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 8 Depression Treatments Other than Drugs



  1. Acupuncturedepression treatment

Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying.Don’t let the needles scare you off. Studies have shown this traditional Chinese medicine can have the same effect as many antidepressants. By stimulating the right points in the body and correcting the imbalances of your Qi (for depression, usually between the thumbs and between the big and second toes), acupuncture could be the treatment for anxiety and depression that works for you.


  1. Guided Imagery 

Guided imagery is the use of visualizations, words, and music to connect your body and your mind and promote positive changes, dealing with negative thoughts and emotions in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. . An instructor can take you through the process and help you enter a peaceful state, and can help relieve depressed thoughts, anxiety, and stress. Always work with someone trained to do so, because they will know what imagery will best help.


  1. Primal Therapy

Dr. Arthur Janov’s solution to therapy is an emotional roller coaster, but it may be the way for you to exorcise your depressed thoughts. To get out all that repressed anger and sadness, you’re going to scream, attack a punching bag, roll around on the floor – anything to get out the latent aggression. Patients revert to a childhood state, a time when, as Dr. Janov says, the unfulfilled feelings of love and need created many of the neuroses people with today.


  1. Natural Supplements 

There are plenty of natural ways to diminish your depression. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oils, are some of the most popular, but others include vitamins B and D, 5-HTP, Monatomic Gold, and theanin. They can all help raise serotonin levels and activate calming neurotransmitters in a natural, chemically free way. Some can come easily and naturally, like vitamin D from the sun.

 Monatomic Gold

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Diets

A diet with fewer processed foods, sugars, and fats can go a long way towards helping with depression. These sorts of foods can be full of toxins and irritants, which can cause an inflammation of the immune system, and prolonged inflammation can cause many different mood disorders. More organic fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods in your diet won’t aggravate your immune system. Try a system like the Mediterranean diet and see how your body reacts.


  1. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This is a treatment to stimulate areas of the brain and alleviate symptoms of depression. An electromagnetic coil applied to your scalp delivers a pulse that stimulates nerve cells and improves your mood. If medication and invasive treatments make you nervous, this might be the method for you.


  1. Cognitive Therapy 

This type of therapy takes negative thoughts and emotions head on. The best way to describe its premise, according to its inventor Dr. Judith S. Beck, is “thoughts influence moods.” Cognitive therapy helps correct the negative thoughts and opinions the depressed patient has of his or herself, and equips the patient with the tools to make sure any new thoughts do not distort or alter their worldview.


  1. Going for a walkwalking for depression

Exercise is key to alleviating depression, and often times it’s as simple as getting outdoors. Going for a walk can help you get needed fresh air and sun, helps quiet the mind, and can stimulate serotonin and other chemicals that are needed for positive emotions.


Synchronicities – Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Monatomic orme

Have you ever experienced events that happened at similar times or appear related but have no visible connection to each other?  If so, you may have experienced a synchronicity.  The definition of synchronicity is the occurrence of events that happen at a similar time or appear significantly related but have no visible causal connection.  Which basically means that everything happens for a reason and one thing always leads to another.

For example, you end a bad relationship and then soon after someone new appears in your life or you walk into a book store and don’t know what book to buy, then a book suddenly stands out to you or gets your attention.  Synchronicities may just appear to make a point or they may change your life entirely.  Look at the bigger picture of a synchronicity, think outside of the box (the patterns of reality) and don’t ever just look at the actual experience. 

Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve into a higher consciousness or to place a high emphasis on something going on in your life. Everything happens for a reason.  Events connect with each other. Synchronicities are events that are patterns that repeat in time.  These events are pre-programmed experiences that occur when one’s DNA is programmed for a specific event in time.

Monatomic |Orme

The more consciously aware you become of how your soul manifests, the higher your frequency  becomes and ultimately, the faster you manifest positively.  Every day you encounter synchronicities and meaningful coincidences that you have attracted. In other words, they are created in the grid of your experience in the physical (your physical self/life).  Souls create synchronicities and they are played out in the physical. It’s how reality works and how we are here today.

You may wonder, “How will I know when it’s happening or not?”  Well, when a synchronicity is taking place you may receive a dream, vision or form of deja vu that prepares you for the event. Sometimes it just comes naturally without any warnings but usually it is right there for you to see, if you pen your mind.  Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.  “When the person is ready to heal, the doctor will appear”.

How To Hone Your Psychic Abilities


Psychic abilities aren’t exclusive to a specific type of person. It’s possible to have powers and not know it. In fact, we all have a certain type of intuition in our system – you probably can remember times when you felt an event or communication before it happened, but just shrugged it off as a coincidence. These intuitive events mean you have sensitivity beyond the physical senses. Honing this sensitivity and becoming one with your Spirit will take time and both physical and mental energy, but having the psychic ability is always worthwhile. 


The first thing to do is measure your intuitions and test what comes natural to you. There is no “one” psychic energy – different people are in tune with different energies, and just because you feel different than someone else, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s also important to believe that you can uncover abilities, cast away the negative emotions, and overcome the fears that you might have about the process. Tapping into your psychic abilities is a positive, holistic journey, and the experience getting there should be positive, too.


Once you have determined what type of abilities you have, it’s important to listen to and trust your intuition. Your intuition is the inner voice, and you can’t learn from its guidance until you come to trust it. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help you give the intuition a louder voice, and in your day-to-day activities, trust it to guide you. Remember that this voice will not be the booming voice of some god, but very quiet and reserved. It’s the opposite of your ego, the overpowering part of your mind, and making it the dominant voice you trust will take time.


