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•Atlantis Found- Edin/Eden Mt.Meru Eyewitness Testimony Real Account

HalleluYAH Show Videos meru MYSTERY SCHOOL Thought Professing Ultimate Truth Warrior X University UltimateTruthWarriorX Youtube University

•This is by far the Coolest story I have ever heard and  it is all Remastered for the Viewer experience. Enjoy Click Play 


The Symbols are all over the place before the enslaved and inquiring mind. They are aware of all this and clearly don't want it to be known knowledge. This is ancient wisdom that has been lingering since the age of LATIN era. They dropped the Latin language because there was too much history that has been hidden that has been written in Latin. Why do you think it became a Dead language?


Cosmic Egg universe

Greek Ophion of Egg Universe

Egyptian Ancient Khemitic Egg Universe


Watch this video if you would like to hear the revived ancient view of "Cosmic Egg" theory. It isn't completely a "FLAT EARTH" View either, if anything it is a cure for the flat earth ignorance, it shows how some of what NASA is saying is actually Half-Truth and not what people think. This is a MUST WATCH. Take the time or Bookmark this webpage or video here: 


This next production will blow your mind. Literally the best finding of the year for me. It will show you a complete alternative reality that will put a huge piece of the puzzle together THAT REALLY PERTAINS TO REALITY, WITHIN, that is FOLLOWING THE MATRIX. What we see is becoming more and more, less of  a reaity; as the things they don't want us to know, are truly hidden, only for the most enlightened. Those willing to venture forth and explore the possibility; in which reLIEgion and beLIEfs put red tape and mental barricades with spiritual firey hoops to jump through and obstacles that are out of this world. Stay tuned this video is uploading as we speak. Possibly one of my best presentations thus far.


You certainly won't be or think the same if you absorb the knowledge as a thought. We only thought profess, afterall; we aren't here as teachers, preachers, gurus, or prophets and pastors. Simply a non bias and non reLIEGious or anti dogmatic perspective that we call merely "Thought PROFESSING " #ThoughtPROFESS 


- Which only takes "Natural Human Sensical Observation Skills" aka Common sense.

We use intuition much of the time which has taken us to this unbelievable one finding after another.

Which can be depressing if you live in this false reality matrix in which they created for us at face value.

They know we are a virus stuck in this matrix that is brinking in between EXTREME INTELLIGENCE AND SPLIT PERSONALITY.

-Therefore we are awoken and we shall present to those who are also awaken and willing to learn more.

Put your thinking caps on for this one or just keep waiting for Jesus Yahusha /hail Zeus; we already know Niburi Marduk is coming to Tiamat =Heaven/Earth, but we shall not allow this to hinder our evolving process of tending to our natural human responsibilities

- which Jesus god and heaven excuse us from watering.

This is always why when I saw Christians who had plants; they either killed them and they would dry out or they would have to get the fake conventional plants that are gmo or hybrid just in order to keep them alive; and in some cases they would still die.

It is very literally symbolic.


Awoke individuals who I call "thought professors", are the less than 1% percentile that are enlightened to more spiritual epiphanies and awakenings; and they are green thumbs always, because they live in the true truth reality, they care about this heaven now, instead of closing their eyes to blind faith and put everything (LIfE) off till "Yahusha comes back again".

I feel bad for them all, as they will be going to Sheol, and starting all over again, if they aren't living up to Yahusha water life style.

What I mean is he did teach us how to be Christ conscious, but he was not intended to be turned into a recitalist god to worship. Much like the sun in reLIEGious form.

I wish to only help those realize that god of the Bible is the wizard of Oz, behind the curtain is your Vaticant GOvernmentD Vatican royal elites pretending with their slave Manuel and prancing around as god.



Their prophesy are mere man made road maps that happen because that is their plan. The plan is to enslave the masses with this phony Phoenician story that was hijacked and plagiarized from Sumerians and Egyptians on forward. Learn more about Egyptians Khemites tie in together with the Aryan Sumerians together below at LIGHTHOUSE.

