 Treaty of Paris conceded to Britain the right to cut logwood but asserted Spanish sovereignty over the territory. When war broke out again in 1779, the British settlement was abandoned until the Treaty of Versailles in 1783 allowed the British to again cut logwood in the area. By that time, however, the logwood trade had declined and Honduras Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) had become the chief export.[2]
Beginnings of self-government and Belize Edit
1790 map of territory conceded to British settlers for cutting timber The British were reluctant to set up any formal government for the settlement for fear of provoking the Spanish. On their own initiative, settlers had begun electing magistrates to establish common law as early as 1738. In 1765 these regulations were codified and expanded into Burnaby's Code. When the settlers began returning to the area in 1784, Colonel Edward Marcus Despard was named superintendent to oversee the Settlement of Belize in the Bay of Honduras. The 1786 Convention of London allowed the British settlers to cut and export timber but not to build fortifications, establish any form of government, or develop plantation agriculture. Spain retained sovereignty over the area.[2]
The last Spanish attack on the British settlement, the Battle of St. George's Caye, occurred two years after the outbreak of war in 1796. The British drove off the Spanish, thwarting Spain's last attempt to control the territory or dislodge other settlers.[2]
Despite treaties banning local government and plantation agriculture, both activities flourished. In the late 18th century, an oligarchy of relatively wealthy settlers controlled the political economy of the British settlement. These settlers claimed about four-fifths of the available land; owned about half of all slaves; controlled imports, exports, and the wholesale and retail trades; and determined taxation. A group of magistrates, whom they elected from among themselves, had executive as well as judicial functions. The landowners resisted any challenge to their growing political power.[2]
Slavery in the settlement (1794-1838) Edit The earliest reference to African slaves in the British settlement appeared in a 1724 Spanish missionary's account, which stated that the British recently had been importing them from Jamaica, Bermuda, and other Central American British Colonies. A century later, the total slave population numbered about 2,300. Most slaves were born in Africa, and many slaves at first maintained African ethnic identifications and cultural practices. Gradually, however, slaves assimilated and a new, synthetic Kriol culture was formed.[1]
Slavery in the settlement was associated with the extraction of timber, because treaties forbade the production of plantation crops. Settlers needed only one or two slaves to cut logwood, but as the trade shifted to mahogany in the last quarter of the 18th century, the settlers needed more money, land, and slaves for larger-scale operations. Other slaves worked as domestic helpers, sailors, blacksmiths, nurses, and bakers. The slaves' experience, though different from that on plantations in other colonies in the region, was nevertheless oppressive. They were frequently the objects of "extreme inhumanity", as a report published in 1820 stated. In the 18th century, many slaves escaped to Yucatán, and in the early 19th century a steady flow of runaways went to Guatemala and down the coast to Honduras.[1]
One way the settler minority maintained its control was by dividing the slaves from the growing population of free Kriol people who were given limited privileges. Though some Kriols were legally free, their economic activities and voting rights were restricted. Privileges, however, led many free blacks to stress their loyalty and acculturation to British ways.[1]
The act to abolish slavery throughout the British colonies, passed in 1833, was intended to avoid drastic social changes by effecting emancipation over a five-year transition period, by implementing a system of "apprenticeship" calculated to extend masters' control over the former slaves, and by compensating former slave owners for their loss of property. After 1838, the masters of the settlement continued to control the country for over a century by denying access to land and by limiting freedmen's economic freedom.[1]
Emigration of the Garifun At the same time that the settlement was grappling with the ramifications of the end of slavery, a new ethnic group—the Garifuna—appeared. In the early 19th century, the Garifuna, descendants of Carib peoples of the Lesser Antilles and of Africans who had escaped from slavery, arrived in the settlement. The Garifuna had resisted British and French colonialism in the Lesser Antilles until they were defeated by the British in 1796. After putting down a violent Garifuna rebellion on Saint Vincent, the British moved between 1,700 and 5,000 of the Garifuna across the Caribbean to the Bay Islands (present-day Islas de la Bahía) off the north coast of Honduras. From there they migrated to the Caribbean coasts of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and the southern part of present-day Belize. By 1802 about 150 Garifuna had settled in the Stann Creek (present-day Dangriga) area and were engaged in fishing and farming.[2]
Other Garifuna later came to the British settlement of Belize after finding themselves on the wrong side in a civil war in Honduras in 1832. Many Garifuna men soon found wage work alongside slaves as mahogany cutters. In 1841 Dangriga, the Garifuna's largest settlement, was a flourishing village. The American traveler John Stephens described the Garifuna village of Punta Gorda as having 500 inhabitants and producing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.[2]
The British treated Garifuna as squatters. In 1857 the British told the Garifuna that they must obtain leases from the crown or risk losing their lands, dwellings, and other buildings. The 1872 Crown Lands Ordinance established reservations for the Garifuna as well as the Maya. The British prevented both groups from owning land and treated them as a source of valuable labor.[2]
Constitutional developments (1850-62) Edit In the 1850s, the power struggle between the superintendent and the planters coincided with events in international diplomacy to produce major constitutional changes. In the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850, Britain and the United States agreed to promote the construction of a canal across Central America and to refrain from colonizing any part of Central America. The British government interpreted the colonization clause as applying only to any future occupation. But the United States government claimed that Britain was obliged to evacuate the area, particularly after 1853, when President Franklin Pierce's expansionist administration stressed the Monroe Doctrine. Britain yielded on the Bay Islands and the Mosquito Coast in eastern Nicaragua. But in 1854, Britain produced a formal constitution establishing a legislative for its possession of the settlement in present-day Belize.[2]
The Legislative Assembly of 1854 was to have eighteen elected members, each of whom was to have at least £400 sterling worth of property. The assembly was also to have three official members appointed by the superintendent. The fact that voters had to have property yielding an income of £7 a year or a salary of a £100 a year reinforced the restrictive nature of this legislature. The superintendent could defer or dissolve the assembly at any time, originate legislation, and give or withhold consent to bills. This situation suggested that the legislature was more a chamber of debate than a place where decisions were made. The Colonial Office in London became, therefore, the real political-administrative power in the settlement. This shift in power was reinforced when in 1862, the Settlement of Belize in the Bay of Honduras was declared a British colony called British Honduras, and the crown's representative was elevated to a lieutenant governor, subordinate to the governor of Jamaica.[2]