Once you feel in touch with your inner voice, it’s time to get in touch with other areas of the spiritual presence. Honing psychic abilities can’t really begin until your mental and spiritual sides are clear and free of negative imbalances. Balancing your chakras, the points at which your physical and spiritual points meet, is incredibly important to starting the process; know the seven points and how you can align them. Balanced chakras also helps clearing your third eye, an important part of the intuitive mind that can provide perception beyond your ordinary senses. Meditation is important to this process, and crystals may help you clarify and amplify that energy as well. Don’t rush the process, because it might be your confidence and ego talking instead of your intuition. Believing in you is not the same as overconfidence.


Once you trust your intuitive voice and believe your psychic abilities are coming to the surface, it’s time to practice! Purchase some tarot or oracle cards, as these tools that can assist you in your readings and help your abilities flow out. Learn other abilities, such as palm reading. It’s true when they say that practice makes perfect.


If you find you have increased psychic abilities, show gratitude to your Spirit. Psychic abilities aren’t just yours – they come from something else, and to be thankful for gaining these abilities means a couple of things. Always ask for permission before giving readings or informing about feelings, don’t abuse the power by looking into someone without their consent, and don’t take people’s money for what you know to be a false or convenient reading. Always remember to communicate with your inner abilities on a daily basis!


If you are having trouble with the process, find a teacher or authoritative voice you trust. They can help instruct and guide you through the steps and make sure you make positive progress. Don’t buy into a program that requires a constant flow of money from you to the teacher; the process should be mutually beneficial and gratifying. Even if your psychic voice isn’t exactly what you expected, the journey will help you and your Spirit become positive and more balanced.




Reducing Harmful Chemicals In Your Home: A How-to Guide


Toxins seem to be everywhere in our society. The sheer number of mass-produced plastics, chemical pesticides used on fruits and vegetables, and processed materials means a lot of harmful substances can make it into your home if you aren’t careful. Some of the big ones include bisphenol A (better known as BPA), phthalates, and agricultural chemicals, all of which are also included in a family of chemicals known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These materials can interfere with hormone systems, causing developmental disorders, birth defects, and even cancerous tumors.


The most famous EDC is BPA. An integral component for polycarbonate plastics, BPA can be found in just about any plastic products: bottles, food containers, cutlery, and sometimes, even toys. High BPA exposure can mean increased risks of cancer, endocrine system disruption, and has even been linked to heart arrhythmia and reductions in sexual function. Pregnant women are even more at risk, with research suggesting that BPA could affect the development of the brain, organs, and behavior in the fetus.BPA


Avoiding BPA isn’t too difficult if you are a vigilant consumer. Use stainless steel or glass water bottles and food containers, and buy fresh, organic foods that don’t come jarred or in plastic containers. For mothers-to-be, make sure you aren’t consuming products from plastic containers while pregnant, and don’t use baby bottles for your newborn that contains BPA. Always check the label to see if the product explicitly says it doesn’t contain BPA, and when in doubt, go for a plastic-free option.


Some products might replace BPA with another material, bisphenol S (BPS), which is considered by some manufacturers to be less prone to leaching out of the plastic into food or liquid. Studies now suggest that BPS can also get into your body, with the same effects as BPA. Just because it’s a replacement, doesn’t mean it’s safe for you or your family.


Another group of common EDCs that can make it into your home and body are phthalates. These are a number of chemicals that are used to soften plastics and bind chemicals together, and they can be found in a lot of bathroom products, such as shampoos, soaps, and even in the linings of shower curtains. When there were high enough exposure rates, they have linked to an increase in ADHD, decrease sexual development in males, and do much the same as other EDCs have been show to do.

To avoid phthalates, do much the same as you would in avoiding BPA: use stainless steel or glass containers, wash your foods, and don’t microwave food or drink in plastic containers. As well, to get rid of the chemicals in your bathroom, avoid shampoos and soaps that list “fragrance” as an ingredient. Manufacturers don’t have to tell you what’s in their fragrances, so just avoid them altogether. Luckily, all forms of phthalate are already banned from the production of toys.


BPAGetting rid of chemicals in the house often means making correct consumer choices. Purchase organic materials, wash your foods, avoid plastic products and packaging, and read the labels. If you can’t avoid plastics, look for the recycling symbol – the little number often on the bottom of a bottle or package. These denote what kind of plastic the material is made of, and if the number is a 2, 4, or 5, you are at your safest. 3, 6, and 7 are the ones to avoid.


Remember, don’t always trust the manufacturer to tell you a certain product or chemical is safe. If anything seems off to you, trust your judgment, and do your homework. The best person to trust for a chemical-free home is you!



Karma and Living the Balanced Life

karma, monatomic gold

With so many negative actions being taken, Karma is, unfortunately coming back full circle not just those who have committed these acts, but to those who try to live a balanced and healthy life; which can make leading a good and happy life difficult. Please do not let this dampen your spirits or darken your thoughts, but view it as a positive challenge to you. View it as a rallying call to bring peace and well being not just to yourself, but to those around you; because it is when we lead a balanced life that true transcendence into the new human can be obtained. The steps that we can take to do this, however, may not be clear and that is okay, we are here to guide and assist you in whatever way we can.

Karma, as we know, is a living embodiment of the actions that we take which affects our day-to-day lives; and will come full circle to either reward or punish us based on not just our actions, but the actions of others as well. It is with positive actions that we may be able to combat the negative and restore balance to the universe in full; but what actions can we take to do this? One of the best ways to achieve this is through spiritual meditation. Meditation will assist in the cleansing of your inner self and restore peace to your turbulent soul, and assists in the reception of good Karma, as positive energy draws positivity to it. The peaceful meditation offers will also allow you to uncloud your thoughts and energies, allowing you to see better and think more positively. Keep in mind, however, that a balance must be maintained. Should you expect good, you should be willing to accept the bad as well, for how can we truly appreciate the light with no darkness?karma, balance

For those who are more proactive and wish to take action against the negativity that the universe is wrought with, some simple actions may be taken. Concentrate on creating positive energies through actions of your own which affect others; such as offering a shoulder to cry on when their lives become too difficult to bear, or assisting another in their time of need. These actions, however, do need to be made in moderation. Think of your positive energies as an electrical outlet on your wall. If it were to give your computer too much power, it would short circuit the power cell, give it too little and the computer won’t turn on. Karmic energies are similar in this regard, as we don’t wish to reward those who spread negativity – that would be counterproductive.

