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Esoteric Meaning Of The Black Sun

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Esoteric Meaning Of The Black Sun

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The Black Sun is an esoteric symbol dating far back into antiquity, petroglyphs have been found in the Americas of this ancient symbol that has been mainly known for its placement in the floor at Wewelsburg Castle by the SS of the German Reich. It is an esoteric concept rather than an actual object and like all esoteric symbols it represents knowledge, the more knowledge you have the more of the symbols secrets you unlock and the amount of knowledge needed to understand esoteric symbols can border on staggering for the uninitiated at times since the knowledge and science they represent is not taught outside of esoteric circles for a reason, in fact in almost every instance what people have been taught is the exact opposite of the truth. I have compiled a number of videos and made some myself I will provide throughout the article after a brief introduction of some of the concepts this symbol represents.

At its core I suppose you could say this symbol represents polarity as this is one of the main precepts behind all esoteric symbols. A good place to start learning about this topic is a book called the Kybalion. In this reality everything has an esoteric and exoteric level of understanding. All esoteric symbols originate from astrology, math and sacred geometry, which are all one thing in the end, all philosophical meanings come after this based on interpretation and understanding of these things and how they create the reality our consciousness inhabits. In short one can say esoteric symbols represent Dharma, which is defined as the cosmic order. These symbols have presentations and interpretations in the physical realm and also in the spiritual realm, one in the seen and also in the unseen. The yin and yang represents this basic tenant nicely, but like all esoteric symbols and concepts the yin and yang has numerous other meanings as well I will expand on in the future.

I have read a few articles in the past about different people’s interpretation of this symbol, some decent and some not. Symbols are used as esoteric concepts because the amount of knowledge they represent is not easily explainable to the laymen. Anyone that tries to tell you what an esoteric symbol means without going into at least an hour long explanation of all its different meanings based on context ie time period, who is using it and how does not understand its true meaning, they simply know a single aspect of its meaning that they most likely learned from someone else that does not truly understand its meaning.

A good way to think of esoteric symbols is to imagine them as the same concept of putting PHD or Esquire in the title of someone’s name. By doing this it signifies that this person is very educated in a particular field of knowledge, with esquire that subject would be the law, with PHD the field of study is often given along with it. These symbols represent knowledge of how this reality is designed and works on countless levels because the design of this reality is fractal in nature, microcosms of macrocosms for infinity. I know this will be difficult for people new to occult material to grasp at first so I will try and give some of the more important aspects of the knowledge this symbol represents.

The Black Sun were a secret society comprised of the leadership of the German Reich just prior to and during WWII, they were the anti-Illuminati if you will. I have lightly touched on the Illuminati here but haven’t really gotten into detail of all the players yet because as I explained in previous articles on this topic it is quite complex and convoluted as to who all the players are. For now let’s just say there has been a fiction about human history and how this reality works that originally began in Babylon but for now let’s stick with Rome since their handy work can be considered to be the most prevalent aspect of perpetuating the largest aspect of this fiction by burning down the Library of Alexandria and reseting history to be what they wanted it to be in their conquered territories or what we refer to as the western world today. By creating the fiction of the historical figure of Christ, which actually means anointed one and is an ancient term and concept, the Catholic Church was able to effectively re-write the entire history of humanity as it saw fit starting time and our collective memory in the western world based on the life of this fictional character ala BC, AD etc. This character was based largely on the chronicles of the life of Krishna from the Hindu Vedas. Of course this isn’t the only source the Bible was plagiarized from, much of it was also taken from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead as well as a number of Sumerian myths such as the Epic of Gilgamesh among others. I don’t want to wander too far off of topic for now however, I will go into more detail on these topics in the future.



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For now let’s make it simple by saying the so-called Illuminati consists largely of the Church that started the fiction and system of debt slavery and often times actual physical slavery throughout its long and sordid past, and the organizations and people that have come to capitalize on these systems and lies to use them to their own advantage such as the Jesuits, Free Masons and a considerably large faction of Zionist Jews. Of course this is a bit of a misnomer because many of these so called Jews are not Jews at all since Judaism is a religion not a race, contrary to some opinions. The original Israelites were Caucasoid Aryans commonly referred to as Scythians while the Jews were a slightly darker skinned Aryan race known as the Phoenicians as this video by anthropologist Robert Sepehrwill help illustrate along with numerous other videos in my archive to trace the etymology and lineage of the ancient Aryans back to pre-flood Atlantis just as the Vedas have always contended. This gets incredibly technical and only people that have studied all of this in depth for years in most instances will understand these references and terminology. Even then there are some areas where it is open to slightly differing interpretations as there are some slight gaps where people have to take their best guess based on the evidence. I will write a massive article in the near future explaining to the best of my ability how this all fits together but for those that are curious enough that they want to know as soon as possible I have linked to my video archive a few times already where I have collected the best sources you will find anywhere on these topics that have been personally vetted by me after years of research. I have material by names like Immanuel Velikovsky, Phillip Lindsay, Graham Hancock, Robert Sepehr, David Childress, Anatoly Fomenko and Michael Tellinger among numerous other independent researchers.  Again, this is such a vast and tangled topic much of it falls outside of the scope of this article, but I will link a couple videos about the Scythians the pre-Egyptian Aryans of the East that explains some of this in a little more detail and I will cover all of this here on the site eventually and have likely covered a lot of it already by the time you are reading this.