Under the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850 between the United States and Britain, neither country was to undertake any control, colonization or occupation of any part of Central America, but it was unclear if it applied to Belize. In 1853, a new American government attempted to have Britain leave Belize. In 1856 the Dallas-Clarendon Treaty between the two governments recognized Belize territory as British. The Sarstoon River was recognized as the southern border with Guatemala. The Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty of 1859 was signed, setting the present-day western boundary and temporarily settling the question of Guatemala's claim on the territory. Only the northern border with Mexico was undefined.
British Honduras (1862-1981)
Main article: British Honduras Maya immigration and conflict Edit
Maya fisherwomen in British Honduras, beginning of the 20th century As the British consolidated their settlement and pushed deeper into the interior in search of mahogany in the late 18th century, they encountered resistance from the Maya. In the second half of the 19th century, however, a combination of events outside and inside the colony redefined the position of the Maya.[2] During the Caste War in Yucatán, a devastating struggle that halved the population of the area between 1847 and 1855, thousands of refugees fled to the British settlement. Though the Maya were not allowed to own land, most of the refugees were small farmers who were growing considerable quantities of crops by the mid-19th century.[2]
One group of Maya led by Marcos Canul attacked a mahogany camp on the Bravo River in 1866. A detachment of British troops sent to San Pedro was defeated by the Maya later that year. Early in 1867 British troops marched into areas in which the Maya had settled and destroyed villages in an attempt to drive them out. The Maya returned and in April 1870 Canul and his men occupied Corozal. An unsuccessful 1872 attack by the Maya on Orange Walk was the last serious attack on the British colony.[2]
In the 1880s and 1890s, Mopan and Kekchí Maya fled from forced labor in Guatemala and settled in several villages in southern British Honduras. Under the policy of indirect rule, a system of elected alcaldes (mayors) linked these Maya to the colonial administration. However, the remoteness of their settlements resulted in the Mopan and Kekchí Maya becoming less assimilated into the colony than the Maya of the north, where a Mestizo culture emerged. By the end of the 19th century, the ethnic pattern that remained largely intact throughout the 20th century was in place: Protestants largely of African descent, who spoke either English or Creole and lived in Belize Town; the Roman Catholic Maya and Mestizos who spoke Spanish and lived chiefly in the north and west; and the Roman Catholic Garifuna who spoke English, Spanish, or Garifuna and settled on the southern coast.[2]
Formal establishment of the colony (1862-71) Edit
The flag of British Honduras. Largely as a result of the costly military expeditions against the Maya, the expenses of administering the new colony of British Honduras increased, at a time when the economy was severely depressed. Great landowners and merchants dominated the Legislative Assembly, which controlled the colony's revenues and expenditures. Some of the landowners were also involved in commerce but their interest differed from the other merchants of Belize Town. The former group resisted the taxation of land and favored an increase in import duties; the latter preferred the opposite.[2]
Moreover, the merchants in the town felt relatively secure from Maya attacks and were unwilling to contribute toward the protection of mahogany camps, whereas the landowners felt that they should not be required to pay taxes on lands given inadequate protection. These conflicting interests produced a stalemate in the Legislative Assembly, which failed to authorize the raising of sufficient revenue. Unable to agree among themselves, the members of the Legislative Assembly surrendered their political privileges and asked for establishment of direct British rule in return for the greater security of crown colony status. The new constitution was inaugurated in April 1871 and the new legislature became the Legislative Council.[2]
Under the new constitution of 1871, the lieutenant governor and the Legislative Council, consisting of five ex officio or "official" and four appointed or "unofficial" members, governed British Honduras. This constitutional change confirmed and completed a change in the locus and form of power in the colony's political economy that had been evolving during the preceding half century. The change moved power from the old settler oligarchy to the boardrooms of British companies and to the Colonial Office in London.[2]
The colonial order (1871-1931) 
Men working in the mahogany industry, around 1930. The forestry industry's control of land and its influence in colonial decision-making slowed the development of agriculture and the diversification of the economy. Though British Honduras had vast areas of sparsely populated, unused land, landownership was controlled by a small European monopoly, thwarting the evolution of a Creole landowning class from the former slaves.[2] There were some exceptions however, most notably, Isaiah Emmanuel Morter, who was the son of former slaves and accumulated a large landholdings of banana and coconut plantations.
Landownership became even more consolidated during the economic depression of the mid-19th century. Major results of this depression included the decline of the old settler class, the increasing consolidation of capital, and the intensification of British landownership. The British Honduras Company (later the Belize Estate and Produce Company) emerged as the predominant landowner, with about half of all the privately held land in the colony. The new company was the chief force in British Honduras's political economy for over a century.[2][2]
This concentration and centralization of capital meant that the direction of the colony's economy was henceforth determined largely in London. It also signaled the eclipse of the old settler elite. By about 1890, most commerce in British Honduras was in the hands of a clique of Scottish and German merchants, most of them newcomers. The European minority exercised great influence in the colony's politics, partly because it was guaranteed representation on the wholly appointed Legislative Council. In 1892, the governor appointed several Creole members, but whites remained the majority.[2]
Despite the prevailing stagnation of the colony's economy and society during most of the century prior to the 1930s, seeds of change were being sown. The mahogany trade remained depressed, and efforts to develop plantation agriculture failed. A brief revival in the forestry industry took place early in the 20th century as new demands for forest products came from the United States. Exports of chicle, a gum taken from the sapodilla tree and used to make chewing gum, propped up the economy from the 1880s. A short-lived boom in the mahogany trade occurred around 1900 in response to growing demand for the wood in the United States, but the ruthless exploitation of the forests without any conservation or reforestation depleted resources.[2]
Creoles, who were well-connected with businesses in the United States, challenged the traditional political-economic connection with Britain as trade with the United States intensified. In 1927, Creole merchants and professionals replaced the representatives of British landowners (except for the manager of the Belize Estate and Produce Company) on the Legislative Council. The participation of this Creole elite in the political process was evidence of emerging social changes that were largely concealed by economic stagnation.[2]
An agreement between Mexico and Britain in 1893 set the boundary along the Rio Hondo, though the treaty was not finalized until 1897.
Panoramic view of Belize City, c. 1914 Genesis of modern politics, 1931-54 Edit The Great Depression shattered the colony's economy, and unemployment increased rapidly. On top of this economic disaster, the worst hurricane in the country's recent history demolished Belize Town on September 10, 1931, killing more than 1,000 people. The British relief response was tardy and inadequate. The British government seized the opportunity to impose tighter control on the colony and endowed the governor with the power to enact laws in emergency situations. The Belize Estate and Produce Company survived the depression years because of its special connections in British Honduras and London.[2]