Should you have taken negative actions within your life, try not to become overly concerned about it. So long as the bad does not outweigh the good, Karma will take its course. We, as human beings, are not perfect and should not expect to be so; it is an end goal to strive towards, one that may be achieved on a personal level with time, patience and understanding of not just others, but yourself as well. Coming into your own spiritually is a positive experience, and one we recommend highly, as it brings peace and joy to you and those around you.

Another method is to strengthen your own mind and energies; you can do this through meditation as well, or through the consumption of natural supplements designed to enhance your psychic awareness and assist in the opening of your third eye. An example would be monatomic gold, a nutrient made from pure 24k gold, reduced to a nanoparticle size to assist in conductivity of bioelectricity. This will assist in the conversion of your own negativity into a more positive state of being – thus assisting you in generating healthier, happier energies to put out into the universe.

karma, monatomic gold There are, of course, many other paths that we can walk to achieve the goal of a balanced, happy and healthy life; far too many to list within a single post. So do not be afraid to explore new options, or to seek that which is otherwise elusive to you in a way that only you can; for learning is also a positive experience – one that you, and those around you can grow from. May your growth be positive, your mind open, and your soul serene.



Keeping Your Mind Healthy and Strong

brain exercises

One of our most powerful tools throughout our lives is our mind, one that as we age, tends to weaken; which can be a terrifying thought. Thankfully there are some surprisingly simple steps that we can take to avoid the mental decline we fear, and in the process, may even strengthen our brains so that we can become more than what we already are. One thing that must be kept in the back of our minds as we explore these options, is that our brain is a muscle. The less we use it, the more ineffective it becomes. So just what are some exercises we can use to keep our minds healthy and strong? Read on and find out!

One of the best steps that we can take to keep our minds healthy, is to keep it consistently active. As mentioned before, the brain is like a muscle, the more it is used, the stronger it becomes. One of the best ways to challenge your mind and keep it active, is to learn something new. This can be as small as learning how to knit or crochet, or as challenging as learning a new language or subject, but the key to it is to challenge yourself. That being said, it can be difficult to remember what you’ve learned. Don’t be discouraged, however, as there’s actually a trick to learning that you can utilize that will actually further help strengthen your mind! When you’re trying something new, or learning something new, use all of your senses. The more senses you use, the more involved your brain is in retaining that information. So fiddle with something with a nice texture (like a plushie or a cloth), and light a scented candle or incense when you sit down to learn that language you promised yourself you’d master someday. When exposed to similar textures or scents, it’ll assist in triggering the memory of your learning exercise, which in turn helps you to remember more!brain exercise

Another important factor in mental health is the belief you have in yourself. That’s right, your self-confidence plays a role in your memory. Studies have shown that people fighting depression or who have a low self esteem, actually have a harder time remembering things. Why? The answer is simple, if you don’t think you can, your brain will take that literally, and then you won’t be able to do it. You mind is a very literal thing, so the more you think “I can totally do this!” the more your mind will retain, because it thinks and/or knows it can. Naturally it can be hard to change your way of thinking if you’ve already gotten into the habit of self-deprecation on any level, but you can change that the same way you created it – through repetition. Yes, doing things over and over again is a good thing – but you also need to time it do it properly as well. Let’s compare methods for a second. You could take a couple of hours within a single day to try and learn something – say the spelling of a word, and write it over and over and over; but it’s still going to be hard to remember. On the flip side, if you write it a couple of times one day, then a couple of times the next day, then the next day, and so on; you have a higher chance of remembering how to spell that word. That’s because you’re giving yourself time to ‘forget’ it, which means you have to remember it; and in recalling it, you’re further solidifying the knowledge in your mind. brain exercise

 Now none of this matters unless you take the last, most important step: prioritize your mind. Professional athletes prioritize their bodies, and you can see the outcome; so if you prioritize your thinking, your mind may very well become stronger, and stay stronger even into your later years. Repeat your mental exercises, remind yourself that you can do this, and do it daily. Just a couple minutes here and there throughout your day can make a huge difference in the aging process, and the more you do, the stronger your mind will become despite growing older! In a nutshell, remember to learn at least one new thing (big or small, it doesn’t matter) every day, and believe in yourself; and you’ll be remembering where you put that controller when you’re sitting at home, taking a break from terrorizing kids who had the gall to step on your yard.

The Power of Positive Thinking!

You can't live a positive life with a negative mind.

In this age, so full of fear, anger and hate, it’s hard to see the positives in the current situations at hand; but it’s because of this lack of positive thought that things have gone downhill. “What you think about you bring about.” With so many people concentrating on what they dislike, what scares them, and other general negative emotions, we’re literally bringing about our own misfortunes. We can counteract this, of course, and the way to do it is so simple, it’s mind boggling. We all get so caught up in the reasons why we can’t do things, that we forget why we can; we destroy any hope we have of accomplishing what we’ve set out to achieve the moment we let our doubts and self-judgements have a say. It’s when we concentrate on what we can do, and how to go about it, that we really begin to take the steps towards our goals. Like in all things, however, we need to take things one step at a time. In order to even think about that first step, you need to begin to think positively. Let’s explore what we can do to think more positively, together, and make those changes hand-in-hand.

