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BREAKING NEWS: Before You Purchase Moringa, MUST READ!

Before You Buy Moringa

Before You Buy Moringa Oleifera Tree Products 

Read The Article at the bottom on how Moringa Can Stop Cancer
 BREAKING NEWS: Before You Purchase Moringa, MUST READ!
Written by Harvard Medical Researcher  & Plant Based nutritionalist from Cornell Universaity.
Eric G. Plott


Real True Organic Wholefood Supplements that KEEP IT REAL!

The flow of Moringa oleifera products onto the market is skyrocketing. Moringa, a practically unknown plant few years ago, is now more trendy then many other popular plants.

Although it is good that more people became aware of Moringa tree benefits, it’s fame brings bad things along.

The market place has plenty low quality Moringa oleifera manufactures attempting to capitalize on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers. A large amount of Moringa oleifera products on the market are made from cheap Moringa with lack of product quality control. While these products may be affordable, they may not be as the label says.

Moringa oleifera nutrients could also easily be lost in the manufacturing process and, or amount of time the product takes, to go from a living plant into your hands.

How are the Moringa oleifera tree products manufactured and where do you buy Moringa oleifera products?


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Moringa King Juice OFFICIAL & Moringa Kombucha Brewing HEALING YOUTH ELIXIR ~E.G.PlottPalmTrees.Com©2014 from Eric Plott on Vimeo.


For example: Moringa oil could be faked, not the real stuff or be mixed with other oils. Therefore buyer beware. Moringa oil is 20 times the cost of vegetable oil so the motivation is definitely there for diluting the oil with something cheaper.

Remember that the point of buying Moringa oleifera tree products is the incredible amount of nutrients and properties it contains, not just to buy green powerless powder compressed into capsules with a nice name on it. Therefor beware from whom and where you buy Moringa products.

To do list before you buy Moringa oleifera products

° Make sure that you buy products containing 100% Moringa oleifera.

° Verify that the Moringa oleifera products comes in a vegetarian or vegan capsule.

° Make sure you do your due diligence on the manufacturer and where they source their Moringa oleifera products from.

° Make sure the Moringa oleifera tree supplement that you buy (Moringa powder, capsules…), are the most fresh possible. The longer Moringa oleifera powder stays in a warehouse or the Moringa capsules in shop shelfs, the more nutrients are lost. Loss of up to 50% of vitamins can be reached after six months of storage.

° Identify what process is used to dry the Moringa oleifera leaves. Many farmers, producers of Moringa oleifera powder don´t care how they dry the Moringa leaves. See study on effect of dehydration on the nutritive value of Moringa oleifera tree leaves Moringa Sun dried – VS – Shadow dried – VS – Oven dried

° Before you leap in to buying Moringa oleifera products, ensure the products you buy are of the highest quality, and not mixed with any additives and fillers. The supplier should be intimately involved in the harvesting, cleaning, and production process to ensure the Moringa oleifera products you buy, are of a high standard.

After You Buy Moringa Oleifera Tree Products

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Moringa oleifera leaf products should be stored in air-tight Mylar Bags then place in containers protected from heat, humidity and light. WATCH OUR VIDEOS ON VIMEO.COM/EPLOTT To Learn how to Refrigorate or Freeze Bulk amounts and keep active and FRESH! Moringa trees may like lots of sun but the sunlight is not good for the Moringa oleifera products.


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If you buy Moringa tea, don´t forget that whats inside the bag is very nutritious. After drinking your tea, open up the bag and use the powder in it for a milkshake, salad or any other dish. Other possibility is to feed your pets with it. Mix your pet food with the Moringa tea bag powder.

Don’t Like The Moringa Taste? Neutralize It!

To enjoy a delicious Moringa drink, simply take half a teaspoon of Moringa powder, add a teaspoon of honey, squeeze a little of lemon, mix them together and add water.

You can also drop a spoon of Moringa into your soup after cooking. Just enough Moringa not to spoil the original soup taste! Use your own imagination to neutralize the Moringa taste!

When you buy Moringa powder, 6g of powder is a good starting amount to eat per day. A teaspoon is around 2 or 3 grams of moringa leaf powder. It roughly equates to 6 Moringa capsules. How to use Moringa

After Buying Moringa, How To Use Moringa Oleifera Tree Products

The Moringa oleifera leaf, fresh or processed into dried powder, can be used as an every-day food item in a multitude of ways: in ready-made meals, juices, breads, pasta, fritters, condiments, instant soups, etc. Food made with Moringa products can be used in households, school cafeterias, dispensaries, maternity wards, nutrition rehabilitation centers, as well as in restaurants and supermarkets.