Meanwhile, workers in mahogany camps were treated almost like slaves. The law governing labor contracts, the Masters and Servants Act of 1883, made it a criminal offense for a laborer to breach a contract. In 1931 the governor, Sir John Burdon, rejected proposals to legalize trade unions and to introduce a minimum wage and sickness insurance. The poor responded in 1934 with a series of demonstrations, strikes, petitions, and riots that marked the beginning of modern politics and the independence movement. Riots, strikes, and rebellions had occurred before, but the events of the 1930s were modern labor disturbances in the sense that they gave rise to organizations with articulate industrial and political goals. Antonio Soberanis Gómez and his colleagues of the Labourers and Unemployed Association (LUA) attacked the governor and his officials, the rich merchants, and the Belize Estate and Produce Company, couching their demands in broad moral and political terms that began to define and develop a new nationalistic and democratic political culture.
The labor agitation's most immediate success was the creation of relief work by a governor who saw it as a way to avoid civil disturbances. The movement's greatest achievements, however, were the labor reforms passed between 1941 and 1943. Trade unions were legalized in 1941, and a 1943 law removed breach-of-labor-contract from the criminal code. The General Workers' Union (GWU), registered in 1943, quickly expanded into a nationwide organization and provided crucial support for The Nationalist Movement (Belize) that took off with the formation of the People's United Party (PUP) in 1950.[2]
The 1930s were therefore the crucible of modern Belizean politics. It was a decade during which the old phenomena of exploitative labor conditions and authoritarian colonial and industrial relations began to give way to new labor and political processes and institutions. The same period saw an expansion in voter eligibility. In 1945 only 822 voters were registered in a population of over 63,000, but by 1954 British Honduras achieved suffrage for all literate adults.[2] The introduction of credit unions and cooperatives after 1942, following the pioneering work of Marion M. Ganey, S.J., would gradually increase the economic and political power of the Maya and of the less affluent people in the country.[7]
In December 1949, the governor devalued the British Honduras dollar in defiance of the Legislative Council, an act that precipitated Belize's independence movement. The governor's action angered the nationalists because it reflected the limits of the legislature and revealed the extent of the colonial administration's power. The devaluation enraged labor because it protected the interests of the big transnationals while subjecting the working class to higher prices for goods. Devaluation thus united labor, nationalists, and the Creole middle classes in opposition to the colonial administration. On the night that the governor declared the devaluation, the People's Committee was formed and the nascent independence movement suddenly matured.[2]
Between 1950 and 1954, the PUP, formed upon the dissolution of the People's Committee on September 29, 1950, consolidated its organization, established its popular base, and articulated its primary demands. By January 1950, the GWU and the People's Committee were holding joint public meetings and discussing issues such as devaluation, labor legislation, the proposed West Indies Federation, and constitutional reform. As political leaders took control of the union in the 1950s to use its strength, however, the union movement declined.[2]
The PUP concentrated on agitating for constitutional reforms, including universal adult suffrage without a literacy test, an all- elected Legislative Council, an Executive Council chosen by the leader of the majority party in the legislature, the introduction of a ministerial system, and the abolition of the governor's reserve powers. In short, PUP pushed for representative and responsible government. The colonial administration, alarmed by the growing support for the PUP, retaliated by attacking[clarification needed] two of the party's chief public platforms, the Belize City Council and the PUP. In 1952 he[who?] comfortably topped the polls in Belize City Council elections. Within just two years, despite persecution and division, the PUP had become a powerful political force, and George Price had clearly become the party's leader.[2]
The colonial administration and the National Party, which consisted of loyalist members of the Legislative Council, portrayed the PUP as pro-Guatemalan and even communist. The leaders of the PUP, however, perceived British Honduras as belonging to neither Britain nor Guatemala. The governor and the National Party failed in their attempts to discredit the PUP on the issue of its contacts with Guatemala, which was then ruled by the democratic, reformist government of President Jacobo Arbenz. When voters went to the polls on April 28, 1954, in the first election under universal literate adult suffrage, the main issue was clearly colonialism—a vote for the PUP was a vote in favor of self-government. Almost 70 percent of the electorate voted. The PUP gained 66.3 percent of the vote and won eight of the nine elected seats in the new Legislative Assembly. Further constitutional reform was unequivocally on the agenda.[2]
Decolonization and the border dispute with Guatemala
Belize (red) and Guatemala (blue). British Honduras faced two obstacles to independence: British reluctance until the early 1960s to allow citizens to govern themselves, and Guatemala's long-standing claim to the entire territory (Guatemala had repeatedly threatened to use force to take over British Honduras). By 1961, Britain was willing to let the colony become independent. Negotiations between Britain and Guatemala began again in 1961, but the elected representatives of British Honduras had no voice in these talks. George Price refused an invitation to make British Honduras an "associated state" of Guatemala, reiterating his goal of leading the colony to independence.[2]
In 1963 Guatemala broke off talks and ended diplomatic relations with Britain. Talks between Guatemala and British Honduras started and stopped abruptly during the late 1960s and early 1970s. From 1964 Britain controlled only British Honduran defense, foreign affairs, internal security, and the terms and conditions of the public service, and in 1973 the colony's name was changed to Belize in anticipation of independence.[2]
By 1975, the Belizean and British governments, frustrated at dealing with the military-dominated regimes in Guatemala, agreed on a new strategy that would take the case for self-determination to various international forums. The Belize government felt that by gaining international support, it could strengthen its position, weaken Guatemala's claims, and make it harder for Britain to make any concessions. Belize argued that Guatemala frustrated the country's legitimate aspirations to independence and that Guatemala was pushing an irrelevant claim and disguising its own colonial ambitions by trying to present the dispute as an effort to recover territory lost to a colonial power.[2]
Between 1975 and 1981, Belizean leaders stated their case for self-determination at a meeting of the heads of Commonwealth of Nations governments, the conference of ministers of the Nonaligned Movement, and at meetings of the United Nations (UN). Latin American governments initially supported Guatemala. Between 1975 and 1979, however, Belize won the support of Cuba, Mexico, Panama, and Nicaragua. Finally, in November 1980, with Guatemala completely isolated, the UN passed a resolution that demanded the independence of Belize.[2]
A last attempt was made to reach an agreement with Guatemala prior to the independence of Belize. The Belizean representatives to the talks made no concessions, and a proposal, called the Heads of Agreement, was initialed on March 11, 1981. However, when ultraright political forces in Guatemala labeled the proponents as sellouts, the Guatemalan government refused to ratify the agreement and withdrew from the negotiations. Meanwhile, the opposition in Belize engaged in violent demonstrations against the Heads of Agreement. A state of emergency was declared. However, the opposition could offer no real alternatives. With the prospect of independence celebrations in the offing, the opposition's morale fell. Independence came to Belize on September 21, 1981 after the Belize Act 1981, without reaching an agreement with Guatemala.[2]