The truth of the matter is we can shape a far more positive world simply by thinking about it, by wishing for it, and by going through the motions to create it. The power of positive thinking is a highly underrated force of nature, in that so few of us use it or recognize it. Let’s look at it this way: Two people have an interview for the same position, the first man doesn’t think he’ll get it. He doubts his own abilities, and continues to think negatively; as a result, he’s so wrapped up in his negative thoughts that he doesn’t prepare. The morning of the interview, he wakes up late, and the outfit he had planned on wearing turned out to be stained and creased. The man shows up, on time by the skin of his teeth, and bombs the interview because he doesn’t believe in himself. The second man, on the other hand, thinks positively and believes he can do it. The night before, he sets out a clean, ironed outfit so he’ll look good, and goes to bed early; he then wakes up early, has ample time to get ready, and arrives before the agreed upon time. That man aces the interview as he’s confident, attentive and positive; all because he thought he could do it, and concentrated on that feeling. A positive attitude will lead to positive results. 


To put it in a nutshell, the more positivity we surround ourselves with, the more confident we’ll begin to feel; and when we feel more confident, we achieve things more easily. Once we see and recognize our achievements (positive self-reflecting thoughts), we’ll become more confident and think more positively. Starting this process can be as simple as starting your own affirmation board – a place where you can pin or post positive messages, images, and/or meme’s to help guide you back into ‘happy thoughts’ when you’re feeling negative. Many such boards already exist, and you can find them easily through popular social media sites if creating your own affirmation board doesn’t seem like your ‘thing’. You can also try looking at yourself in a more positive manner; a popular exercise being writing up a list of two or three things that you like about yourself every day. This forces you to concentrate on a positive aspect, and soon you’ll be able to train your mind into seeing yourself in a more positive light. This will also jump-start your positive thinking board

As an added bonus, the positive energies that flow through your body as a result, affect those around you. This can be explained through the torus, and how energies cycle through it. Long story short, the better and more positive you feel, the better others will feel, which will make you feel even better as a result. It’s a positivity circuit for lack of better term, one that you have the power to start. All you need is to believe in yourself just enough to think just a little more positively, and soon you’ll see some amazing changes in your life. Best of all, we know you can do it, because we believe in you. We’d wish you good luck, but you don’t need it.


The Ultimate Natural Health Cheat Sheet

natural health cheat sheet
Health is like money. We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. 

With so many options regarding your health and how to be healthy, it can be hard to decide which path you want to take. As a result, many turn to natural healing as they’d prefer to not use chemicals and other man-made medicines and methods. After some consideration, we’ve drawn up a natural health cheat sheet listing what practices that we feel could assist you in your journey to natural health, in hopes of providing you with a good starting point at the very least.


Let’s start with a common therapy that you may not have even realized was a therapy – relaxation. That’s right, chilling out on the couch and watching Netflix can be healthy for you, if it isn’t done in an excess. Because of how stressful our everyday lives can be, there can be a buildup of negative energies and chemicals (produced by your body when you are stressed) that can negatively affect both your mental and physical health. In order to combat this, a person needs to relax to give their body that time to recover and eliminate those energies and chemicals.

natural healthMove!

You do, however, need to counteract too much relaxation with some exercise. If we relax too much, and just laze around on the couch for an extended period of time, we’ll begin to feel listless and have a lack of energy. Thankfully exercise is also a natural healer, as can be seen through things such as physiotherapy. When we exercise, we build muscle and push our heart to pump blood more quickly throughout our bodies. This allows our bodies to process things more easily and quickly, things such as food or those ‘treats’ we may have snuck in that we shouldn’t have.


Which brings us to our third point – diet. No, we’re not talking about a ‘lose weight fast’ diet, we’re talking about what you put into your system on a regular basis. You see, what you ingest, or lack thereof, seriously impacts your health as all the nutrients and other good stuff that your body needs, comes from what you take into your body. Naturally, diet varies from person to person, and is dependant on what their preferred tastes and restrictions are, but it is recommended you focus on natural foods.


Monatomic GoldIf, however, you find yourself needing that extra little kick of nutrients, you can always look at supplements. There are a variety of supplements within the market, all offering different results and ingredients. Our own Monatomic Elements are examples of such supplements, offering benefits such as anti-aging properties, heightened capabilities and a heightened sense of self to name just a few; all with the intent of increasing not just your mental and physical health, but your spiritual health as well.


Speaking of spiritual health, meditation is also a highly recommended natural health practice. By taking just a few minutes out of your day, whenever you get the chance to, and centering yourself through meditation, you’ll find yourself becoming calmer and more focused. Meditation is like relaxation for your spirit, it allows you to open your mind and cleanse your spirit of negative energies that would otherwise influence you. Meditation also works as a ‘relaxer’

Meditation: Because some questions can't be answered by Google. 

Should the above mentioned not quite work for you, there are always other natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture and other various natural procedures out there designed to help with other medical issues, all offered by a wide variety of specialists.. The best way to find what works best for you is, to do a quick online search as to what’s offered and what they target specifically. Some practices only target small things such as aches and pains, while others can counter more extreme issues such as chronic migraines and paralysis. All it takes is a little bit of digging to find what exactly you need to improve and better yourself.




The Art of Meditation


As a long standing method of clearing your mind, and opening your chakras, the art of meditation is a relatively easy method of self-help.   It’s because it’s such a healthy activity that we thought we’d sit down and help you with the in’s and out’s of meditation. Let’s begin.Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you. 

How does Meditation Help?

Meditation can offer a wide variety of benefits, a variety that all stem from one thing: the power of your mind. When we meditate, we clear our minds and allow them to flow freely; it’s like opening your windows when you come back to your cottage after not being in it for a couple years, the fresh breeze will feel good and blow away or kick up some dust.

How exactly this helps is that it allows you to ‘Spring Clean’ your mind. You’ll be able to sort through things that otherwise stressed you out while remaining calm, and as another beneficial result, you’ll cultivate your own self control. Meditation, while restful, is


also an easy exercise for your mind; and as a result you’ll see a rise in your own cognitive capabilities. When done properly, meditation will help you organize your thoughts, declutter your mind, and assist your coming to terms with negativity while reveling in the positive.