•The LightHouse with Jamaar Milton•

•The LightHouse with Jamaar Milton•

•SECRET MYSTERY OF THE UNIVERSE UNVEILED• Giant, Pyramids, and Tree of Life (Swastika)    Youtube Version "Secret Mystery of The Universe - Giants, Pyramids, Mount Meru & Tree of Life" BOTH VIDEOS ARE THE SAME ABOVE & BELOW •WE ARE ALSO WORKING ON AN EPIC VIDEO ABOUT THE SUMERIAN TEXTS, Check out our Popular HalleluYAH show live, where we are reading all the Ancient Sumerian Texts all the way out Raw without Stitchin's Misinterpretation and Mistranslations. The Full Series Is Below.    (One is Vimeo and the Other Youtube). Also I want everyone to Watch "Hell Storm" To know where they removed...

Read more →


I asked god to show himself; guess what? This nameless one which is unconditional Consciousness is so much bigger and the true demon Devils that are the balance duality are the ones teaching hate in the church's with the means to do so with that "The Book".

Which only matters because they say it does. Because they say god says it does. As if god needs their rewritten book in order to connect with. And he can't talk to us anymore, so we can have faith.


If god were to exist from that book, you realize how much crap we would be in?

Haven't you people read how wicked and destructive Yahuwah Yahuah Yahweh Elohim Jehovah truly is?
-"Fornicate and impregnate your brothers wife or else I will kill you"
God ended up killing him.

"Kill every first born in Egypt and cause plagues"
- he supposedly did this but no where is this recorded in the top scholar scribes and carving tablet people of khemite. 


"Hey Abraham kill your son Issac "....
"Nevermind I change my mind, I was just testing ya"

"Hey Moses daughters, have sex with your father, but get him drunk first; it's alright if you are underage and this is incest, I am god of the universe and this makes perfect sense for socially engineering the peons for the future into not thinking much about incest one day, hell its for the sake of humanity, as if there aren't any other women to impregnate"

-Both Moses daughters got their father drunk and were impregnated by their father's sperm.

"God gave Job hell on earth, just to test Him and see how faithful he is".

"God destroys sodom and gomeroa and Babylon for the very same things Americans and Europeans are doing in the name of Yahusha Jesus Christ - they are idolizing a man.

They took the Heru story which is about man becoming enlightened as a man and turned this story into how we are to follow a man who calls himself god and they are replacing the Christ consciousness with yourself and trading it for a dead white Jesus guy on a cross. Which doesn't make sense to the book of Galatians.

That's the final thing, if Christianity or any formed idea or reLIEgion that comes from that book, always creates a screwed up "organization " that never can seem to follow the scriptures at all anyways.


This way people who actually take the book literal can always just say "oh well see that is the work of HaSatan attacking the church " etc.... what bullcrap!

That is a WAY OUT and it is an Excuse or you have fear to change.

A Boy makes excuses and a MAN Makes change. 

A Girl makes excuses and a Woman makes change. ~Eric Geoffrey Plott~ QUOTE


So they justify and rationalize their pagan ways and Judge others who do the same thing as "pagans that are evil and following Satan "

What the heck!?

When I left the entire beLIEf, only then was I able to realize that I can not and never will be enlightened by living any form of a LIE.

That is the true danger of the Book they claim is of god.

A book so holy and majestic would never produce products of wicked enslavement and war and famines worldwide evil and the BIBLE DOES! Stop justifying it that they are living it right, or whatever. Clearly pushing faith on people, or that one god exist and only his son died for people who believe, is as ridicules as the people who follow such jargon. The truth is what Thoth had said and yes even Yahusha, but these men have been twisted in the writings as saying that you need to get this power through them. It is the same ole, same ole, conjuring spirits and channeling the powers by summoning them into your existence and working through them. Much of the bible is allegorical or symbolic; I go through much of that semantic etymology and astronomy all here in this video right here. GREAT Video if you want to know what the Bible is really all about Succinctly. 


