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Freedom @BrngDwnGvrnmnt: Joe Mekhael Show

#WOOOOOOO @smoknjoemekhael Freedom Joe Mekhael

Listen to the Freedom Informant Network with the منقول poetictouch
Egyptian  Revolution Activist for Truth from Cairo.
Meet the one and only Joe Mekhael.  
Smokin Joe Mekhael is the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER FOR THE LONGEST DJ SET IN HISTORY and is currently ranked as Australia's #31 DJ! !
 Sydney, Australia


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  منقول poetictouch
Egyptian actor Salah Zul Faqqar dances to the tunes of the song "Ya Mustafa" - sung by Bob Azzam - in a scene from the film "El-Hobb Kedah" ("Love Is Like That" - 1961), starring Salah Zul Faqqar,
Here is a song that was 
very famous in the 50s and early 60s era.This song is titled [MUSTAPHA YA MUSTAPHA]

  • The original version of this catchy song [having a Greek style music] and its composer are controversial,many ,claim that the version of a certain singer is the original one.It appeared in one of the films of the Egyptian actor,the Late Esmaeel Yasseen in the 50s and in another Egyption film of Sabah from the same era [Al hob keda ].The Izmir born singer Dario Moreno [1921-1968] performed it in the late 50s. In Europe, the song became popular with the help of Bob Azzam [A Lebanese singer born in Egypt in 1925 and passed away in Monte Carlo 2004 son to Jewish parents living in Egypt ] who published it in 1960 in France with lyrics consisting of at least 3 languages): "Chérie je t'aime, chéri je t'adore - como la salsa del pomodoro" (Darling, I love you, darling, I adore you -- like tomato sauce). 
    Bruno Gigliotti (Orlando) the brother of famous singer Dalida also covered the song.This song in particular [with its Greek style music and polyglotic lyrics] can be considered as a historical documentation of the cosmopolitan era in the Egyptian city of Alexandria that lasted from [1860-1960].Juring that era,a large cosmopolitan polyglotic community [mainly Greeks and Italians] lived in Alexandria .A seizable portion lived in the [Attareen] district in particular,where the events of the song takes place. 


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Joe Mekhael
Smokin Joe Mikhail 

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