Now while you do that, your brain will produce chemicals and energies that assist in not just your physical health, but spiritual as well. When you’re stressed, angry, or scared your mind and body create chemicals that are more harmful than helpful, chemicals that can hinder a recovery process, or even cause someone to be become ill. Yes, you can make yourself sick from stress. Meditation is soothing, and thus assists in the elimination of these negative chemicals; it will also open your energies to those around you, and allow you to rejuvenate your energies as a result.

Some of the noteworthy benefits of meditation are: a decrease in overall negative issues such as depression, and anxiety; thus increasing positive thinking, calmness, and your overall mood. Those who practice meditation will notice an increase in mental strength and focus, memory retention and recall, and cognitive power and creative thinking. This means you’ll be able to make decisions easier, and process information more readily. Your physical body will also be affected, and you’ll notice a higher energy level and that you get sick less often. Your blood pressure will decrease, which in turn will help your heart and (for the ladies) some of your menstrual ‘issues’.


How to Meditate

First off we’re going to start with a basic step-by-step so that we’ve got the essentials covered. There are different ways you can meditate, but these are the beginning steps you’ll need to take to get started, as each ‘style’ or ‘type’ of meditation start with these four easy steps:

You’ll want to get into a comfortable sitting or reclining position (sitting cross legged, reclining in bed, whatever is most comfortable for you)

Close your eyes, or keep them open and just ‘soften’ your gaze – un focus your eyes, kind of like how you would if you’re staring off into space, thinking.

Breathe naturally, and count the breaths –  up to 4, once you hit 4, start over again. You’re not trying to change your breathing, you’re just concentrating on it, and counting them. Eventually you’ll forget to stop at 4, and that’s okay, just start back at 1 again. This acts as a calming ‘loop’ of sorts.

While you’re breathing, focus on the movements of your body. Not in the sense where you’re being hyper aware of it, just notice it. Feel your lungs expand and shrink as you breathe, or watch your chest rise and fall. Notice it, but don’t focus solely on it. This is your ‘grounding’ or so to speak – the thing you can turn back to when your mind decides to wander; and it will and that’s ok.

Chances are you’ll only be able to stand this for a few minutes, as you’ll find your thoughts hard to ‘ignore’ while you try to breathe. There are some things you can do to help calm yourself and make meditation easier, such as:

Noticing the Thoughts

 Your thoughts, while you meditate, are like friends stopping by while you’re outside gardening. Acknowledge them before politely asking them to leave and focus back on your work, or in this case, your breathing. You will get stray thoughts more often than not, but it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t focus on them. Meditation is about clearing the mind and centering yourself, not creating more of a mess and turmoil.Google and meditation


Meditating while you’re emotional can be hard – but it’s also to best way to calm yourself down. A tip for meditating while emotional is to concentrate on your body’s reaction to the emotion (the brand of fear constricting your chest, the tears burning in your throat because you refuse to cry). Focus on that, not the emotion itself, and eventually you’ll find yourself in a lovely meditative trance.


It’s hard to know how long you should meditate for, especially when you’re just beginning to and just want to stop so you can move on. Our recommendation is between 5-10 minutes for those just starting out, though we’ve seen some people meditate for up to an hour. In the end, it depends on how long you can hold your focus for before your body yells at you to get moving.


While meditating, it’s strongly recommended you do so in a quiet environment. Until you’ve mastered your mind and can control your meditation, your mind will be easily distracted by the smallest of things; from traffic outside of your window, to people in your home talking. You want to remove as many distractions as you can, as that gives your mind less opportunity to wander while you’re trying to focus and breathe. Music has been known to help, and there are various videos online that are written to assist in meditation; however music does assist the mind in wandering and in creating stories, which isn’t productive towards meditating.

meditationWhile this is only essentially the bare basics of meditating, it’s a good starting point for those who are curious, or are looking to try. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your technique, or to look for other tips and tricks from other reliable sources, as we simply wish the best for you. In the meantime, we wish you a good day and positive energies.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. 

Organic vs. Non-Organic Foods


With health scares running rampant it can be difficult to decide what exactly is safe to eat these days, and what isn’t. After some careful study, we’ve come up with a list of organic and non-organic foods that you may want to avoid or wash well, what’s acceptable, what’s totally safe and how you can avoid some health problems with the foods you may not be willing to give up.

Let’s start with an overhead view of what makes certain products a little less safe to eat than others. Non-organic foods are typically food items (ie fruits, veggies and meats) that have been genetically altered, or treated to resist certain diseases, pests and other complications typically found when growing the plants or raising the animals. There’s been a rising concern regarding this practice as we aren’t sure what possible repercussions may arise from said actions, and as a result people are turning to organic foods – so foodstuffs that are ‘all natural’. 

Some of the more commonly treated foods are fruit and vegetables, as they’re sprayed with pesticides to dissuade bugs from eating or infecting crops that are out in the open field. Commonly sprayed produces include corn, beans, wheat, berries (strawberries, blueberries and the like) and tree based fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, etc). Some are more affected than others and hold a higher risk of containing ‘pesticide residue’, which you could be ingesting when you eat them. Naturally, washing these foods before you eat them dramatically decreases that risk, but we can never be too careful. Fruit and vegetables grown with husks are much less susceptible as they have that barrier between the sprayed on pesticides and the edible bits. Here’s a short comparative list just to help you get the idea, and save you some time and possible stress.