If everyone stopped reading that magic spell book . (The Bible book), the we would all unify together for the first time and break the spell that is on all these people who self righteously judge in spiritual connotation, which should never be what you do anyways. They would call us all pagans if we combined and unified as HUMAN BEINGS instead of all these Millions of other words and labels, they have placed on each sect, cult, religion, denomination ,doctrine, color, creed, sex, Orientation, etc!


I know I am going to the heavens beyond the 5th dimension, so I don't need some hating high horse "beLIEver" in the book, to tell me I am condemned to hell.


It is blasphemy in its own right and the very book of theirs condemns them by the very merit by which they judge.

Meaning the Bible does have ancient wisdom that was taken from other ancient texts or tablets and then it was MANipulated in order to make one beLIEve that there is only one name or idea that you have to worship or "accept" -!: and if you don't, you are lost and will go to hell. With no spiritual work or effort, you are saved by a guy which died for you in your head.

Not a single character from this book can be traced by on reality accounts of history. Not a single person from over 2000 plus years in the book has a tomb, burial, grave, or even name or idea written on walls or tablets EVER!

What a phony book! How did I waste 29 years on this rhetoric jargon!

Ashamed I am. But I am happy and full now knowing that I can finally evolve into the full complete spiritual soul that I was intended to be.

I always was spiritual even as a Christian but the Christians were the problem and blocking me from my own greatness.

The beLIEf leaves far too much room for judging others or hating which is dividing based upon things or ideas you normally wouldn't care about or be offended by.

For instance I don't care if someone is homosexual today, why did god make then gay then?



That was the other one too, 
"God said he didn't like his human creation so he would wipe them all off the face of the earth"

Good news is 
more people are waking up to the fraudulent plagiarism of the Bible.

It is much like the earth being flat or round. We can't prove either, but what does your eyes see?

I see, touch, taste feel, and hear earth and nature which is "god". Soon as we put a label on it, then everything starts a war; which completely negates the idea of peace for humanity and enlightenment or evolution of ones self into becoming Christ conscious centered and your own messiah. Amen

•FINAL STORY IS UPLOADING- may take awhile and it is the greatest story I have heard in a long time. Bet you have never heard it. Again they are taking about the story I am putting together a film documentary about it here. #UltimateTruthWarriorX -#StraighTtalkEgplott more is to come. So keep an eye out for my next video as it will be uploaded onto this same channel. So don't forget to subscribe. We got some good work for y'all to research. You will love the duality that will clear up a lot of mystery that's in our life about NASA and the earth and all these other hidden knowledge bits that we aren't ever told. Can't wait till you hear this next film coming in a few hours.




So true. In fact. The Holy Spirit/your ancestors. Who’s soul exists on other planets(X). Talk to us “mentally”trying to lead us in the right spiritual paths so that we don’t fall in the traps💯(the voice in your head) Truth is A lot of humans are too dumb to realize what’s going on😅💯 .  

Stupidity is not allowed by me. Yes not easy at first with all the brainwashing from birth on up. It's hard to get these slaves out of their mindset of the ReLIEgion disease. Read the Bible will actually cure that disorder. It did me.

Mainly I have questions I want someone to answer about the Bible.

I understand your view 💯and I know we can co Exist. I have been where you have been obviously and the same thing goes both ways. I don't want to offend you every. I do love you and I hope you don't take this wrong.

I think you and your material rocks. I just see so much deception and I am pissed about it all. I recently came out with my newest video and it's taking off with the logic behind this.

It's not like I don't want to go to heaven or that I don't understand where your coming from or what the Bible is saying.


I know that the idea of Jesus was created for , whether Yahusha or Jesus.

I didn't just let people take me over with their views etc.

I asked god Yahuah and Yahusha to come in and show me a sign or wonder and I prayed over and over and backed off and read the entire bible in Hebrew. I wanted him to be true. I really did.

I even just sat and waited for him for a full week and then another week passed and nothing.

I mean I tried so hard to make it work. Logically is one thing but I had to stop speaking for this god entity and waiting for him to make himself known to stop convincing myself he was real and there and all this.