Back to the Order of The Black Sun for now. WWII was basically the American Revolution 2.0. The Germans were starting to wake up to this fiction perpetrated by Rome, and the Jews plot to genocide and enslave Europe under communism via the Kalergi Plan and United Nations, among many other esoteric truths we won’t go into just yet but will be covered in other videos I will link later. The Black Sun along with Thule and the Vril society were the organizations that rose up to fight back. They were way ahead of the curve however by about a century so the rest of us are only just starting to catch up to as to what they discovered. I will cover all of this in detail in future articles to help people navigate all of the massive amounts of propaganda and disinfo designed to confuse them, for now I suggest starting with the documentary The Greatest Story Never Told and this video I myself made from a number of videos of friends of my old YT channel Impartial Truth and one who moved to ugetube because of censorship Trimurti Vishnu who do great work on this topic and are good folks and allies to those searching for the truth about WWII.


Now that we have a general idea of who all of the players are and a general outline of the circumstances surrounding the founding of this organization let’s decode what this symbols esoteric concept is. Let’s start with the first fundamental base concept which is that the yellow sun is the sun of the material realm while the black sun is the sun of the spiritual realm. The sun behind the sun as Miguel Serrano put it. The yellow sun exerts energy into the material world which it is constructed out of while the black sun is the opposing or negative pole, where the vortex = 0 recycling this energy. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense quite yet, this video I made will help for now I think. This symbol also represents Saturn as the video I just linked will illustrate why and how. As we can see there is a ring around the center dot, this symbol is called the circumpunct and represents the sun in astrology. You may be wondering how this symbol represents Saturn and the Sun. Well, Saturn used to be our Sun in our distant past at the time of the ancient Aryans as recorded in the Vedas who were pale blue giants. I suggest reading my article on the Holofractal Universe where I go to into great detail explaining how all the science works to produce this race of giants that had different color skin than the modern human races. This gets very complex so I will just link this video by the guys at the Thunderbolt Project to help get you started and also suggest you visit the channel Sun Of Saturn at YouTube for background on the mythology.

If this material is new to you it will likely take you quite some time to watch and understand the videos I have linked here already and I suggest getting a good grasp on the material before trying to understand the rest of this article especially in regards to the meaning of Saturn because I often see people that have no understanding of Saturn or astrology in general completely derailing any possibility of understanding they may have been able to obtain by coming at all of this from an angle of ignorance and misconceptions. They often say it is Satan and evil etc. Of course this is superstitious nonsense and based on ignorance and if you ask them to elaborate as to how a planet is some fallen angel, horned figure with bat wings and cloven hooves they of course can’t and will likely call you a shill, such as the profane do which should be no surprise to anyone reading this. Like all ignorance they are simply repeating someone else’s ignorance in their own ignorance. That isn’t to say they are completely wrong in what they have said however, just wrong in their interpretation of what these things mean. In Hebrew the word Satan means adversary, with this in mind is Saturn “Satan”, or an adversary? Well in terms of polarity yes, it is an adversary of the Sun. Earth is 3 planets away from the Sun and three planets away from Saturn so these two forces are a dynamo for this planet so to speak. Their electromagnetic forces are the most influential on our planet because of this alignment. Everything in nature needs balance, the forces of this reality are always at work to create this balance which is why everything is symmetrical, this is yet another of the esoteric meanings of the yin and yang symbol, balance.

Visualize a good knife or sword, or any weapon or piece of sports equipment for that matter. What is the number one aspect that makes it useful as opposed to cumbersome? Balance. Every weight needs a counter weight or it creates big problems in its functionality. Think of your car tires when they are not properly balanced and how badly it effects the way it rides. Try to imagine the kind of chaos the Earth would experience with the huge electromagnetic influence on it being exerted by the Sun without a counter balance force. Of course this would never happen because the creator, or what the Masons aptly refer to as the Grand Architect, does everything perfectly and does not make mistakes. This is a very apt description of the creator, the Grand Architect. In the movie Jurassic Park there is a scene in the opening of the movie where the archaeologist tells the lawyer “Grant’s like meHe’s a digger“. I commonly think of this line when pondering the nature of the creator. The creator is an engineer and architect, these are its prime responsibilities and duties and to truly understand the creator you also need to understand how the creator constructs this reality by thinking in these same terms, engineering and architecture. To get a basic idea of this concept you should read my previous article on the number 6 and even this article on the esoteric meaning of Skull And Bones, I think they will help in illustrating the importance of numbers, what they mean and how the creator uses them to construct this reality. Using this esoteric concept you can interpret the Black Sun as a symbol of balance and the perfection of the creator. I will go ahead and embed the video I made I mentioned a moment ago because I think it further illustrates this concept of perfection and balance not only in the Saturnian aspect but also the number of Sig runes used (12) and how it relates to the astrological table.