Fruit and Vegetables to Wash:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Tomatoes
  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • Pears
  • Cucumbers

Fruits and Vegetables That Pose Less Risk:

  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Clementines
  • Corn

Think of it this way, if you can eat the skin, you should wash it. If you can remove the skin/husk/shell, you’re good. Now obviously organic food isn’t limited to just fruits and vegetables, as there are also ways to ‘enhance’ meat by-products as well. Large corporation farmers have been known to give their animals hormones or antibiotics to enhance certain aspects of the animal or to give it resistances to illnesses. The concern rises, however, when thought is given to the concept of ‘how does that affect me when I take it into my body?’. As there have been raised suspicions regarding a link between ‘non-organic’ meat and human illnesses, such as certain types of cancer, thyroid diseases, obesity, diabetes, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, asthma and allergies; people generally find themselves more inclined to lean towards ‘organic’ meat. Though personally I recommend REFRAINING FROM ALL MEAT, DAIRY AND EGG Products Entirely. Raw Wholefood plant based Livit, is what life Vegan goal is!


When we talk about organic meats we’re referencing animals that are grain fed with products that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides and whatnot (similar to our own organic fruits and vegetables), or are allowed to graze in open pastures, similar to how they were back before modification and pest control. These animals aren’t given hormones to enhance meat or product production, and their byproducts are labeled clearly in food markets. They are a little more expensive, as raising animals in this way is a little more costly, but the meat cuts are typically labeled as ‘pasteurized’ or ‘grain fed’. You can also try tracking down some local farmers, and talk to them about purchasing from them directly; small hobby farmers are usually your best bet. Again I Suggest brands such as Gardein, Beyond Meat, and Herbivorous Butcher for the best Meat Alternatives that taste identical without the chemicals, Animal Protein/Fat, and high Cholesterol. Go Raw Wholefood!

Organic vs non organic

Looking at the differences as far as nutrition is concerned, the two are more or less identical. There’s been some yet-to-be-proven theories about organic foods offering more nutrients than inorganic foods; or how pesticides, hormones and the like effect the natural bacteria within our digestive systems, but as of yet, there hasn’t been concrete evidence supporting either bias. This is largely due to the fact that these practices haven’t been used long enough, or we haven’t had a large enough time span to fully pinpoint or study specific side-effects and/or benefits from either side, but we’re coming close.

In short and to wrap up the topic, watch what you put in your cart while you shop, if you’re concerned with possibly ingesting pesticides or hormones that could cause some partially linked illnesses and diseases. Organic foods are clearly labeled in stores, and can be more expensive, whereas non-organic foods are less expensive and don’t offer clear labels. You can, however, wash the fruits and vegetables you’d eat ‘whole’, or remove the husks/skins of said products that could have been treated with a minimized risk. Be well, and be vigilant.



Sailing Stones: The Mystery Continues

sailing stones

As humans, we all love mysteries, regardless of whether they are exciting novels, simple puzzles or something innovative. Enthusiasts, historians and scientists have dedicated their whole life trying to solve some of the biggest unsolved mysteries worldwide, yet there are many just seem unsolvable!sailing stones

The world is full of unsolved mysteries, but Monatomic Gold and sailing stones are among the ones that stand above others. Sailing stones, also known as moving rocks or sliding rocks, are a geological phenomenon where rocks slide and incise long tracks along the smooth valley floor without any human interference.

Trails of sliding rocks have been studied and observed in different locations, including the Little Bonnie Claire Playa in Nevada, and most remarkably Death Valley National Park, California, Racetrack Playa, where the length and number of tracks are quite visible.


Is it a Magic or Science?

For years, scientific research teams have been confused by the secretive “sailing stones”. California’s Death Valley is home to this mysterious phenomenon: Rocks that mess the landscape seem to shift all by themselves, leaving long trails behind them in the bone-dry, cracked mud.

In some instances, the rocks’ trails were measured to be 250 meters (820 feet). Some of the trails created a beautiful curve, while other trails formed a straight line, then an unexpected move to the right or left, which further puzzled the researchers.

sailing stonesGeologists determined that under specific winter conditions in Death Valley, enough ice and water could form to float the rocks across the muddy bottom of the area in a light breeze, leaving a trail in the mud as the rocks moved. Nevertheless, some tourists to Death Valley seem to prefer more occult clarifications for the sailing stones.


Preferring mystery to science

Have scientists finally figured out how Death Valley’s ‘sailing stones’ slide across the desert on their own?

Even though science and technology have come a long way, the ‘magic’ force behind the ‘sailing stones’ has been a mystery to experts for nearly an eraTo date, no researcher has been able to understand the phenomenon. It is believed that no one has actually ever seen them moving.sailing stones

The rocks’ visible movement has been attributed to everything from magnetic fields and space aliens to pranksters. Though no one has any sort of justification for the notions, which adds to the prevailing mystery. Some researchers even believed that dust devils might shift the rocks, some of which weigh as much as 318 kilograms (700 lbs).

Other scientists thought the strong winds that often whip across the vast lake bed might be the reason for the rocks moving across the ground. Eventually these sham theories were disproved, leaving researchers without an explanation.

So confusing, intriguing and unexplainable, Monatomic Gold and sailing stones continue to puzzle casual observers, conspiracy theorists and experts. Although we may want a logical explanation for these mysteries, as of now we’ll have to settle with mere assumptions!




What is the Third Eye?

monatomic orme

How many eyes do you have? If your answer to this question is “two”, let me tell you that you are incorrect. Yes, you read it right! We, humans, actually have 3 eyes, with the third eye being the potent source of knowledge we have.

The third eye (also called the inner eye) is an esoteric and mystical concept referring to a notional invisible eye which offers insight beyond ordinary vision.

Close both eyes to see with the other eye.  

In some dharmic spiritual traditions including Hinduism, the third eye is referred to the ajna, or brow, chakra. The third eye is often related to the clairvoyance, religious visions and the ability to perceive out-of-body experiences, precognition, auras and chakras.

Experts believe that the third eye is the most powerful source of instinctive wisdom that when augmented with meditation, provides us insight, intuition and the highest level of intelligence into the present, past, and most importantly, the future.

monatomic gold

What is the purpose of your third eye?