Main article: History of Belize (1981–present)
The flag of Belize, originally adopted in 1922. With Price at the helm, the PUP won all elections until 1984. In that election, first national election after independence, the PUP was defeated by the United Democratic Party (UDP), and UDP leader Manuel Esquivel replaced Price as prime minister. Price returned to power after elections in 1989. Guatemala’s president formally recognized Belize’s independence in 1992. The following year the United Kingdom announced that it would end its military involvement in Belize. All British soldiers were withdrawn in 1994, apart from a small contingent of troops who remained to train Belizean troops.
The UDP regained power in the 1993 national election, and Esquivel became prime minister for a second time. Soon afterward Esquivel announced the suspension of a pact reached with Guatemala during Price’s tenure, claiming Price had made too many concessions in order to gain Guatemalan recognition. The pact would have resolved a 130-year-old border dispute between the two countries. Border tensions continued into the early 21st century, although the two countries cooperated in other areas.
The PUP won a landslide victory in the 1998 national elections, and PUP leader Said Musa was sworn in as prime minister. In the 2003 elections the PUP maintained its majority, and Musa continued as prime minister. He pledged to improve conditions in the underdeveloped and largely inaccessible southern part of Belize.
Riot police and protesters during the unrest in 2005. In 2005, Belize was the site of unrest caused by discontent with the People's United Party government, including tax increases in the national budget. On February 8, 2008, Dean Barrow of the UDP was sworn in as Belize's first black prime minister.
Throughout Belize's history, Guatemala has claimed ownership of all or part of the territory. This claim is occasionally reflected in maps showing Belize as Guatemala's twenty-third province. As of March 2007, the border dispute with Guatemala remains unresolved and quite contentious;[8][9] at various times the issue has required mediation by the United Kingdom, Caribbean Community heads of Government, the Organisation of American States, and the United States. In December 2008, Belize and Guatemala signed an agreement to submit the territorial differences to the International Court of Justice, after referenda in both countries (which have not taken place as of December 2013). Notably, both Guatemala and Belize are participating in the confidence-building measures approved by the OAS, including the Guatemala-Belize Language Exchange Project.[10]
Since independence, a British garrison has been retained in Belize at the request of the Belizean government.
See also
History of the British West Indies History of Central America History of the Caribbean Spanish colonization of the Americas Picture gallery, early 20th century References
^ a b c d e f "Background Note: Belize". U.S. Department of State (August 2008). This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at Bolland, Nigel. "Belize: Historical Setting". In A Country Study: Belize (Tim Merrill, editor). Library of Congress Federal Research Division (January 1992). This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. ^ Houston, Stephen D.; John Robertson; David Stuart (2000). "The Language of Classic Maya Inscriptions". Current Anthropology. 41 (3): 321–356. doi:10.1086/300142. ISSN 0011-3204. PMID 10768879. ^ Michael P. Closs, The Hieroglyphic Text of Stela 9, Lamanai, Belize, 13 from Closs, 1987 ^ Woodard, Colin. "A Blackbeard mystery solved". Republic of Pirates Blog. Retrieved 25 March 2016. ^ Byrd Downey, Cristopher (22 May 2012). Stede Bonnet: Charleston's Gentleman Pirate. The History Press. p. 44. ISBN 1609495403. Retrieved 25 March 2016. ^ Woods, Charles M. Sr., et al. Years of Grace: The History of Roman Catholic Evangelization in Belize: 1524-2014. (Belize: Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize City-Belmopan, 2015), 227ff. ^ Nation News 2006 ^ "ACP-EU summit 2000" ^ "Guatemala-Belize Language Exchange Project" 
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If anyone ever tells you to not worship only these names they are a liar of the lucky 777 lucifer light bearer. Yep, only Jesus Christ yeshuah elyon And Yahweh adoshem elohim The holy spirit trinity. Lord God on high. No other name. Real holy numbers are only 444,888,12/21, 23/11, 24,222 Evil neutral/lukewarm or deceptive numbers can all be found in nature and are the balance to truth of light; if that exist then there needs to be a opposite, which is darkness of lies and deceitful deception. Meaning claiming to be truth bit is not Ephesians 5:11 EVIL OR LUKEWARM DECEPTIVE NUMBERS: 333,666,999,7777 (DECEPTIVE LUCKY LUCI LUCIFER LUCY =LIGHT BEARER LIAR SATAN 7777 ) 555 = HUMAN 666= NATURAL BEAST WILD ANIMAL 888= GOD HOLY 9999= LAKE OF FIRE. STATE OF EMERGENCY. HELP SOS. FIRE. BURNING. ALERT. SIRENS. IMPORTANT. HELL. 10TH = 22 TRANSCEND. PROGRESS. NEXT PAGE. FORWARD. DOUBLED.
"Hello Facebook Friends, I Have Been Given The Honor Of Spending Several Hours With A Young Genius From Missouri. Who Has Been Given The Gift Of WISDOM ON MORINGA. I'm Forever Grateful That God Has Brought This Young Genius Into My Life. If You Want To Live Your Life As Healthy As Could Be, You Will Get On This Powerful Nutrient ASAP...AN HONEST FELLOW, A GODLY MAN. A MAN OF COMPASSION TO OUR HUMAN RACE. THANK You Eric For Being Alive And For Being VIVACIOUS In Helping The People Of This Country With Your Unending Knowledge Of MORINGA, GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER LOVE YOU. " ~Elizabeth Garcia Dominick~ Join Our Moringa Kingdom Movie Subscription- Everyone Is Doing It- HERE IS THE FREE SECTION... "
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Working on mini documentary when we were in Central America
You might enjoy watching this and see how people are leaving America at alarming rates since trump got in. I know hillary would not have been any better but what is going to happen to America. If you are ever looking for a plan B to get out of dodge before it is too late contact me at 855-841-9659
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Everything is an atom
~E. G. Plott ~
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It's limitless what our fans and clients are doing to help make a difference in a truly miraculous and healing world. These people teach me a great deal of lessons on Humility and Integral community values of Ethics and EXCELLENCY! I want to teach the whole world about this hidden treasure of the universe. A wonder of this planet and flat earth. Check out or websites and mission dream at blogs and
And as well the exquisitely constructed Want to go on a Journey to Success?
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I have journeyed until this point, and searched until I have seriously discovered the closest thing in nature to completely reverse Lyme disease; which would be called a "cure".
It really can cure you. Because it builds your immune system up. Please we would love to have you experiment it. Let me know. I would love to talk to you and your family perhaps. We have HIV patients that have reversed their illness due to this natural treatment; and yes it being Lyme awareness month, I am here to confirm I know many people online and in the health alternative world that use our MoringaSOP to actually treat or fully live life with reversing cancer, diabetes, crohns, Parkinson's disease, lyme, HIV, Morgellions and about 400 other diseases. Please read my science blog pages at this is not for sales purposes, this is a legit medicine plant that is a miracle, I wouldn't be a friend, if I didn't take the time to express this truth to you. Please consider it, I would be willing to talk to anyone willing to hear me out on the science and real life health benefits that can occur to those battling modern day western world affluent disorders or ailments. Please give me a chance and hear me out. Your message can change the world, especially if we commit to teaching the world about how nutrients is the only thing that fuels the body to make it function, drugs have never cured a single person; so if there be a Cure for this illness or that sickness, it surely would be a plant found in Gods nature. We have discovered this plant. Please review my research or call me 855-841-9659.

