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BreaKing News Alert! ULTIMATE Truth Warrior Exposé'

(CLICK HERE: Learn about my credits and reputation; my story of who I am)

E.G.PLOTT 09/20-24-2018 #StraightTalkEGPLOTT #EGPLOTT1988

Breaking news why Moringa is....
•Raw Irrefutable MORINGA SECRET FACT: Moringa 412 is that

MORINGA MUST BE WILDCRAFTED RAW AND SHADE DRIED OR FREEZE DRIED WITH NO CHEMICALS AND RICH SOIL FROM CENTRAL AMERICA (Youtube the words "The Moringa Kingdom Playlist" and see what I mean for proof in the pudding)


•Look how fresh our superior rich AAAA++++ Quality cut Moringa K leaf powder looks and taste. Samples can be purchased at soon. Now for Affiliates or enthusiast trying to influence their clients or for their own knowledge to why we are ranked #1 in the nation for the highest nutrient content and most pure powerful potent Moringa in the industry click this link and scroll mid way down to read out our actual content reading here:

We have had other Moringa companies test our Moringa life in Vitamin A and b12 and even ORAC ANTIOXIDANT LEVELS and produce test results come out 4-8 times more effective or higher in actual number content value. All the evidence has been literally displayed above. Then our Moringa Freeze (Which is Freeze dried and science and prices can be found here:
@ ) comes out even more potent than our very best already super potent Moringa King raw produce. Hence Moringa K is a raw version of one part of Moringa Freeze mixed with 100% Shade dried organic Moringa Emerald Golden Green ( ) then One part Moringa Complex ( Sound study and science here: ) #1 Complex™ Moringa Blend is all parts of our heirloom high quality tree mixed together minus roots and bark for safety and purity. There is therapeutic benefits to this mixture shown in that link above. 

After many years of fine art scrupulous studies and experimentation I have literally made my "Greatest Discovery Ever" and published for my clients eyes here privately :

•This explains why and how not all Moringa is grown, harvested, processed, and dried properly and almost 98-99% confidence interval shows that this tree has been hybridized and maybe even secretly genetically engineered with a very dangerous version of Moringa called PKM1
(PKM1 and PKM2), which is the bastardized Moringa that I spoke above in my article above "My Greatest Discovery ever". Why did they genetically modify Moringa to grow faster and bigger? Because they knew it would promote cancer and I even know of a brand of Moringa that almost killed two people from a very infamous company doing a great job of destroying the miracle in Moringa; read more about this poisoning Moringa company here:

Then read actual PubMed that proves that Pkm1 and Pkm2 Moringa hybrid GMO actually PROMOTES CANCER GROWTH HERE:

So while heirloom organic Moringa can literally prevent and cure cancer; the brand that they are getting growers all around the worlds to grow for the Moringa industry
Is a GMO HYBRID THAT IS ACTUALLY MAKING PEOPLE SICKER AND NOT HEALTHIER. Again, I have science and articles to prove who is doing this and simple evidence providing how our heirloom Moringa can kill tumor cancer cells like a nature chemo and our Moringa oil can mimic radiation therapy, by blocking bad radiation from a cellular level; killing skin cancers and disorders quite rapidly. 

I couldn't believe my finding and what I have been preaching for all these years was perfectly correct, look here I had even reproved of a big billion dollar corporation that wanted me to join them as a high up position as a representative for one of the "Certified Organic" best Moringa sources in America, guess what I expose them saying in their own ad; right out of the horses mouth here:

Publicly admitted using a FDA APPROVED CLEANING SOLUTION, Which is ethylene pesticide and cleaning herbicide that is highly lethal and carcinogenic; finally read my most popular article on ETO's used in EVERY SINGLE health superfoods and supplements that are CERTIFIED ORGANIC, Juices, foods, drinks that are factory processed produced and blanched that ARE DILIGENTLY LACED WITH A DEADLY ANTIBIOTIC:
• Read the facts here:
CODEX ALIMENTARIUS- Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and More:

•Just watch video blog that explains "
BREAKING NEWS: Before You Purchase Moringa, MUST READ!

Read just 12-15 of our reviews for the Highness of Nutrition Moringa Kings and Queens reviews here: 

Science of Moringa reversing cancer and over 400 different diseases and mental disorders listed in the following resource articles for Affiliates and clients:
Click here to see all the articles:

•What can Moringa Treat?

•Reversing Diabetes with Moringa K

Video on why all Store bought health supplements are dead:

Our Moringa Next to the Top leading brands of Moringa here

•Links to scientific proof on the benefits of moringa Diabetes 

Joint pain will be gone in 3 days. 

Links to scientific proof on the benefits of moringa :

Moringa is a Cancer Cell Killer: 

Strong Antioxidant Activity: 

For Myocardial Patients: 

For overall Metabolic Syndrome: 

Powerful Immune booster: 

Kidney stone will be discharged naturally in 4 ~6 weeks. 

Also Gallbladder Stone will be discharged in 3 weeks. 

Sugar level goes down immediately and lowered A1C will follow. 

Insulin dependents can decrease injections in a month. 

Lowering blood pressure will be confirmed in less than 2 weeks. 

Hypertension and Diabetes Complication: 


Joint pain will be gone in 3 days. 

Moringa is your Liver Guardian: 

Lower cholesterol LDL and increased HDL will follow. 

Your Heart must be protected: 



Thyroid Hormone Abnormality: 

Prevent Damaged DNA caused ailments:

EarthManEric's HOW TO USE MORINGA TO CURE DIABETES TYPE 1 2 MEL. blogs search diabetes. 


Is Number #1 in the world. 



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