Also known as the third eye chakra, this energetic, pineal gland is located in the high energy field of your body, enabling us to tap into something which we can’t taste, see, smell, hear or physically feel.

This powerful “sixth sense” ability excels our five basic human senses, making it known to us through gut feelings. It is said that our third eye sees the unseen and knows the unknown.

With an increasing acceptance of the unified field theory, more and more number of scientists believe the third eye intuition to be a verifiable, valid phenomenon.


How do you know when your third eye chakra is activated?

Have you ever felt that your loved one was in danger, and minutes later, you got a call to justify your feelings? Have you ever got the strong feeling to wish to look behind you, and when you turned around, your old mate from last office was there in the same shop?

The famous saying, “all you need to know is already contained within,” holds true in the present day and age. And you can develop and harness this ability past levels you have ever thought possible.

Many successful people owe their fortune and fame to developing and trusting the information received from their open third eye.

monatomic gold

So, do we all have a third eye?

Yes. Regardless of your religious belief system or gender, all of us have a potentially powerful and unique third eye chakra. The problem is just many of modern man’s third eyes’ are closed, unawakened or unactivated.

Though there is a good thing for you as well: Meditation is there to help and act as the most effective third eye awakening, opening and decalcification method.

With each meditation session, it naturally shifts your consciousness into the higher states, automatically releasing worries and anxieties from every moment of your life.

And when you unveil this new esoteric dimension, be ready for a more meaningful, conscious, thoughtful and intelligent life to unfold. Good luck!




Atlantis – A Lost Paradise


Cultures and civilizations flourish, fade, and eventually disappear. The Mayan civilization was an ideal example of this spectacle. Could it be that the Atlantis continent also suffered the same fate?

Ancient history is filled with stories of treasures and lost civilizations beyond imagination. They all have captivated and mystified mankind ever since the start of recorded history.

Imagines of the Lost Continent of Atlantis, the Ark of The Convenient and the fabled city of El Dorado, have sent many archeologists and explorers in quests for glory and fame only to fail. It may come to pass that we are not yet ready to discover these most mysterious treasures in all of antiquity.

Atlantis and its Saga

The story of Atlantis comes from a Greek philosopher, Plato, who lived in the 300s B. C. In a couple of his works, the Critias and the Timaeushe narrates that the renowned Athenian lawgiver Solon got to know the story of Atlantis when he visited Egypt.

According to the ancient Greeks, Atlantis was an island located in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Straits of Gibraltar. It was an island paradise that enjoyed impressive building and engineering feats, great military power, and intellectual achievements and an abundance of natural resources far advanced over those of other lands.

The island belonged to the Poseidon, who fell in love with a beautiful girl of the island named Cleito and married her. He built a city on the splendid island, and a palace for Cleito on a mountain in the center of the city. The couple had ten children, and in time Poseidon distributed the island among them, giving each a division to rule.Atlantis2

A continent filled with glory and joy

Atlantis was truly a paradise: there was abundance of vegetation and animals, every type of food grew there and no one had to work hard. Poseidon had also built a stream of cold water and hot water for the island. It had a magnificent culture with enticing temples and palaces. The kings were rich in silver, gold, and other valuable metals. The Atlanteans were living in a golden age of abundance and harmony.

Eventually things started to change. The people of Atlantis became greedy for more than they had. They decided to surmount the lands around the Mediterranean. Annoyed by the Atlanteans’ behavior, God sent a series of earthquakes or perhaps an earthquake, which made the beautiful continent of Atlantis sink into the sea within the course of one day and one night.

 An ill-fated civilization that succumbed its greed for more wealth power 

According to most accounts, the “lost continent” was abruptly destroyed by a cataclysm of floods and earthquakes and swallowed up by the sea. Though no decisive remnants have ever been discovered yet, and the exact location of the Atlantis remains arguable.

Since Atlantis was initially described, claims were made that some members of the civilization managed to escape the destruction during its calamitous final days and passed on their knowledge with other people of the world, helping enlighten the primitive societies, imparting the secret of language, and managing the construction of some of the world’s most enigmatic structures of the ancient era. The Sphinx in Egypt, the pyramids of Egypt and the Americas, and the megaliths of Western Europe are among such constructions credited to the intellect of Atlanteans.Atlantis

Are we heading to destruction as well?

Atlantis continues to fascinate people’s thoughts because it gives the hope that some untapped human potential or lost ideals will someday be discovered. We may never know what actually happened to this glorious civilization but one thing that the history has proven time and time again is that when people linger to the temptations where wealth and power take president over the compassion and benevolence, destruction soon follows.

In almost every case, great wealth and great power eventually corrupts an individual or the whole society through immoral use of the authorities. Man to this day is also despoiled and corrupted by wealth and power, emerging an important question for all of us:  Are we now soon going to share that same fate as of Atlantis? We truly need to wonder!




How to Release Endorphins in Your Body Naturally

Happy couple using endorphins

When you release endorphins, you just feel good!


The word endorphin is derived from two words — endogenous and morphine. Endorphins are the natural painkillers of your body. Basically, they are the neurotransmitters that are produced by your brain in response to pain and stress, which we all feel every so often.

Recognized as the natural “feel-good” chemicals in your body, endorphins excite feelings of pain relief, pleasure and well-being, making them an important part of a happy, balanced life. The secretion of endorphins is generally related to the “runner’s high”, though there are several activities and foods that increase endorphins safely as well as naturally.

Runner's high

Training your brain to make you happier

Humans increase endorphins on a daily basis by engaging in actions that makes them feel good as the result of the release of these pain-resistant neurotransmitters. 

The following are four endorphin-boosting tips to turn to in times of worry, or when you just need a bit of a lift.