No it is not click here not the other. This one
I'm reading ∆ Moringa and Lyme Disease † on Scribd. Check it out:

Too true... #lymelife #hope4lyme #lymeawareness
#curelyme #warriors

I have Lyme Disease and I want to be recognized. My disease is constantly belittled and argued about....but while you argue and delay, I suffer? My loved ones suffer because of my illness too. It's time to end the silence. Lyme kills and disables now, I need treatment and support now. Not when 'everyone' agrees. Please Share! Please follow me @TCKD I will win this battle for my son if nothing else it will teach him that you never give up and you keep going no matter what life deals you. You turn over every rock until you find a solution ... Or not. But, never give up! I'm ok w that silver lining.
I am Fighting for a cure
#LymeDisease #cure4lyme
Please, everyone, who thinks I am "flooding " their news feed or do not support my operation and what I stand for please either BLOCK ME. OR LET ME KNOW WHOM TO BLOCK. I will not sit here and hear how bad you can't stand seeing my posts or my hard work and research of free information, the insult or critic me. I don't need any more negative people in my life. Please let me know. I don't want to unfriend, because I often will have people who follow or watch/stalk my information and they never intend on doing business or becoming my friend, but they love my free information. Or perhaps they wish to sell their product through me, which normally cost money to do. I do it for free for my friends. After coming back from a very important business vacation trip, I realize who I should and shouldn't have around my presence. Leave your name below and I will block you on all my accounts, groups and fan pages. Since you can't stomach how I go about my successful overnight sensation; which I have worked hard for about a decade now with. Also will be blocking all the thousands of followers if they don't add me as a friend. That just shows me that you are a stalker. Wanting to steal my information then hate on me while you are at it. No naysayers of Plott Palm trees production or envious jealous losers. Who don't do anything with their lives anyways.

Kindest regards,
Eric Plott
Owner of Plott Palm Trees
Harvard medical researcher
Plant based nutritionist Cornell

Then should block or unfriend. This was my my post. However if you don't support the person. That is what you need to do. Or else I would do it. I am sick of hearing about It. Especially if you are intending on helping that ungrateful and lazy individual who doesn't even try.
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How else would people know to buy your product ? It's no rocket science but sometimes the smartest individual don't even use their smarts or "genius" therefore they are literally as good as worthless, I'd say.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire you won't get anywhere until you change it. If it doesn't apply let it fly, if the shoe fits wear it Cinderella.

Boys make excuses and men make change. They don't wine about it. Big babies do, however.

~E. G. Plott~

There is no Legal definition on the WORD NATURAL OR ORGANIC for that matter, it doesn't mean anything. Its Fake in order to mislead you, it is another form of false advertisement as well. This is why I have developed the RAW WILDCRAFTED Perfectional Practice Pyramid of Integrity Verified. This is beating CERTIFIED ORGANIC Label, which is all sprayed Poison chemicals on record. ALL NATURAL doesn't mean anything and neither does Many of their fake label names. Be careful and find a trusted farmer grower such as myself that can bag it up and ship proprietary; this is what I do for a living with NO ADDTIVES, FILLERS, GMO, NO SPRAYS, NO CHEMICALS,NO BLANCHING, NO CLEANING SOLUTIONS, NO JUNK AND FOOD COLORINGS< ETC...NO ETO ETHYLENE SPRAYS THAT ARE USED WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRACTICES. Stick with Integrity Verified Labels instead, which means WILD CRAFTED FROM NATURE WITH HEIRLOOM ORGANIC SEED AND ABSOLLUTELY NO SPRAYS OF ANY SORT AT ALL! Neglected in Nature, like the Rainforest or the Woods out in the Forest, no one uses sprays or fertilizer out there, God does the job. naturally. TRUE ALL NATURAL, REAL ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC WILDCRAFT AND INTEGRITY VERIFIED PERFECTIONAL PRACTICE PYRAMID RAW PRODUCE!




The 1000% Truth Concerning The First & Only And Cannot Be Repeated! A Tropical Missourah.
Written by Dr.Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott
1) My Venture is for profit.
2) My Company is one of a kind more than most, actually to the point were we have the market completely cornered. What do we have? Well, We have palm trees. That grow in Missouri. Year-Round. OUTDOORS. Don't believe me? Well, I have about 20 Palm trees in my front and backyard now, that are 12-15 feet tall. I have been growing palm trees and subtropical plants right in my yard here in Missouri for over three years now. SUCCESSFULLY. They grow here. What is special about us at PlottPalmTrees.Com is the aspect of taking the Show-Me State on an adventure to help accent the already beautiful landscape of the Midwest. We have first-hand knowledge on how to initiate growing palm trees and pulling it off each year. How-so? Well, I have a major youtube channel, five to be exact and I am connected on all the social networks to stay connected with my friends, family, audience, and customers. They get to see frequent updates in the visual vortex of a movie, video, or just pictures that ever single claim I make is truth. I have some really heavy claims, but my momma always told me that as long as I had the evidence to back it up, it may be hard-hitting, but it is what it is until it changes. So then it is the truth; some know that truth is stranger than fiction and no matter how strange I seem to the world, I will always remain with the truth in my heart. The idea kind of just fell on my lap and in just the first year we actually won four awards for our idea, we won a film festival, we were on KOMU channel 8, and the KMFC radio. On our third year of successfully overwintering palm trees and other exotic hardy plants, we are accumulating a growing and amazingly Global audience of over 2 million new contacts per year and exceeding the boundaries of limitation. My videos even recently got the attention from Harvard University; they liked them so much, they actually accepted me! So set aside from being the first business to pioneer palm trees to the Midwest and all similar climates, we also found something even more spectacular. While we had many ups on this Journey to bring a taste of the tropics to the Missourian woodlands, there came some hard down-falls on us, in a more personal way. My father had been diagnosed with Diabetes, like many Americas today, we know someone or we are that one that has to deal with the constant struggle of a unwanted illness or health complication. So, what does this have to do with my idea? Glad, you asked. Being the natural research and observer that I am, I Went ahead and studied a bit out of my field; more into a health aspect. I feared my father was going to die, as he wasn't doing well at all. I researched to find that in America one in three get cancer and diabetes is even more common. Where 67% Americans are overweight and 33% are obese. So, researched for cures that were not drugs, because those seemed like they weren't doing anything, but making the issue worse. Long story short, I discovered the Most Nutritional And Anti-Oxidant rich plant in the world. Big deal? Well, actually yeah, it was. I Managed to convince my dad into taking it; set-aside from its strong plant-line taste and spinach flavor. It didn't take too much, considering my dad would try anything at this point, to maintain staying alive. So, he took it, and I kid you not, It was not even just three weeks later that his doctor said that he no longer had diabetes. His blood was like that of a teenager again and it was perfect. It fixed his pancreas even. Too much of a miracle to believe? Well, no wonder they call it the Tree Of Miracles then. Not all will believe in A Miracle, but Don't give up before the Miracle Happens. Of course, diabetes is more of a lifestyle than a sickness, it is a dysfunction of the organs, a depletion or absence of nutrients, and it CAN be reversed with nutrition. Since I Have been sharing with the public about the scientific facts of this plant, I have actually acquired a great deal of testimonials with similar and same results. You can view these real people on my website recommendations page in the Moringa Shop. I have been selling this cure for some time now, it is not only saving lives, but making me have the income I need to continue to research more on this plant and present to the public (Not quite like a doctor who can make a whopping 500-5000 dollars a month on Chemo Drugs per month, that alone will kill you). This tree on record, with John Hopkins research papers (And many others, all present on my website), proves to cure & prevent over 300 Different diseases including cancer and diabetes. The Seeds when crushed purify water, the oil can be used as a biofuel to run cars, and the special compounds found in the miracle plant are so potent they can kill tumors on contact (and naturally instead of through radiation), removes toxins, re-news blood, removes heavy metals in the body, and finally it blocks radiation. We all know the radiation from Chemo can be very heart-breaking, due to the side effects, ( Chemo-Brain) there finally is a better route and at even a much lower cost financially. My idea is not to only bring palm trees to Missouri and be known as the, "The Man Who Tricked Mother-Nature" (KOMU Coined That Name), Or I will not be known as just a great business man that was able to make enough income at the young age of 21 years old to attend Harvard with No Financial Aid or support other than my own profits.But even more than all that, I will be one day known as the first man to embrace and publicize the cures for cancer, diabetes, and over 300 different diseases…. My Name Is Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott. This plant does all that, and I actually guarantee it will cure all those things mentioned (Diabetes & Cancer) or your money back, sound like a risky claim? Or even a scam? I thought so to, but that isn't me. Well, even if the FDA knocks on my door, they cannot hold this friendly satisfaction guarantee against me; We are saving lives one victim at a time and for that, I fear no litigation that may lurk beside me. I have on my website a nice shockingly convincing video that will explain how the American Medical Institution CANNOT patent a plant to make money off of it (Look Up "Cancer-The Forbidden Cures PLOTTPALMTREES.COM" Just Like That).



