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Our Conscious Beds

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"Sleep with a Good Conscious"

~Erik Plott

Before You Sleep on it, NOTHING... 

After You Sleep on it, you will know what it is like to enjoy Heaven on earth!

"It’s life changing to sleep on one of these beds."



We are here to bring to you, the most conscious beds on the Planet!

It’s life changing to sleep on one of these beds.

We are conscious of the Planet we live on.  This is why I will custom make you, “Our Conscious Beds” made right here in the USA, with our skilled hands and our love and we ship WorldWide!

The toxins of petroleum-based chemicals as well as other chemicals that are in other mattresses, wreak havoc upon our precious Planet Earth and our bodies.  Our beds are YOUR beds. We created our beds the way our Creator had intended, with a conscious mind, to make mattresses with pure Earth materials.

By sleeping on our consciously created beds, you are not only sleeping your way to health with the best sleep ever, but you will also rest peacefully knowing that you are consciously doing something great for the Planet.  Therefore, leaving a better place for your children and grandchildren. Invest in YOU. Invest in YOUR health, invest in THEIR futures. Sleeping organic is priceless and life changing!

By investing in our Conscious  Beds, you will be helping our mission of the Rainbow Warriors (from the Cree Indians: the Destroyers of the Planet)   We will be donating 1% to the Conscious Creation Retreats Fiji to fulfill our mission for a clean and toxic free planet! How awesome will you feel just knowing that  YOU helped to make a difference in the health of OUR Precious Planet?

It gets better!  By investing in your conscious bed today through midnight of June 15th, you will get 20% OFF your “Conscious Creation Bed of your choice!”  That's right! 20% OFF your complete investment in healthful, conscious sleep. Find our more about our Conscious Creation Retreats and Mission at:  Use our coupon code of: “Conscious Warriors” to claim your 20% off.  The Time Is NOW! Invest in YOUR health...NOW!

Here is your sharable link. Please tell your friends and share this link if you want to help us protect the planet and educate others about the benefits of healthful sleep.


Our Conscious Beds, See it through our eyes. 

Do you ship to Belize, Fiji, Canada, Australia?

Yes, we ship to all those places and many more. Our mattress layers are shrunk wrapped and shipped by UPS International typically in 3-4 boxes.  Our organic cotton zippered casing is made in the USA and shipped separately.

How it works...

You simply unzip the casing and place a layer in it, then cut the layer open and it expands.  You continue to do that until your mattress is built. Now you have complete control of your mattress firmness (forever) instead of your mattress controlling you, because the layers can be moved around to adjust the firmness or softness, and exchanged for a fee, 10/15/20 years down the road if so desired.  I hope this helps you understand how they work.


Where are your prices?

Our prices are on our shopping cart website here.  Please let me know if you need any more help?


How to Assemble it here

*If you have any questions at all, you can ask Joyce herself, click here 

STD superbugs spreading like wildfire …

One exposure and you’re infected for life

Bacteria can take months and years to infect their host. What is breeding in your mattress? Are the bacteria which eats off your skin cells breeding superbugs?

E-Coli and Staphylococcus host of deadly bacteria. These bacteria commonly inhabit the skin and nose where they are innocuous, but may enter the body through cuts or abrasions, or breathing them as you sleep which may be nearly invisible and it could be coming from your mattress and pillows!

Once inside the body, the bacterium may spread to a number of body systems and organs, including the heart, where the toxins produced by the bacterium may cause cardiac arrest. Once the bacterium has been identified as the cause of the illness, treatment is often in the form of antibiotics and, where possible, drainage of the infected area. However, many strains of this bacterium have become antibiotic resistant; for those suffering these kinds of infection, the body's own immune system is the only defense against the disease. If that system is weakened or compromised, the disease may progress rapidly.

Please feel free to share this and go to https:/

Learn more about the dangers of antimicrobial resistance at

Sources include:

Natural News


Friday, June 14, 2019 by: Tracey Watson

Tags: AMR, Antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance, badhealth, badmedicine, Gonorrhea, infections, outbreak, Public Health, STDs, super-gonorrhea, superbugs, the clap[PDF]

Is Natural better than Organic?

I still think we should avoid foods that are adulterated by mankind. I don’t think you can just go out and deliberately eat polluted food then ask God to cleanse it knowing you knew how to buy clean food in the first place.

Studies show people THINK buying natural is healthier than organic. I don’t think they know organic is at a higher level of clean than natural or else the studies would be reversed. We need to educate the public on the difference.

I do think it’s important to pray over your food as it is made by Mother Nature which was given to us by God, and why not get Our Conscience Bed and pray over it as well before bedtime because it’s made by Mother Nature given to us by God as well?

Sleep is just as important as food if not more so, yet it’s talked about the least. Sleep affects every part of your being. Just missing 1 night of sleep wrecks havoc on your body. Don’t sleep on a toxic mattress and expect not to eventually get cancer, or disease from the bacteria or breeds.



"I Doctor Earth  Man Erik Geoffrey Von Leonard Plott APPROVE of this Organic Mattress and Joyce Robertson's Message...The Most Important Vitamin, is The Vitamin S and R, which is Sleep and Rest, we need this daily and at least 6-8 hours daily, if not more along with occasional breaks or water fasting, and in crucial matters, even the DRY FASTING, this mattress is so revolutionary and necessary in this day and age especially; take the best and most closest thing to outdoors and nature, and that would, of course, be this Organic Mountain Mattress, I am so excited to be promoting this as I work with Thousands of people who are overdue for such a therapeutic and health conscious produce, which This Company, "" has meticulously created. Great job, keep up all the amazing ideas, I want two of everything from this website, take the time and consider the Mother of all BEDS.

I Call this the Ultimate FRESH Raw WildCrafted Organic Bed of our time and that I own. I Will be doing Health Conscious #UltimateTruthWarriorX #MoringaTRIBE Videos on this specific model Mattress for supporters of the #MoringaCrypticKingdom #13DYNASTY Rainbow Warriors of Absolute True Truth. You can't Stop us, SO JOIN US. Where your Health is your greatest wealth, if we are what we consume/Breathe in than Wear LUXURY. "


Kindest Regards, 
Earth Man Erik Plott
Harvard medical plant researcher
Plant Based Nutritionist Cornell university
OWNER CEO productions


He doesn't always work with other company's and he really researched you and thoughtfully considered you and now he loves the idea of pushing these Beds. the Miracle Bed, he called it..The Healthiest BED known to man!
On this PLANET
YES, I will do SPECIFIC Videos
like Education ones, about to do A LIVE one on your blog
thinking about putting health points and science on it together really passionately and then I will send or edi
Yes! Indeed the best. We even have vegan mattresses and we don’t use chemical flame retardants because they are custom made.
California just passed no mattresses will be sold as of 1/1/2020 with chemical flame retardants. We are already there! We never compromised all these years!
like a NEW PARADIGM of Health
Joyce Robertson
Owner | Earth Angel | Mission Founder

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