Now seeing on this side again, I realize I don't know why I came back. Religious people are just as confused and screwed up. It's all about making money or pushing an agenda with god. That's why it was invented.

To divide and conquer and then use god guilt on people to control people's minds.

When you let go of all this then the real god or power that controls the cosmos will take over and you will see "him" or it.

It is very real. So don't think I don't believe in a higher power. That I know is truth.

Ultimate truth is that it isn't the god of the Bible - there is no way, not making you feel bad and don't take this as me judging you or please don't be offended.

I say this only because look at all the hate judgment and pointing fingers and now I have found real mistakes in the Bible I missed before. It's a book. Man made and the further you go, you realize

It's one MANipulation after another. Then I never actually researched the Sumerian texts and Emerald tablets and things actually written on Walls.

I was furious to see the story is blocking the real story and hiding the real powerful entity which is keeping us all from working on our human responsibility.

Like because we are all waiting on Jesus or Yahusha - which is actually NUBURI and everything is planetary or ASTONOMY and this means we don't get any spiritual growth and you know that's true. Look at the people in your audience. Look at the way many of them act and then just say

"Oh I rely on god praise Yahuah " and that's it. Then don't even work on yourself or your human responsibility- which is loving everyone no matter what.


We don't need religion and I feel so happy and full for the first time. That's all. When you figure this one piece out, you just can't go back.

I respect you and it's all about respect and love.

ReLIEgion and the Bible as the video I sent you, do you know the evil crazy god Yahuah you worship in the old testament?

Pretty wicked stuff they wish us to worship and really we are worshipping the GOvernmentD in disguise. Like the government is god for real. They are hiding behind the god and bible (slave Manuel ) they wrote and rewrote. This is why they change the Shabbath and rewrite or add and remove because god doesn't ever punish or curse them but only those who believe and don't live in faith are subject to being cursed. While a bunch a real demons are controlling the game, and they are only able to do this, by keeping people in that hate control book of enslavement.

I have to tell you this out of love. The wizard behind the curtain doesn't exist. Not the god entity of the Bible. There is a more loving and unconditional Consciousness power that exist

Look at the works. You will know them by their works.

The. Bible does have the ultimate wisdom but then it twists it to an entity which is saturnalia and then Jesus or Yahusha is the new sun god and this is why the old and the New Testament ARE POLAR OPPOSITES- I know you see this, because you actually read the entire bible all the way through.

In fact I went out to prove Yahusha was real and Yahuah existed while reading the entire bible in Hebrew I discovered the opposite because I also am reading the tablets that were written on walls and tablets and they are the same story.

Serious be open to watch that girl above.

It's all about putting all the pieces together and self realization of how they have taken Ultimate ancient wisdom.


I am confronted with a challenge right now which must be faced and maybe you can relate to a major challenge in your life also in the not so distant past.

For myself, it takes the first step of giving my challenge to Spirit Above All thru prayer. Then to be still to hear the answer and guidance needed to courageously with faith act upon it and never look back. 💖🌳🐿️☀️🦅💕🦋


In our day to day lives, we often show courage without realizing it. However, it is only when we are afraid that courage becomes a question. Courage is amazing because it can tap in to the heart of fear, taking that frightened energy and turning it towards initiative, creativity, action, and hope. When courage comes alive, imprisoning walls become frontiers of new possibility, difficulty becomes invitation and the heart comes into a new rhythm of trust and sureness. There are secret sources of courage inside every human heart, yet courage needs to be awakened in us. Courage is the spark that can become the flame of hope, lighting new and exciting pathways in what seemed to be dead, dark landscapes.


Can't Unhear what you have Heard from us. That why they hate us.

DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH! We show you the True TRUTH ~Erik

Israelite/yasherahla for life✊🏾
Isis-ra-enlil. Shalawam to the achs and achots😂HalleluYAH 😉 throw ya nines up 999
Anu is the most high yah

I made a video wth you in mind about black Hebrew and Christianity not being able to be enlightened when you beLIEve a LIE. Honor and props to you here

They ain't stealing our heritage and our people. We are the chosen. Khemite and Sumerian Aryans are brothers.