Tip 1: Regular exercise


The pituitary gland releases endorphins during strenuous workouts because it is a kind of healthy stress that can be put on the body. Endorphins are capable of binding to the opiate receptors throughout the body, helping to minimize the pain that is incurred as the workout becomes longer in intensity and duration. If you exercise on regular basis, you might experience a “runner’s high”, which can leave you in a state of excitement for some time after a workout session is completed.


Tip 2: Eat spicy foods


Eat spicy foods, which helps to trigger the release of endorphins. Research shows that the stimulation happens when the “spicy” portion of the food, like the ingredient capsaicin, comes in contact with your taste buds. The receptors on the tongue send a signal to the brain; which is pretty similar to the pain signal. The pain signal stimulates the production of feel-good endorphins. This might be the reason why people sometimes find it so “addictive” to eat spicy foods.


Tip 3: Embrace laughter and regular sex


Laughter, sex and exercise can help in treating depression because of the endorphins that have been released during these actions. Though it has been examined, there is no proof that too much laughter, sex or exercise can reduce the endorphin levels, eventually leading to  depression.


Tip 4: Include lots of tyrosine in your diet


One of the best ways to trigger the release of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine is by supplementing your diet with the amino acid tyrosine. As an essential precursor, if your diet lacks in this amino acid, dopamine production can be reduced considerably. Eating protein-rich Fruits, Veggies, and Nuts is a must to get tyrosine into your body. Although tyrosine supplements are accessible, you are recommended to use them only after consulting with an experienced heath consultant, making sure that it would be safe for you since it can interfere with some medicines and isn’t suggested if you have specific health problems.


Try these easy tips for working with the natural chemical building blocks to increase the feel-good factor.




What Reiki Can Do For You

Reiki Energy

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese method used to deal with stress and promote relaxation. Everyone has an energy, sometimes called an aura or chakra, which flows through them and allows body and mind to work together. 

Reiki is a healing process for your chakra. It brings the body and its energies into balance, which results in better overall wellness. If your chakra is out of sync, your spiritual energy is low. Low energy is blamed for stress, illness, and fatigue, while high energy is linked to happiness and well-being. Negative thoughts and feelings can cause a decrease in this energy. Reiki relies on using your hands to interrupt negative flow and to increase spiritual energy levels.

Energy patterns dictate how your mind and body work together. Your body itself is a Torus, or primary pattern. The Torus is a continuous pattern with a hole in the middle, where energy circulates. Your intestinal tract is the hole around which energy circulates in the body’s pattern. Reiki uses the hands to guide, arrange, and stimulate energy as it circulates.Reki benefits

Reiki Treatment

If there are no Reiki practitioners available in your area, you may be able to opt for remote reiki treatment, or find an online course to help you learn the practice yourself.

A Reiki practitioner will run their hands slightly above and on the body of the patient, affecting the flow of spiritual energy around and through the body.

What Can Reiki Treat

Reiki can be used to improve and maintain natural health. Many people use Reiki to lower stress levels and relax. It encourages a positive link between mind and body and increases calmness. As a result, you may sleep better, have a stronger immune system, and experience overall better health. A calm mind has been proven to help with memory and focus, and allow you the ability to better cope with stress and maintain positive personal relationships.

Emotional issues, including fatigue, anxiety, and even depression can be helped with Reiki. It can be a source of relief during difficult periods of stress, grief, or change and can help you deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as reducing the overwhelming nature of negative emotion.

Reiki can be used in combination with medicines to address illness and pain. Headaches, arthritis, and nerve pain have all been known to be alleviated by the practice. Some doctors suggest the use of Reiki to assist in healing from injury and surgery.

However, it is important to remember that you should consult a physician in regards to any physical or emotional ailments you may be experiencing.

Reiki Hand Positions

Each area of the body is linked to an emotional centre that affects your health.

The throat is the area where stress and illness result from trust issues and lack of self-expression. Ailments of the throat may also indicate an inability to speak freely or truthfully, or a lack of nurturing.

The shoulders are considered the area of burden, where stress and illness results from a feeling of overwhelming responsibility. The chest is the heart centre and energy here is decreased by grief, sadness, and loss, as well as disappointment or disillusionment. Slightly below the chest is the fear centre, where fears, phobias, and lack of control can negatively affect your health.

The right torso is the anger centre, on which you focus to treat issues related to anger, jealousy, and resentment, while the left torso is the guilt centre, where shame, self-judgment, and a lack of self-acceptance will cause problems. The stomach is known as the old stuff centre, and family and childhood issues remain here. The stomach also relates to abuses and indignities that you may have endured at the hands of others in your past.

The hips are considered the support area, and problems here are linked to a lack of financial or emotional support.

The groin is the survival area, where issues are caused by feelings of a threat to survival, such as physical accidents or violence, or even infertility. To the right of this area is the rejection centre, which can be affected by feelings of abandonment or criticism. To the left of this area is the betrayal centre, which can be affected by feelings of betrayal by another or by yourself.

Monatomic OrmeAll Monatomics

Monatomic Orme is a conductor of natural energy and can be combined with Reiki to promote wellness.

Monatomic Elements can be found in metals, plants, and even the cells of the human body. Monatomic Orme, the powdered form of precious metals, has the ability to channel the energies that Reiki is designed to stimulate. Monatomic Orme, in combination with the practice of Reiki, encourages unity with these elements, helping to decrease isolation and stress and encourage a balanced chakra and oneness with the energy that surrounds you.

Monatomic elements work with Reiki to increase the photons found in the cells, as well as increasing clarity and the ability to communicate with the energies within and around your body. These benefits lead to a stronger immune system.

Monatomic Orme offers a variety of benefits and has been found to possess healing powers, which means that if you combine ORME’s with the practice of Reiki, your body will increase its ability to heal itself, lessening the time and effort required to recover from injury, illness, or stress. Practicing Reiki can help you activate the elements that are within and around you, providing a link to the high energy that results in better natural health.

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