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Flash: Charging into The Future with LOWEST RATE, NO DOWNTIME, NO HOLDING FUNDS

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Are you a Kratom vendor (OR ANY COMPANY SELLING PRODUCTS OR SERVICES)? Do you need EBT, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Gift Cards, or ANY CARD KEYING, Card Swiping, and online website cart checkout terminal Processing, for free? With lowest transactions rate known or we will give 250$, if we can't beat your current rate. 

Our rates start at 1.39%, literally the lowest rates in the industry. And if we cannot beat your current rates we will give you $250 cash.

Someone call me in regards to setting up your new successful business terminal right now. Our offices are open and we are ready to process your flash into the future. Call me now to set up an appointment at 855-841-9659. We’re looking forward to helping the small business owners thrive and shoot into a profitable and healthy future.

Ask for Eric Plott


Check this little baby out: CLOVER TERMINAL video short ( minutes)

Eric Plott 855-841-9659 ☆Flash Banc Clover☆ Executive Account Agent from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

Eric Plott 855-841-9659 ☆Flash Banc Clover ☆ Executive Account Agent 
Listen! To those outside of my area where I now live, in Tennessee, if you are a entrepreneur or business owner, small or large and receive credit and debit card transactions.I can help you too, I just need a copy of your processing statement, so you would have to call me to arrange that. FlashBanc is a leading National Merchant Service Provider, providing credit card processing and a host of other electronic payment solutions to businesses, small and large, in almost every vertical market throughout the United States. We understand that offering electronic payment solutions in today’s world is a necessity for your business, and we possess the experience and ability to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. Like it or not , the new cutting edge technology such as Apple Pay has change the game , get ready for your customers to tap or wave the iPhone to pay .


Apple sold a record 10 million iPhone 6’s in the first three days of it’s initial launch. Over 200,000 credit card accepting businesses just like yours has already upgraded their technology to support Apple Pay. If you do not have an EMV ready credit card terminal , you will not be able to accept payments from customers that try and use their EMV cards. EMV cards are the new credit cards with a chip in it . Both of these technology will protect the customers from showing their credit card numbers, the Apple Pay is on the iPhone 6 and will be on other smart phones eventually and the EMV credit card information is encrypted. If Flash Banc can’t save you money on credit card processing , we will pay you .I will give you a FREE rate analysis, all I would need is 10-15 minutes to do a line by line comparison to show you exactly how much we can save you. 

Listen! I’m here to save you money, we have other solutions to help, including free terminals. I want your business !

Call me at 855-841-9659



Flash Banc: Executive Agent Manager by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com on Scribd



My name is Eric Plott: Check out my resume on Linkedin or here online:

Read my publications and certified qualifications here:

Funny how I make fun of  Bankers (Light-Heartedly) and now they have made me top Executive Account Manager Agent of FlashBanc. At least people know they can trust me, after exposing the negative business dealings with Paypal, Square, and others with over thousands of other businesses with held accouts; leaving a bad taste in our mouth for online virtual banking, in this new world cashless society. I can say have no fear Flash Banc is here. Plus everyone that has ever done business with me in the past, knows I am among one of the most trustworthy, honest, and ethical men you have ever dealt with. I love even how our company doesn’t spell their name as the usual, untrustworthy “bank”, but rather it is Banc. That was one thing that made me fall in love with them. Plus, hearing about their overnight successes as one of the fastest growing banks in the nation with no hidden fees, no downtime, and speedy expedited processing services. They have on board, quite possibly, one of the biggest skeptics in financial sectors ever. If Eric Plott promotes a bank, you might want to do your research and jump on board, BUT MAKE SURE you contact ME first.

Help me, Help you make our dreams come true.

Stay Updated here:

I am officially an Executive Agent Manager for one of the fastest growing online Banking system in USA. If you are looking for a superior merchant checkout merchant banking system that LITERALLY WILL COMPETE AND BEAT ANY RATE!

You currently are with or know a rate that you want us to beat, please sign up today. You cannot miss out on our Honesty, Ethical services and amazing secured savings value by working with us at FlashBanc. Please get ahold of me and let me be your agent, you already know you can trust me and I wouldn’t expect working for anything less than excellence and perfection. I trust these First Data, b2b Technology that we at have decided to team up with and become partners. Let us know how we can increase your sales conversion rate with our incredible, affordable, low rate business-merchant transaction and processing accounts. We offer card swiping and keying online with virtual online banking for more checkout sales and speedy deposits WITH NO DOWNTIME EVER! If You are wondering how this ties in with TheMoringaKingdom.Com, Just keep reading...