I am Arak Yahu Yisrael and RA EL

Never bro. The religion y’all follow is written by the Edomite man💯⭕️💪🏾

To destroy our true nationality/gods💯

Light house here

#UltimateTruthWarriorX I wrote something up for this King here. I am so glad this dude helped me wake up to reLIEgion and the deception of the book. I am finally free and we are helping those who are wanting to be WOKE.


"The purpose of Initiation is a conventional attempt to realize man's place in the universe and in the divine scheme of things, and this, I believe, the Egyptian Mystical System achieved for the first time in an orderly and philosophical manner..." - Lewis Spence

"To the Initiated of the sanctuary, no doubt, was reserved the knowledge of the god in the abstract, the god concealed in the unfathomable depths of his own essence. But for the less refined, adoration of the people were presented the endless images of deities sculptured on the walls of the temples." - Alphonse Mariette

As Egyptologists study the ancient Egyptian people and their culture, it appears they (and the rest of us) fall under the "less refined" group, as Alphonse Mariette states. We seem to be content to gaze upon the outer forms of the divinities (gods) sculpted on the walls of the temples, yet never think to understand that broad mystical concept of life of which these ancient gods were but the outer semblance and concrete symbol of. Their figures represented so much more than just their sculpted form.

The Egyptian priests taught a doctrine of metaphysics that appealed to the highest aspirations of Man, and they kept it a secret, never to be revealed to the people but under fables and allegories (ie. Osiris and Isis).


Imagine that.


u•rae•us (yoo re'as) n. a representation of the sacred asp upon the headdress of rulers of Ancient Egypt, symbolizing supreme power

Uraeus is a Greek word to describe a fiery cobra rearing up. In ancient Egypt, this serpent figure was attached to the front of a headdress/crown as an ornament, protruding from the forehead, above the brow, and worn by divinities and sovereigns. It was an emblem of "supreme power," reserved for divine royalty and diety. History books tell us it was believed to be a protective symbol that protected the king from all evil by spitting fire upon his enemies. They also tell us it is associated with the goddess Wadjet and Isis and bla, bla, bla...

I'm not going to spend a lot of words repeating what you can read in high school history books. Over the course of time, several interpretations and meanings of the uraeus crown have evolved. What I want to do here is reveal an interpretation of this sacred symbol that the history books do NOT discuss. Why? Because what mainstream historians cannot understand, they avoid. Why? Maybe they are too old to learn something new. Or maybe they don't have the intellectual capacity (to learn) something that is beyond anything they have ever thought or studied. Or maybe they are just too lazy to do the research, content to repeat what earlier historians have already concluded. Or maybe they just don't want to think outside the box of their job security.

In any case, thoroughout history, the snake/serpent/cobra symbolized:

• transformation and evolution
• the unconscious
• rejuvination and healing
• rebirth
• psychic energy
• rain
• fertility
• tempatation
• satan
• sex
• phallus
• sin (Christianity)

The uraeus crown was the symbol of true Initiation - symbol of an Initiate. The band of gold (crown) with a cobra rearing up from the forehead was a symbol of procreative energy of life, which had been transformed and spiritualized. It was an insignia of the majestic position of a High Priest or High Priestess.



There was a time long before King Tutankhamen wore the uraeus crown when the King and the High Priest were one and the same person. He was the earthly and spiritual leader of the people. But as Egypt grew in culture and wealth, the tasks were divided up and a separation of duties followed; The Pharaoh ruled over the stately affairs and the High Priest fulfilled the duties of the Temple as guardian of knowledge in every field.

Fast Forward: Many years later, Egypt fell into decline. Under the Ptolemies came the dissipation of the sacred arcana and the violation of the sanctuaries of the Hermetic Gods. When this happened, the members of the secret schools separated and the priests retired into the Arabian desert and journeyed to different parts of the world, taking with them the old doctrines. When the sacred arana left Egypt, the original, true purpose/meaning/symbol of the uraeus crown went with it, and new symbolic meanings found their way into the history books. It was during these later years that the Egyptian kings and queens inherited the uraeus headdress as a traditional symbol of their great royal power and authority, not knowing that the crown they now wore was not the symbolic crown of an Initiate but simply costume jewelry.