1. Nutritional content of fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves

Eating 100 grams fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves provides you with as much protein as an egg, as much calcium as a big glass of milk, as much iron as a 200 grams beef steak, as much vitamin A as a carrot and as much vitamin C as an orange.

Indeed, 100 grams fresh Moringa oleifera leaves are enough to cover

° 30 to 100% of the daily recommended intake of calcium (30 to 50% for teenagers, 40 to 60% for adults, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, 80 to 100% for young children below 3 years old)

° 25 to 80% of the daily recommended intake of iron (25% for pregnant women, 40-60% for teenagers and women, 50 to 100% for men and children).

° As for vitamins, the recommended daily intake for vitamin A varies from 400 μg retinol equivalents (young children) to 1,000 μg retinol equivalents (breastfeeding women).

Therefore, 100 grams of fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves could theoretically cover 100% of daily needs, but this is highly variable depending on storage conditions and how they are eaten, as vitamin A degrades over time and when exposed to light or heat. Similarly, 100 grams of fresh Moringa oleifera leaves could cover 100% of the vitamin C requirements, for which the recommended daily intake varies from 60 mg (young children) to 130 mg (breastfeeding women), but this vitamin degrades quickly with time and during cooking.

° For optimal nutrient retention, it is advised to consume fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves shortly after harvesting and to cook the leaves for a short time (a few minutes only), or even to eat them raw if they are young and tender

2. Nutritional content of dry Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder

Another way of consuming Moringa leaves is to dry them and reduce them into powder, making it easier to store and use at any time. To ensure the good nutritional and microbiological quality of the leaf powder, its water content has to be lower than 7%, the drying time should be as short as possible and the drying temperature not too high (no more than 50-55°C).

Even if a large amount of the vitamins are lost during drying and storage, the leaf powder still constitutes a very rich nutritional supplement, since it is a concentrate of the Moringa oleifera leaves.

Moringa tree leaf powder can be stored for some time before it is consumed. If so, the leaf powder has to be stored in a water- air- and light-proof  MYLAR BAG then place in a container to preserve as much vitamins as possible and avoid microbial contamination. In storage, the protein and mineral contents will be preserved for up to six months or more, whereas a loss of up to 50% of vitamins can be reached after six months of storage.

Once the MYLAR BAG (then place in a container) is opened, the leaf powder should be consumed quickly (within one week) since its water content will increase and it will be exposed to microbial contamination. For this reason, it is advised to package Moringa oleifera leaf powder in rather small containers. READ WHY WE USE  MYLAR BAGS to keep our produce fresh HERE. 

3. Nutritional content of cooked Moringa oleifera leaves

Fresh Moringa oleifera leaves can be eaten raw, if they are very young and tender, but usually they are cooked. Even if cooking the leaves destroys a part of their nutrients, notably vitamins, others become easier to assimilate. For this reason, it is important to consider various ways of cooking the leaves and to understand how to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. This can be achieved by associating Moringa oleifera tree leaves with other ingredients that enhance the availability of nutrients, by cooking the leaves only for a short time, or by keeping the liquid (water, sauce) in which the Moringa oleifera leaves are cooked. Using Moringa oleifera leaf powder is also a way of preserving nutrients (although some have been lost during drying and storage), as the powder can be added to food after cooking.

Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder per day cover

Moringa Calcium – 10g

° About 30% of the recommended daily intake for children between 1 and 3 years old.

° About 25% of the recommended daily intake for children between 4 and 9 years old as well as adult women.

° About 15% of the recommended daily intake for teenagers and women over 55.

Moringa Iron – 10g

° About 30% of the recommended daily intake for children between 1 and 12 years old.

° About 15% of the daily recommended intake for teenagers.

° About 20% of the daily recommended intake for adults over 55.

° About 12% of the recommended daily intake for adult women.

° About 7% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women.

Moringa Vitamin A – 10g

° 50 to 100% of the recommended daily intake for all population categories.

Moringa Vitamin C

A study from Sri Lanka showed that on average, leafy vegetables lose 32% of their vitamin C content when they are boiled for five minutes, and 54% in ten minutes. Steaming is less damaging, with 15% loss in five minutes and 39% loss in ten minutes. Cooking Moringa oleifera tree leaves or Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder the least possible time is thus a good way to preserve the vitamin C content.

Moringa Beta-carotene 10g

The World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC, Taiwan) showed that the retention of total carotene and beta-carotene of Moringa oleifera tree leaves was enhanced by adding oil to the leaves during pressure cooking (76-99% of retention with oil against 46-63% without).