I PERSONALLY MAKE A PROMISE THAT OUR BANKING SERVICES WILL NEVER HOLD OR FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCES OR TRANSACTIONS EVER, NO MATTER WHAT AND UNDER NO LIMITATIONS OR NEED FOR APPEALS! Making us the most superior, advanced, and effective online banking merchant services in the nation; if not the best and fastest growing in the world. Contact me and it won’t take long for your evaluation and any questions you have about upgrading and enchancing your current business today, let me handle all your cart needs and gateway services.

Open up your business online and make more sales than you thought possible. 

Looking to process cards nationwide or even international? Then I am the virtual online banker for you. I was a victim to PayPal and Square (Any mainstream online-banking site) holding and freezing my accounts as well, due to them saying this is a banned schedule one, future high-risk product. READ MY FULL STORY HERE.

Have no fear Flash Banc is here. We can get your online business up and running with no downtime and a promise and guarantee that no funds and profits from your Kratom (or other products/services) dealings are held. We also will match any rate you currently have with your card processor, starting rates as low as 1.39%.

IF I CANNOT PROVIDE LOWER RATES THAN what you currently have or looking in to, I SERIOUSLY WILL GIVE YOU 250$ out of pocket! Another guarantee I will hold myself true too, is if there were ever a case, where we didn’t deposit your money within 48 hours into your bank account (Or monthly if you request monthly deposits)  directly into your merchant bank account through routing wire, I will call that number out and write you a check for that amount of money that you aren’t receiving. I am putting my neck out on the line for you because this is how confident I am in a real, honest, and ethical checkout cart terminal. Flash is PCI compliant through “First Data”.

I CAN REST ASSURED THAT WE WOULD NEVER PUT A LIMITATION OR HOLD ON YOUR ACCOUNT EARNINGS. What is your money is your pay off and pay out that you are entitled to and for your success in business and therefore are your profits.

We offer speedy transactions as our services with a card swipe terminal as well

(Different terminals are determined upon the size of your business or industry, BUT NO EXPECTATION ON YOUR ANNUAL GROSS IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE) There are no hidden fees and I just need 10 minutes of your time to get you evaluated, to get your business up and running and making money now.

Royal Sneak Peak of The Uprising from on Vimeo.

We know it is important for your business to be up and running at all times.

So again we guarantee that there is never a down time ever.

If you go through me you will get no fees or complications, we can override all the BS.

Call me till free 855-841-9659 email

You can make a smooth transaction over to us, my name is Eric Plott I am the executive account agent at Flash Banc and give me a call or personal message me if you have any questions or concerns, we would love to get you on board to fast-track pace to success to following your dreams. Success is a journey not a destination. I will help you explain what the real life director how to represent your storefront as a soap making incense product instead of a potential high-risk schedule one drug supplement, this allows you to be out of the threat of the radar that is targeting many vendors currently today. It is legal after-all, so you should be able to feel confident in selling your products/services without being banned or limited. 

We take you off of this radar and protect your needs and your investment.

Your business is secured with us. I promise you that. This company is truly Honest, Loyal and Ethical to your integral to needs. We fight for the rights of the small business and underdog dealers b2b or b2c.
If there be a better business it would surely be our twin. Does this seem to stellar an intergalactic to believe, well you better wake up because you can start living your dream today. Let’s go to the moon.


50% off all of fresh kava kava right now!

Praise the Lord we officially are back in business and running 🏃 you can comfortably checkout from our website with PCI secured compliance. We are getting an awarded plact for being among the most safe and secure website checkout cart gateways on the web! You will be able to read more about this on our The Moringa Kingdom website For Royal Champion 👑 Alliance members. Help build us back again, if anybody out there is paying attention to our current events, we were robbed by PayPal and square and now we are starting ⭐️ back over fresh and we are better than ever.

Since We are now partnered with Flash Banc and they have made our dreams possible again. Thank you for helping us, help others save theirselves. I am now the official Executive Account Management agent for Flash Banc and we are with one of the fastest growing online virtual banks on the planet with no downtimes or hidden fees. Since we are doing so excellent today we are giving everybody a DEAL OF THE CENTURY BLOWOUT BOMBSHELL SALE! What you ask?