The original uraeus (rearing cobra) represented the Divine Fire in the human body (spiritual energy) "rearing up" the spinal cord, through the chakra system, eventually activating the pituitary pineal gland, or "Third Eye," which is located above the brow between your eyes, exactly where the uraeus is attached to the crown. (The snake in the human body is the spine, and the spine is an important nervous center and carrier of spiritual energy, known as Kundalini.)

It has been said that the Third Eye is a direct doorway to your subconscious (unconscious) mind. The headdress with the cobra head protruding from the forehead exemplifies this symbology.

When the Third Eye chakra is awakened, the person may see waking visions, places, and people as clairvoyance is a byproduct of this chakra. In ancient Egypt, the "INITIATE" who wore the uraeus crown possessed these abilities and other occult powers.

~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~ E.G.Plott~



Been True Truth Warrior X and the more I read and know  how the Bible was invented, I can no longer keep up with the LIE.


They got really good chess players and masterminds up there writing their script. 
~Erik Arak Yahu Yisrael WHITE LION ~E.G.Plott~


Today’s Modern Judaism is a Religion, no longer a Race.

From 70 CE to 1500 CE, the Romans and Europeans had executed the Jewish race into extinction.
In the 8th century, Khazars traders who converted to Judaism, migrated into Europe and began to fill the Jewish void.

The Khazars made their wealth by trading between the East (India and China) and West (Europe), and used their pseudo-Jewish identity in Europe to exploit Judaism.

Hence today, most Ashkenazi Jews (European Jews) are genetically Khazars and are international traders.


Dude I got serious alchemical and herbal formulations as a professional that caters to ancient Kemite and Sumerian and royal bloodlines. Yes, royals purchase my raw wholefood superfoods and other exotic plants.



 I can't wait to listen to this. On my out. I will. Don't ever forget I share this with you and it is legit. Be careful with where you share this one or how you share this one. Most won't care but the hardest things to see are right in front of our eyes.

Keep up the outstanding work beautiful momma.


SACRED SEXUALITY,..Your sexuality can be a beautiful part of your spiritual practice as it helps you to grow more in tune with yourself, your partner, and the magical forces of nature that work through you. A sacred sexual practice provides wonderful benefits including:

* A space to tap into greater joy, inspiration and creative power.

* A means to help you hone your ability to understand and provide for your body, mind and spirit's deepest needs and desires.

* A beautiful path to grow and enrich your romantic relationship.

*A path to feeling even closer with God.

Watch sacred sexuality here



When you ponder grace, grace occurs. The Divine experiences your bliss and has continuous pleasure in your growth. God loves your
expanding Awareness … especially your oneness with Him-Her.


It is Divine Power that rushes in to fill up the mold of your innermost expanded assumptions and to manifest your new understanding.
If you spend time imagining and feeling your oneness with Divine Being, then it is that Image that God shall manifest in the outer world.
It is your choice to focus on what you will.
It is your decision to hold onto the feelings that direct the flow
of your spirit, which in turn manifests for you according to your faith, –– that vision that you hold of yourself and your life.

Yet, there is a higher way to live and there is a path of grace. There is a deeper friendship with the Divine. It comes by trusting your Infinite I AM who loves you more than you love yourself, and letting It guide your day.

If you find that trying to govern your universe and life is exhausting, then let go. Listen on the inside to your divine intuition, and obey it. How? Just do what seems the appropriate thing to do in each moment. And do whatever feels peaceful. Remember:
With inner quietness and confidence, you will always find strength. [W]
If you focus continuously on your all-loving, all-providing
spiritual Vibration within, you will stay in touch with bliss.
If you permeate your awareness with the graceful power of ‘I Am One’ you will see Divine Grace manifest throughout your life by its guidance of you. Any unpleasant conditions manifested so far in your life will drop from you, since their existence lived only from your attention anyway.