The bioavailability of Moringa plant nutrients

The bioavailability of nutrients is the ability they have to be digested and used by the human body. The bioavailability of the iron provided by plants is lower than when provided by meat. A good way to improve the availability of iron to the body is to add vitamin C to the dish. This can be done by using lemon juice, lemon peel or fresh tomatoes.

AVRDC demonstrated that boiling Moringa tree leaves in water enhanced the in vitro iron bioavailability of fresh leaves and leaves dried powder by 3.5 and 3 times, respectively. In addition, boiling the leaves in water enhanced aqueous antioxidant activity. This shows that cooking Moringa oleifera tree leaves does not necessarily have a negative impact on nutrient intake. The heat destroys some of the vitamin C, but improves the assimilation of iron. The best option is to vary consumption modes.

4. Moringa oleifera – water soluble and fat soluble vitamins

Vitamin C and all the B vitamins contained in the Moringa oleifera tree leaf are water-soluble. Other vitamins are soluble in fat: such is the case of vitamin A (ß-carotene) and E (a-tocopherol). When cooking fresh or dried leaves, the cooking water should be kept to benefit from the vitamins B and C, soluble in water. In addition, to render the fat-soluble vitamins A and E available, it is suggested that the leaves be cooked using oil or other sources of fat. Ideally, the Moringa leaves should be quickly boiled in a small quantity of water. Add both Moringa oleifera tree leaves and the cooking water to a sauce containing a source of fat. This way both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, only slightly diminished by cooking, are made available.


Introducing THE most powerful, 



Have you heard of moringa? This plant is causing quite the stir in the health community. Also known as drumstick or Malunggay, moringa trees are often used in South Indian delicacies for their unique taste and texture.

The Moringa tree can be found in native parts of Africa and Asia and every part of this amazing tree such as the pods, fruits, flowers, roots and bark are edible and rich in nutrients. There is no need to let any of it go to waste!


The edible oil produced by Moringa seeds, also referred to as Ben oil, is much like olive oil in terms of nutrition. With unlimited shelf life, this oil is abundant in antioxidants.

Moreover, moringa leaves contain three times more iron than spinach, and four times more vitamin A per gram than carrots, which makes it a rich source of beta-carotene.

In addition, Moringa supplements, made from moringa leaves and pods, have proved far better than most vitamins and supplements available today due to the fact that they don’t contain any synthetic components.

  • Moringa has twice more protein per gram than yoghurt.
  • Moringa has three times more potassium per gram than bananas.
  • Moringa has seven times more vitamin C per gram than oranges.
  • Moringa has four times more calcium per gram than milk, which makes it great for bone health.


Moringa packs a number of potent anti-cancer ingredients including kaempferol, rhamnetin and isoquercetin. According to research, Moringa has positive anti-cancer results against ovarian, liver, lung cancer, and melanoma.

Although more research is needed in this field, Moringa  so far represents a potential cure to these types of cancer.


  • It’s a water purifier.
  • It packs 9 essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 antioxidants, and many minerals.
  • It improves lactation.
  • It’s beneficial for treatment of various chronic illnesses, bites, wounds, and other ailments.
  • It’s an effective skin cleanser, also great for healthy, vibrant hair.
  • It gives no side effects, which makes it safe for children too.

It is a rich source of many minerals and vitamins. The leaves are packed with more nutrients than the pods. A cup of fresh pods provide 15% of the RDA of vitamin C, 19% of the daily allowance of vitamin B6, 9% of vitamin A, 11% of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 8% of magnesium, 11% of iron, and 2 g of proteins. The leaves are available as dietary supplements in the West, but the best thing would be to grow the plant at your home and enjoy its natural benefits.

You should consume its leaves and the fruit for these reasons:





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  • Stronger bones – the plant will help you improve your bone density as it is high in calcium and iron that prevent bone density loss and strengthen the bones. It is great to give to growing children for stronger and better bone growth. It will also boost physical stamina.
  • Anti-cancer properties – the fruit is high in antioxidants which fight free radicals and prevent the formation of cancer. It contains chlorogenic acid and quercetin, powerful antioxidants which act by negating free radical activity in the body. The anti-cancer properties help in preventing the development of tumors and growth of cancerous cells.
  • Relieve headaches – the root of this plant can help in relieving headaches. You should extract the juice from the roots and mix it with jaggery in equal amounts for immediate relief.
  • Treating eye issues – the plant can help in eye issues, including conjunctivitis. Just take some leaves, grind them, and apply the paste on the eyes. You can mix its juice with some honey and apply it as an eyeliner to cure corneal disorders or eye swelling.
  • Lower blood pressure – you can keep your blood pressure under control with this plant. It is a natural remedy for managing diabetes, too. If the blood sugar levels are uncontrollable for a longer period of time, the risk of many types of health conditions, including heart disease can be increased. Lots of studies showed that the plant provides positive benefits for lowering the blood sugar levels, and most of the studies have been conducted on animals, but some have been done on humans. One study involved 30 women who were given 7 g of leaf powder on daily basis for a period of 3 months. This resulted in reduced blood sugar levels by 13.5%.
  • Purify the blood – the drumstick pods and its leaves are great in purifying the blood. You can make a soup that is great in fighting acne and other skin issues. The juice can be applied on acne or pimples and help the areas heal faster due to its antibiotic properties.
  • Antiaging properties – the plant is high in vitamin A which helps in inhibiting the natural process of aging and also strengthens the immune system and improves vision.


Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years.
It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.
So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits.

Moringa oleifera is a plant which grows in South Asia and is a part of the traditional medicine. It is familiar by the name “drumstick” and is a mighty bioactive plant that contains antioxidants. The scientific community confirmed the health benefits of this plant, but it has to be studied and discovered still.


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SPOTLIGHT ON MORINGA – Cooking Variations, Health Benefits and More

I have witnessed my mother fall in love only once in my life.

I was raised by a single mother and as a result of her immense disappointment in her failed marriage, my mother was very guarded with her emotions. Whenever my siblings and I posed for the camera with my mum at events, it usually ended up being a struggle. We would bring out all our flattery cards and coax her to smile for us to have a lovely picture because my mother hardly smiled, at least not since she and my dad called it quits.

However, my mum began to smile more often some years back. She had returned home one day with a green powdery substance in a bowl and I can recall her adding it to every meal from that day. I was curious; what was this substance that suddenly made my mum crack a smile every now and then? I didn’t need to ask because soon enough, she told my sisters and I about her new found love for Moringa. She gushed about its health and medicinal benefits and you could tell it was love from how passionately she spoke.


Moringa Oleifera, also known as ‘Drumstick tree’, is a multi-purpose plant that is native to parts of Africa and Asia.It has been called a  miracle tree because of its powerful medicinal value and amazing health benefits. Moringa is an important food source in some parts of the world because it can be grown cheaply and easily, and it is highly nutritious that’s why it is sometimes called ‘Superfood.’

Health Benefits

  • Moringa leaves help in boosting energy levels in a natural manner.
  • Moringa is used to treat anaemia, arthritis and rheumatism.It also helps with asthma, cancer and constipation.
  • It can be used to heal ulcers and prevent tumours.
  • As a result of their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, moringa supplements facilitate quick healing of minor injuries like bruises, cuts and burns.
  • Daily consumption of moringa as part of the diet improves body’s natural defence mechanism. It is an immune stimulant and it is often prescribed for AIDS afflicted patients
  • Moringa is rich in vitamin A  and acts as an effective weapon against blindness.
  • For nursing mothers out there, taking moringa regularly can cause an increase in breast milk.
  • It is extremely effective against diabetics as it helps balances sugar levels.
  • Moringa helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body and is perfect for people who love junk food just like me.
  • Moringa can serve as a purifier and natural detoxifier.
  • Moringa seeds are used to manufacture  perfumes and aromatherapy oils while its flowers are used in making herbal tea which contains flavonoids and antioxidants.
  • In India and some parts of Africa, moringa is used in feeding programs to fight malnutrition.
  • The Roots of moringa are used in traditional medicine to control disorders of the circulatory system and also stimulate appetite.
  • Do you have a low sex drive? Research has proven that moringa helps to treat various sexual dysfunctions.
  • Moringa possesses anti-ageing properties and helps to stimulate hair growth.
  • The leaves of Moringa can also be cooked and used like spinach. They are also dried and powdered for use as a condiment.

Cooking Variations and other usages.

As I earlier stated, Moringa is a multi-purpose plant therefore, it can be used to prepare almost anything. You can make cakes, smoothies, rice and even Nigerian soup staples such as Eba with moringa. Moringa leaves can be dried and brewed as tea substitute, while its seeds can be cooked and eaten like groundnuts; they can also be made it popcorn. I will be trying out the Moringa popcorn next month so ensure to watch out for it.


Moringa Smoothie  


Moringa Pasta   


Moringa Cakes  



 With all these wonderful health benefits of Moringa , wouldn’t you want to include it in your daily diet and regime?




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