When you buy a bottle of Moringa K˚ we normally give 💯 veggie caps with our superior herbal superfood blend but now today we are throwing in an extra 40x capsule entirely for free. SO THIS MEANS WHEN YPU PURCHASE OUR SIX MONTH SUPPLY CASE, we give you a free bottle in that case plus the 40x capsule each bottle totals to 240x Moringa K capsules for free!!! Plus the free bottle and this is 340 caps completely for free. AND IF YOU GET THE TEN BOTTLES OF MORINGA K WE THROW IN TWO FOR FREE, which totals in over a hundred dollar 💵 value plus each bottle gets the additional 40x caps per bottle! 480x plus 200 is 680 free caps with the year supply 12 bottle case!

When The Dollar Dies Economic Collapse Bulk Special 2016 from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

Beware of card processing sharks that demand you make a certain income a month and that charge outrageous monthly fees and night swiping and keying rates...

We are the #1 solution for you & Safe Alternative for your company.

Does anybody out there own their own business. I can get a guaranteed lower rate for your merchant card processor OR I WILL GIVE YOU 250$, if I cannot beat your current rates for keying, card swiping. Please call me or pm me All I need is 10-15 minutes tops to sign you up. You can make more money than ever by going cashless.

Let me help. 855-841-9659.


When I was attending Harvard University I took classes in economics and learned quickly that if you owned or helped run a business, and  that if you did not convert to online shopping carts for your services or products, that you would soon be out of business and in the dust against your competion. Sign up through me, if you own a business; it is completely free...Today you have nothing to lose, but money...Take the time and invest into growing your business with online success. Completely free just have your business name and EIN number ready and that’s all it takes. You will be processing orders in a fast-paced manner with no down time and the lowest rates ever in history.

Kindest regards,
Earth man Eric Plott



Download this clip and pass it on to all individuals with a business merchant account with PayPal or Square and listen to the last 15-20 minutes if you don’t want to hear the full hour. It is hardcore. FULL VERSION BELOW, Click HERE For The Short Video.
Classic moment as Eric Plott calls out PayPal top supervisor of the company and calls them out and shill scam criminal Bankers are left speechless. Everyone needs to here this, if you are at all suspicious or concerned about online virtual banking with PayPal or Square. They are stealing people’s money and getting away with it. Take out your money with PayPal and come join us at Flash.
Eric Plott is now an executive agent for a real trusted online banking Gateway and he can sign you up and get you lower rates than PayPal for your business, and if he can’t he will give you $250. He offers card King, processing, and API gateways for your website to check out.