Your staring at painful circumstances only keeps them with you.
Do not stare at your current negative situation. Go within yourself daily
to feel your oneness with Divine Being and obey God’s leading from there.
Let your heart-centered feelings regarding each moment of the day and each activity, be your GUIDE as to the appropriateness of your thoughts and deeds.
If your heart remains peaceful before and during an activity, instead of anxious, then you do well.

Trust that your life is actually being guided, and it will be. Practice friendship with the Divine by listening to divine leadings.
‘Acknowledge God in all your ways so God will direct your Paths in bliss.’ [F] ‘He shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind, thoughts and imagination
are stayed on Him’ [V]
Look within all day long as you look without,
and your Divine heart leading will direct your steps.
Follow your feelings moment-to-moment and let blissfulness be the guide. By doing this, your heart shall rest in peaceful oneness, and your mind shall be filled with lighted Awareness.
It is … a continual dedication. 36.
from the Lachlen Paul French translation of The Gospel According to Thomas




HOW THE BIBLE WAS Plagiarized  FROM THE SUMERIANS AND EGYPTIANS, Here is how they did it. 



I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS For Any and All Bible Scholars out there today. 



For tesla free energy sincerely no joke. This is why they killed him. Figured it out.

I am a Sumerian King. White lion. Enjoy your Lighthouse.

Another gift is this granny full of wisdom. She is spot on but you might not like it. 

To you Khemite kings.

Learn more about everything said above at



Other updates

Review of this film here

But, of course. Facebook and life are all about sharing 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I give you something special, some extra respect work here

Don't make the same mistake that we did before , share before they remove and steal and then make money off giving us humans the crumbs. We are in this together and don't let them buy you out and rip us all off! SHARE WHILE YOU CAN! Don't you realize who you are? Find out here



•BIBLE MYTH: Enuma Elish Story from Sumerian Aryan & COSMO EGG THEORY

~Erik Aray Yahuah Yisrael ~E.G.Plott ~WHITE LION ~

  Enki  Enlil  HalleluYAH Show Videos  StraightTALKEGPLOTT Sumer  Sumerian Texts  UltimateTruthWarriorX

•BIBLE MYTH: Enuma Elish Story from Sumerian Aryan & COSMO EGG THEORY





Sumerian Aryan Texts Unveiled with WHITE LION The Aryan

Sumerian Aryan Texts Unveiled with WHITE LION The Aryan

•BIBLE MYTH: Enuma Elish Story from Sumerian Aryan & COSMO EGG THEORY ~Erik Aray Yahuah Yisrael ~E.G.Plott ~WHITE LION ~ February 07, 2018 • Enki • Enlil • HalleluYAH Show Videos • StraightTALKEGPLOTT •Sumer • Sumerian Texts • UltimateTruthWarriorX •NO SATAN DID NOT WRITE A Similar STORY TO THE BIBLE 6000 BCE To MISLEAD EVERYONE, The Only Misleading is how man has seriously corrupted the bible. The Roman's in particular have had over a dozen counsel of NICEA events where they have completely rewritten the bible story over and over. CONTINUE READING FORWARD, if you are ready to have your mind blow. This story came BEFORE The Genesis (Genetic) Story of the Torah. In fact...


Healing manifesto. You are a miracle worthy of healing here

#UltimateTruthWarriorX #EricPlottReviews #EricPlottReview

Work out video short

First Tennesee smoky mountain album video here




Another gift is this granny full of wisdom. She is spot on but you might not like it.

She is wrong about NASA but everything else she said is spot on and it's not just her or anything any one person has said.

I had pastors and bishops who couldn't answer many of my questions. I know too much. Lmao.




 Sumerian Aryans Ruled the entire world as Kings of the world with African Egyptian Kemites. Learn More about this HERE.



Sumerian Aryan Texts Unveiled with WHITE LION The Aryan



Part #3









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