So even if the cure FOR EVERYTHING were a special apple for instance, that all could obtain, the Medical Establishment could never acknowledge it as such and will leave it high and dry, until they could extract a compound form of the plant and turn it into a man-made drug. Until then they may even ban or make the newfound cure illegal to use in the meantime, due to threading outcome of dreaded loss of profits; as long as the general public does not become aware of where the Hospitals Originated from. Truth is, if us Doctor cure you, the patient, then you no longer have a problem, but if we can only treat you and keep you coming back in for a monthly, weekly, or hopefully daily schedule, well then we are doing a great job and you are helping us get that trip we couldn't afford. (Ephesians 5:11)
I am now pursuing becoming a doctor at Harvard Medical; not as a Medical Doctor, but as a simple man with the actual cure, a God-given plant, not man-made drug. You might not be able to give this award to me, but
I Really Can't Complain, I Get To Do What I Love Doing...And At The Same Time, I Save Lives...Nothing Better In The World Is More Rewarding Than Working Together To Be Alive. ~E.G.Plott~

3) My Market group is landscapers, people who have pools, golf courses, those who have been to exotic locations and know that the reason why they go go to vacation to Hawaii, California, Belize, Morocco, Mexico, Or Florida Is simply due to the Palm trees. Think about it this way, if you went to those locations just mentioned, what would be missing if all the palm trees were gone, but LIFE, FREEDOM, And Serenity.
For the moringa plant of mine, which I also grow, it is targeted to every living being on the planet that wants to prevent being sick, get better, or just feel great! I sell the powder, caps, soap, soup, seeds, tree, facial cream, shampoo/conditioner, oil, and bulk for the best price with the most organic, fresh, all-natural, and pure form. There is nothing more nutritional in all the plant or animal kingdom; nothing even comes close to the nutritional content of this tree- just watch my video on youtube entitled, "the Perfectional Plant; The Most Nutritional Tree On This Planet". I Won a talent award & director of the year in 2011 for this video. It is fun and educational, just like everything we do at PlottPalmTrees.Com. Our target audience is and has been the world. I ship globally for that reason alone. Because we are showing the World REAL RESEARCH, SCRUPULOUS STUDIES, LIVE EXPERIMENTATION, AND A TRUE TROPICAL STORY. The most important people to reach in this venture, are those who are severely sick with illnesses like Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and all the major reasons for death. I have a PlottsHealth Channel To help people awaken and become more conscious of health, one video that stands out right now, is my "Uprooting the leading cause of death PLOTTPALMTREES.COM". Type that in a google search and it will blow your mind, but besides that, I have made it my life mission to venture to the people that are sick and dying and to educate them with a real cure that is not at the gains of corporate greed, but rather Human Sensical And Progressive Development Of Inner Self To Others.I have a Certification of Law-Nature Observations 2013 © License 1145172.
We are living in a time were here in America where our children today will be the FIRST generation of children that will NOT out live the parent generation -Dr. David S. Ludwig.
The greatest wealth is our health & the greatest cure is prevention. ~E.G.Plott~
4) I Believe This Has Already Been Answered.
5) I am still at ground-level from where I want to be, but I have plenty of time to get where I will be. Success Is A Journey And Not A Destination - E.G.Plott~. I have already grown a lot in just three years as the CEO/OWNER of PlottPalmTrees.Com. I am very proud of the over-night success I have independently gained; this doesn't mean I couldn't use another helping hand. I have most all the resources, but I just need to get the word out about this truly remarkable plant of our time; I am not one of these health quacks or herbal remedy witch doctors who promises a result and you never get it, but if I were I would actually be called a Medical Doctor, but I am not. People are referring me to that of a healer, I am no healer, but what is in my hands does HEAL and it has real results. Real Health Results That You Can See. What I would need is more marketing and expansion. The money in general to buy more production to show off at places like adopt-a-spot or downtown Columbia, maybe the football stadiums, etc.


I am a Sole Proprietor, Entrepreneur, and Small business Owner; I plan on staying that way. I want to build the Tropical Missouri of my dream, where you can just drive in my Ranch and pick up 20 foot Plus Palm Trees for a sway of relaxation in your Missourian Indoor space, business, living room, or your outdoor fertile imagination. I Would want to then hand over a Moringa Health Product for the bettering of your survival, and Finally hand you a nice pure glass of Fluoride Free Water from our filtered water system at The Tropical Missouri Ranch on WW. You Can Only Drink Poisonous Water For So Long.
6) I seek investors, but I rather call them my Customers and my friends; They support me, they are investing in PlottPalmTrees.Com.
Help Me, Help You, Make A Dream Come True; We Are IN This Together. The return is always good, because PLANT A PALM AND YOU CAN'T GROW WRONG AT PLOTTPALMTREES.COM. You Will Find That If You Look On Our Website, We Also Sell Bonsais, yuccas, banana Plants, pecan trees, Kiwi plants, apple trees, Fig trees, Pomegranates, Cactus, bamboo, and of course Palm Trees! ALL OF THESE LIVE IN MISSOURI, year-round outdoors, guaranteed! (unless Said Otherwise) And It Is SO EASY To Maintain These Particular Species Of Sub-Tropicals, That Even A CHILD Could Do It!
We have the market, but even more-so we own it; no debts here.
We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business IN The World, But Rather THE BEST Business For The World. ~E.G.Plott~
7) If I Win this prize of 2000 bucks, I promise I Will turn around and donate 2000 dollars worth of palm trees to Trulaske
University and Missouri University as well. Palm Trees, Banana Plants, Yuccas, And The Whole Variation. Check Out My "Lines In The Sand Video - PLOTTPALMTREES.COM" (Youtube Search That), you Can See Were I Made A Tropical Beach Oasis In Missouri. You Won't Believe Your Eyes,.. Yes, I Do Landscaping AS If It Were An Art; Like It Should Be.