I had 21k in my paypal and they had on a "Rolling Reserve" and would not let me access my funds I've called them for a month straight every other hour and now while I'm at work we are going to begin taking turns to get to the highest person in paypal so far Pierre killed it tonight in 3 minutes and his "New Yorker" accent.
 CALL HIM TOLL FREE 855-841-9659 TO SIGN UP AND GET FREE evaluation. No hidden fees costs and Speedy transactions, and most importantly NEVER FROZEN ACCOUNTS OR HOLDING ACCOUNT DOWN!! Which could potentially ruin or hurt your business due to having the constant headache of long waiting Customer Service calls.
We are starting a anti PayPal protest. For all those of you out there who have at criminal activity against you from this company. Post your experience below start a group and get the word out. Feel free to use this entire audio clip segment, keep in mind the final conclusion is near the very 14-18 minute mark towards the end. This is not an edited clip, raw footage they don’t want to get out.
It is wrong. All you have to do is go to and look up Paypal leave your review there.
The best part of this audio recording is the last 20 minutes. That’s where you will hear me talk to the top supervisor and call out and expose their illegal activity once and for all. Hear how they literally took all of our earnings at PlottPalmTrees.Com Productions over the years with a Hold  or Frozen account, "limitation with no appeal". Have you gotten this message from them before? There truly is no seller protection for the merchant.. They have done this to over 3,000 other accounts and watch as I tell this Banker what’s up. The facts hurt. And these are the facts ma’am.
SMART TO WITHDRAW ALL YOUR MONEY TODAY, We can do everything that Paypal does, but cheaper, no holdings, no limitations, no power over your hard earned money.
Yeah I did contact PayPal. Because of these Transitions and your website, PayPal, has limited my account with no appeal, meaning I cannot withdraw or deposit any funds or do any authorization on my account. There are no disputes open, but my limitation makes it where you cannot refund me. I’ve talked to you guys before on these three transactions and you have assured that I will get a refund. However I cannot escalate this dispute through Pay Pal, and they have already stated they will close my account and 180 days. It is not ethical for you guys to not issue me a refund, even if I don’t have a PayPal account. I would like it if you guys could reach out to me and somehow issue my refund. This is unfair and unethical if I cannot get my money back, because I have not received a single item on these three transactions. Which almost amount in $4,000. I do not want to have to make the big ordeal about this, it is Criminal what you’re doing and illegal. I hope you guys will contact me at 855-841-9659 to help me get my refund. Perhaps you could write me a check or wire the money to my bank. I have the receipt, and I have had no products ship to me. I want a full refund please. Through a different route other than PayPal. This event caused me to lose my PayPal account. I called and left a message on your machine.
We have already filed an complaint with the Attorney General and we are taking the next remaining steps of legal action to go to small claims court to receive the money we have gotten stolen from the both of your companies. Wish owes us nearly 4000 dollars and PayPal you owe us 1700 dollars to date. We are going to sue from the State of Tennesee for 25,000 dollars for losses and expenses to punitive damages. We have all the evidence and transaction Id as well as over 3000 negative complaints of  cusumers that have a similar dispute. Our attorney and others who have won in small claims court has already insured us that we will win and be rewarded.
We highly advise doing what is ethical at this moment and time and write and send us a check for the amounts owed in our PayPal balance and wish for the refund that is owed for the products we haven't received. If this is done then we will drop all charges. We already are sending our complaint statement to your mailing address, if you ignore this, we are left with no other choice but to continue forward with the FTC and attorney general officer in California and Tennesee. We have everything meticulously documented and recorded. You can check your records and see how much to write our check for. PayPal, we know you are freezing accounts because you are losing to the IRS and owe money, but please do not make this worse for yourself and do the right thing. I am highly educated and have many lawyers in my family, we are ready to move forward. This also goes for you guys at wish.
Wish cannot refund us because PayPal has a hold on our account for 180 days and we will cease to contact and expose your criminal actions to the the world and the Judge.
Kindest regards,
Eric Plott
Please we urge you to give all our money back asap. We have done nothing wrong to be considered a high risk and we have this documented.
How to sue pay pal and win. There are over 3000 plus merchants that have had there money stolen or froze indefinitely. (Read how to successfully win in court against PayPal here:
Many tens of thousands of dollars as well. They have all the money Plott Palm Trees has made since day one. PayPal has given us no reason to why  they have decided to "part company" with our profits over the years and limited our account with NO APPEAL. meaning we cannot deposit nor withdraw money "to or from" our account. We cannot obtain refunds from chargeback crooked merchants, even like in this case when the account exceeds over 4000 dollars. So, yes for the record we are going to begin the law suit process. We have tried everything to kindly, respectfully and ethically  approach them with honesty and straight to the point facts.
However we have been ignored and let down by a company we once respected and trusted in. No longer and we are going to just accept this type of behavior. We are going to court for 25,000 dollars 💵 as of today. 


Dear Eric Plott,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Please be advised that this email is not intended to discuss legal matters. If you would like to discuss your legal issues further please forward your correspondence to our corporate offices with the information below:

  • PayPal Corporate
  • Attn: Legal Dept/Civil
  • 2211 North First Street
  • San Jose, CA  95131

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Protection Services Department

Copyright © 1999-2016 PayPal. All rights reserved.

Sent: Sunday, October ##, #### ##:##:## PM (-##:##)
Subject: Police and FTC. Complaint for Law Suit

We are contacting you to just let you know we are suing in

small claims court from tennesee for ##,### usd .

You will be recieving another physical letter from our lawyers.

A complaint form.

Our case has been recorded and filed.

You are being notified of these things that have

criminally been done to our business.

We have all the evidence and even if you wanted

to part company with our business, you should

have issued an immediate refund and we are not able

to get our #### dollars from a company trying to refund us.

How To Sue PayPal Article Click Here:



Flash Banc: Executive Agent Manager by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com on Scribd





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