Speaking of the Sig runes, they are obviously representations of lighting bolts, why did the SS use two lightning bolts as their emblem and use them in the Black Sun symbol as well? The exoteric name of the SS was the Schutzstaffel, but as I explained earlier everything in this reality has an exoteric and esoteric meaning. This was not the true meaning of the SS the esoteric meaning was Schwarze Sonne which of course means Black Sun or even Sohns von Saturn meaning Sons of Saturn. What exactly does Son Of Saturn even mean however? I will get into this in a future article I will write soon, it opens a whole other can of worms that is far to expansive of a topic to go into at the moment. Instead let’s continue on this line of thought about the runes. We have the sig runes that are lighting bolts which are a very important esoteric concept itself, think of Thor and Zeus, the Universe is electric in nature. This esoteric knowledge was also reflected by the German Reich in their use of the term Blitzkrieg which meant lighting war.

Another esoteric concept of this Black Sun symbol with the circumpunct center, is inner and outer Earth, and the origins of the vril which is the German term for Chi, Qi, Prana, etc. This is the life force all things in this reality derive from and what our soul truly is, the aether force, conscious light, electricity radiating from the Sun, energy radiating from the core.

This pattern is also representative of the structure of the atom, which in turn means it can also represent the solar system the microcosm and the macrocosm, as above so below.

It can also represent the structure of the eye, which is obviously a very esoteric symbol itself, as in the all seeing eye of providence featured on the back of the dollar bill and countless other representations of this concept by all ancient cultures and the Free Masons.

Yet another very important meaning attached to the Black Sun is the knowledge of eclipses, referred to as Rahu in Vedic terms and Itzpapalotl to the Aztecs. We just recently had an important eclipse occur on August 21, 2017 in fact, one that has not occurred since 1776. What else happened in 1776? The founding of the United States for one but also the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. The next time this kind of eclipse will occur is 7 years from now, in the Bible in the Book Of Revelation it states that tribulations will last 7 years. Interesting right? Let’s examine the numbers of all of this in a bit more detail.

  • 923 and 33 are the two most important numbers in free masonry
  • The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776
  • The United States founded in 1776
  • 1776 is used to calculate 923 in free masonry, there is a video by Mark Passio on YouTube that can explain how for those interested
  • The last eclipse like the one we just had was in 1776
  • 9/23 is 33 days after the eclipse
  • The next one is 7 years away
  • Tribulations in the Book of Revelation last 7 years
  • The Book Of Revelation was written by people that obviously had the arcanum
  • The Pyramids mark this exact date not just the Egyptian ones but all over the world including Antarctica
  • Israel was purchased in 1917 under the Balfour agreement then populated using the faked holocaust in order to fulfill biblical prophecy and match the dates precisely for 9/23
  • The Mayan calendar ended in 2012
  • There was a pole shift in 2012

I know this is a lot to take in and understand but once again this falls outside of the scope of this particular article. There is much more to the numerology than this, I suggest watching a 5 part video series called the Pyramid Codethat will give some insight into these precise calculations and their implications. Repeating numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, magnetism, electricity, astrology, sacred geometry, vortex mathematics, as above so below, these things are all connected in the matrix and this symbol represents knowledge of this fact commonly referred to as the arcanum in esoteric circles.

Esoteric symbols have infinite meanings because they repeat everywhere in this fractal reality changing in scale all originating from the source expressed in sacred geometry. Let’s take a look at the most abstract representation of this symbol we can imagine, a bird’s view of the torus whose energy explodes and will be expressed in 12’s just as the number of sig runes represent and the below image should hopefully demonstrate. The torus is the governing dynamic of this entire reality so it is the source of all esoteric symbols, all shapes in general for that matter. While we’re on the subject I may as well add in the fact that one would not be incorrect in claiming this symbol represents free energy or even anti-gravity, both of which have been available since at least the time of Atlantis if not earlier, I will cover this later when I get to the root races of humanity.

Generally people that are looking for a simple explanation of what an esoteric symbol means have no capacity to understand its meaning and if told will not understand it because it represents an extensive amount of knowledge they likely do not possess. You can’t really be told what this symbol means you can only gain the knowledge needed to experience it so you can recognize it everywhere in the world around you. You should be able to stare at the symbol and then close your eyes and see with your minds eyes the infinite number of things in this reality the Black Sun represents. It is inside of you, outside of you, in a bird, in a flower, above you and below you, it is the heartbeat of the creator, the source of the zero point magnetic flux which creates this reality that comes from outside of the cube matrix. This video should help you get started with these visualization exercises.

Here a few more links to videos about the Order Of The Black Sun. The first one is an excellent podcast interview with Kalki Weisthor done by Kyle Hunt from the Renegade Tribune that I made a nice video out of. The second is on Thule, The Black Sun, and the Vril Society and the last one The Das Vril Projekt. You may also be interested in the alchemical concepts associated with the Black Sun and  Saturn and here is a link to a fellow writer on the symbolism of the Black Sun I enjoyed.

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