"I Can't Bring You the Ocean, But I Can Bring A Tree…A Plott Palm Tree"
I Think I Practically Shared Everything That I Am About. I Mean I Have More In-depth Details, But If You Are Intrigued The Least Bit, Let Me Leave You With Some Links, That Will Prove That EVERYTHING I SAID HERE IN THIS LETTER IS 1000% TRUTH And I Would LOVE For Some Scientist, Doctor, Or Authority To Take Me On And Disprove Me, Because It Isn't Going To Happen. I Have A Plethora Of Videos I Have Made For You, To Better Get To Know Me. If You Have Any Questions Personally For Me About The Moringa Or How You To Can Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With RICH AND FERTILE Imaginations, Future, And Investment; Get With Me By Dropping Me An Email At I Am Still Attending Harvard. I Just Squeezed A Little Bit Of My Fast Paced Life, To Fill This Form Out And Get It Back To You. Just Before My Computer Science Exam. Geez, Enough About Me, Tell More About Yourself Will You?
The Hardest Things To See Are Right In Front Of Your Eyes - Van Goethe.
~Eric Geoffrey Plott~
Owner CEO of PlottPalmTrees.Com
Harvard Medical Researcher/Detective
Member Of The International Palm Tree Society- Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society- 3.8 GPA - Repower America. - Cured 4 Cancer Victims- Many More Diabetics On Record With One Plant Alone. Also Cured Two young Children Of severe Blistering Incurable Skin Disease- With Picture Proof & Case Study.
* My Resume Is Online
We Are Connecting With The Internet Sensation Where Palm Trees Grow In Missouri And Real Health Results Can Be Found With the Moringa Tree Of Miracles..Where You Can't Grow Wrong...


The truth about CBD is, that is numbs the problem in a semi-good way, BUT THE MAIN Quirk I have with it, is that it is NOT NUTRITION. MoringaSOP is what is really necessary for your body. NOTHING Against CBD oil, if I were to promote any form of the Hemp or Marijuana plant, it would FIRST be the HEMP SEEDS/BUTTER, then the CBD oil. I have seen more bad than good with the smoking of marijuana than good for the body and brain. Your body does NOT Need to feel drained out or lethargic and lacking energy or ATP. You need something that is rich and full of NUTRIENTS and Biophotons; minerals and b12, Omega 3,6,9; this is what makes the body function and fuels your body to correct any malignent cells or damage to the immune system. Even the production of Insulin, Moringa has a compound in it that helps replenish and recover the pancreas into good green health and to help promote the body to rebuild the insulin production in the body, NATURALLY with no Drug or Medicinal. Moringa does become a Medicinal when consumed in higher amounts. I would suggest  the MORINGASOP K which helps also reverse and prevent cancer cells from developing. IT is my own formulatinon and people order from me fresh and raw each and every month, one -2 bottles at a time, produce in a pill that can make all the difference in the world, if you actually consume it daily for long duration. Whether you want it in freeze dried powder, veggie caps, extract drops, or teabags,; we specify each and every order, with handpicked love for each client. We are U.S.P.S. Certified and therefore the highest possible quality found wildcrafted in nature, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICALS OR ADDITIVES. We use specialized one of a kind Mylar bags, which are heat sealed in order to keep the FRESHNESS ALIVE. Everything we do, we strive to do the best. You can contact like this.

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The Price of Red Lion, I cannot go lower on, it is specially formulated by a Master Craftsman, and his recipe cost; each and overtime a sale is made, he has to have a portion of this cut. This is a very real deal liquid, that has very impressive effects, or else the price wouldn't be so steep.


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We are currently switching Card Processors and we are only taking MONEY ORDERS at this time. Please check out on our site at THEKAZWEH.COM and send your money order or check written directly to


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I have something That reverses Diabetes almost every time, you would be shocked, Personal message me to learn more.

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Success Is A Journey And It Is NOT The Destination ~E.G.Plott~
Boys Make Excuses And Men Make Change ~E.G.Plott~
We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business In The World, BUT The BEST Business FOR THE WORLD.
We Are Connecting With The Internet Sensation Where Palm Trees Grow In Missouri And Real Health Results Can Be Found With the Moringa Tree Of Miracles..Where You Can't Grow Wrong...At PlottPalmTrees.Com
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My God remains the same.
I refuse to be defeated!
My eyes are on my GOD!
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I am looking past my circumstances,
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My prayers have reached the heart of God.
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*Look Here- Check This Out- I Have Been Studying Cancer Biology For YEARS- One Thing I Know IS DRUGS ARE FAAAAAR From The Answer- I Know That About 50% Or MORE OF A PERSON'S HEALING IS THEIR OWN BODY..Okay? Are With Me...SO YOU ARE THE HEALER- YOUR BODY...SO It Is Psychosomatic - It Is All In Ones Mind To Healing..BUT IF ONE'S BODY CANNOT WORK TO HEAL, It Will Never Happen, Because NUTRIENTS ARE WHAT MAKE THE BODY FUNCTION, Okay Next.... I Have Personally Cured Many People, I KNOW STAYING POSITIVE CAN KILL CANCER IN ITSELF, I Am One Of The Most OVERCONFIDENT PEOPLE IN THIS AREA, for One Reason, Sometimes Doctors Tell Their Patients They Will Die...Or That There Is No Hope- And Send You Home With, There Is Nothing More We Can Do...>I WILL NEVER DO THAT...In Fact With All My Years Of Research On Immunology, Cancer Biology And Neurobiology I KNOW THE BEST CURE IS MORINGA- SOURSOP AND ANYTHING THAT GIVES HUGE BOOST IN NUTRITION...Okay, Like One Patient I Am Working On Now,, I TOLD HER SHE WILL LIVE- SHE WILL KILL HER STAGE FOR 4 CANCER And That Moringa Is THE BEST KNOWN CURE- THEREFORE IF THIS IS THE BEST THING SHE CAN DO, WHY THE HELL WOULD I NOT TELL HER THIS IS THE CURE???? IT IS THE CURE AND YES YOU WILL SURVIVE! GIVE THE PERSON HOPE...I Have Not Lost 1 Patient And I Never Will, BECAUSE I AM NOT HELD TO MY DEGREE BY WHAT I SAY- I AM FOR THE PERSON I WILL PUT MY NECK OUT ON THE LINE, BECAUSE I AM ACE ON- I AM CORRECT AND I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY CURE...I Will Be The First Man To Embrace And Publicize The Cures For Cancer, Diabetes, And 300 Different Diseases...My Name Is Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott...There Is Nothing That Will Change That, I Will Never Promote Someone To Dying Or Just Giving Up...Once You Do That, You Allow The Cancer To Survive Instead Of The Person.
The Best Cure Is NUTRITION LACED WITH OVERCONFIDENCE...Unless You Like To Have Shattered Hope Of No Cure, Because Then You Will Just Follow Right Along With The Pandemic..If That Is The Case, You Are Talking To The Wrong Doctor. I Don't Care About Your Status Quo- I Am Simply About Saving Lives- Not Killing Them With Drugs.


Eric Plott *Dont You Think Everyday I Am At Risk? Go Watch My Movie The CANCER FORBIDDEN CURES PLOTTPALMTREES.COM ANd You Will See Why I Have My Stance That I Do

Cancer the forbidden cures: video…

We have made thousands of orders single handedly and over tons of MoringaSOP powder had been delivered world wide. This is so exciting as an actual proof to the world. So proud to have so many supporters who trust and believe in us. You are what makes all this come to life and stay alive. God bless you for trusting my dreams.
E. g. Plott

Crystal Déry
yes, I truly do. Love the moringa!
Love love love the oil still

Invented the best thing ever! will post photo soon. (Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com Moringa King™)
Yes, happy skin, sil detoxing thru my skin tho. Thank you Eric Plott!! Thanks for the info!

Nicky Vanvalkenburgh

Nicky Vanvalkenburgh
My hubby Jim (age 48) has been taking Moringa for the last 60 days (moringa King™ PLOTTPALMTREES.COM) .
He is a Personal Trainer and has been having pain in his joints, plantar fasciitus, etc. All of this makes it difficult with his work-- training people in the gym. But a few days ago, Jim experienced a breakthourgh. He said, "Look Nicky, I havent been able to do this in a long time." And then he showed me how he does squats and some other excercises. Jim said, "It must be the Moringa cleaning me out. I cant think of anything else that Ive done differently. I am grateful for Moringa!" I am still taking the Moringa too, everyday. Now my husband and I take it together. Thanks Eric, for introducing us to this wonderful product

A lady had called and had explained that her daughter went to a conference where Rabbi was speaking and that he suggested to her to try Plott Palm Trees Moringa King. She told her mother about the product and her mother bought a bottle from her for the father. The father had many problems. I remember her saying something about his heart arteries, that he also has anxiety and PTSD,( and lots more!)... He had also not been able to get out of bed in 6 months and the only time he would leave the bed is when he had to use the restroom. She said he was literally on his death bed. His color in his face was almost a pale grey color and was also taking 12 or 13 prescription drugs for his health. After taking The Moringa King™ for less then a month, she said he had made such an improvement. They had taken him to his cardiologist and they were so surprise of the improvement in his health. Also he has regain color in his face. Is now taking only 3 or 4 prescription drugs and was up doing yard work and messing around in the garage.

My husband has been using the Moringa King (PlottPalmTrees.Com) for almost 3 months. He has gone from 5 blood pressure medications to 1 that is now becoming too much it's only 5 mg. He was also diagnosed with copd, his amount of usage of the products has gone down enough to almost half. Thank you so much Eric Plott, for bringing this to the Christians and those who believe in natural products.

Fran Burns

I have a praise about the Moringa...I have had a nodule on my thyroid for 11 years; very large on the right side...since I started the Moringa King about a month ago, it is shrinking and is about half the size now! Glory to God!

Rose Elizabeth-Leigh Williams

Curt Landry, my dad has had multiple illness', was taking 12 medications, had 2 surgeries recently. I heard you talking about Moringa King™ (PlottPalmTrees.Com) at the conference in El Dorado Ar, " Digging the Ancient Wells" my dad is now off almost all those medications and God continues to use this to heal all areas. These conditions my dad had were serious! Almost took his life several times within the last 10 months, but God!! Hallelujah!

Kathleen Russell

The first time I took just 1 capsule (of Moringa King - PlottPalmTrees.Com), it was like a fog was being lifted from my mind, and my energy levels seem to be going up the more [Moringa King] I take. Even the pain in my right hip has been greatly reduced and is getting better every day.

Earlene Ingram

I spoke with Frances Hunt today who was purchasing a bottle of Moringa King™ (PlottPalmTrees.Com) and I asked her how Moringa has helped her and she replied that before she had taken Moringa King™ she could not sleep at night.
She said she when she would lay down at night to go to sleep and she would just be wide awake. After taking Moringa King™ she said she was so surprised that she was able to sleep! She says she lays down now at night now and she is so relaxed and has great sleep. :)


Eric Plott with Eric Plott.

Join The Tribe, Will You?

May God Use Us A tool For His Divine Purpose To Fulfill Miracles, Blessings, And Favor On The Land's Soil- To Prosper All Nations- To HEAL Them And Take Them Back From Corruption- Evil- And Wickedness That Has Infiltrated In These Days Of Unholy Deeds, That Their Fruits May Not Sustain Them For Very Long, But Repent And Come To The GOOD FRUITS That Are Only Present In The LIght And Righteous Ways Of God Yahweh.
Let Us Save Africa Together- Save The World As Well! TOGETHER!
We Can Save Humanity
And LIve Our Dreams
At The Same
In Yeshuah And Holy Spirit Name...Amen And Amen.

There Is No Greater Feeling In The World Than That My Friend
Give THem The Moringa EVERYDAY
Eat The Leaves Always
Use The Seeds
To Purify Water
Put The Oil On Skin...
Learn To Use The Biofuel From The Crushed Seeds- Oil-

-Remove The Toxins From Your Body With The Seeds Eaten- And The Leaves Taked- DRY THE LEAVES- PODS-SEEDS-BLOSSOMS (Eat The Flowers And Prepare Tea)- THE STEMS- Dry All This And Pulverize It Into Powder- KEEP THE POWDER FRESH- If You Can Freeze Drie- Shade Dry Otherwise AND NEVER SPRAY IT WITH CHEMICALS- DO NOT DO CHEMO-VACCINES-Those Are What Are Creating The Pandemic All Around The World ON RECORD- DO NOT TAKE MAN -MADE DRUGS- STAY CLEAR FROM IT!
*Learn To Make Moringa Soap- Cap The Powder- TAKE IT ALWAYS- Take Breaks In The Middle To Allow Your Body To Assimilate .



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