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Purium isn't So Pure.

Purium isn't So Pure.


"That the difference Purium is about the very least processed foods in the industry"
•REALLY! The "LEAST" Processed Foods in the Industry? Read this article:

 COMMENT THAT STARTED IT ALL, Among many others....


-When something is in the LEAST Bit Processed, it is COMPLETELY DEAD and therefore NON BENEFICIAL! Especially this holds true with all Wholefoods and SUPERFOODS alike. They must in fact be grown in mineral rich high quality soil that is AAAA++++ Quality levels. Organic and NO ETO SPRAYS OR CLEANING SOLUTIONS Which Purium DOES USE, whether they like to admit it or completely lie about it or not! I am going to prove this with them and many other companies as well.

-It was almost a "good" enough brand we were going to sell it. Eric as his own small business has made more per percentage as a small organization. You got to admit, not bad? Since you want to throw millions of dollars in my face.

• Could you make your own website and product line? Then offer anyone to sign up for FREE with no Obligation, Hidden Fees, no Charges EVER, no Website needed, No Shipping or Expectation or Quota! -Yep we aren't a Pyramid scheme that forces their clients to HAVE TO purchase their product or recruit people under them, THAT IS A PYRAMID SCAM and Read the Zija Article Down in the References below to Learn what a PYRAMID FRAUD is at "ZIJA IS NOT MORINGA " Blog below.


•What They intend to do is make a natural drug complete with mass amounts of sneaky CHEMICALS Laced in it, read my article reference below to SHOW EVIDENCE* "Laced Health Supplements & Organic Really?"

-All they have to do is say this product works and EVEN IF it is actually dead and sits in a shelf corner dead, they still expect you to get results. AGAIN IMPOSSIBLE! It's called "Psychosomatics" - look up the placebo behavior if you don't believe me.
-Again front runners of MASS PRODUCER LLC and Incorporated Filler Giants, ALL lie again about the obvious and that is the quality!

Watch my videos in the blog below called, " Real True Organic Wholefood Supplements that KEEP IT REAL!" and also please don't forget to check out THEMORINGAQUEEN.Com/QUEEN if you want to see how our Moringa Oil is the Best and logic behind the science; which Eric Plott coins as "Natural Human Sensical Observation Skills" aka COMMON SENSE!

•You can't have live rich Biophotons that are truly absorbable to the blood, or ENZYMATICALLY BIOAVAILABLE for the Immune system!
-It's impossible actually and we have proven this

How's about that doc?

Not a dead product and no matter how much you can scam people with con artist quotes from your doctor

****See we offer is real•Alive•Raw organic .
(The Moringa Queen Oil Realness Of Nutrition)

•People will always know that doctors are simply looking for any and all WRITE-offs they can. Greedy
-Unfortunately they are not about quality. They always need a PATENTABLE product and not raw superfoods PRODUCE, LIKE US; AND They will always be junk.
-No matter what you want to believe. This is the ultimate truth X (#UltimateTruthWarriorX )

••They have lost so much credibility in the world now, you think people trust doctors opinion on health and nutrition?
-Their wives know more about nutrients and live antioxidant than their doctorate husband and even with the scientists, this becomes the same dilemma unfortunately.

••••Ya, this is ALL compartmentalized and when the "nature" route product doesn't work, the doctor is willing and ready to prescribe your sick butt back on PHARMA HARMa drugs. Amazing how you can go aback to trusting such a deceptive snake, with a group of shark network marketers such as yourself sir. With all due respect, I say these things, because I know exactly what their sneaky game is; and I see millions of people being lead off the cliff with these dark traps!

•THEN HE SAID, " and you can not live on what you have can you ? "
-Yep, actually MORINGA K AND HEMP are the only two superfoods that you can thrive on and get absolutely every single nutrient in live bioactive form. Omega 3,6,9 and even all the essential amino acids and b12 in high quality quantity.
So, I am not sure if you are grabbing my quotes from my videos or not, but I will say it again, "There is nothing in the PLANT NOR ANIMAL KINGDOM That Comes REMOTELY Close to the Nutritional Content Value of this one Plant Moringa K; You can literally live off of it, if we were both in the desert together struggling to survive, INSTEAD WE WOULD ACTUALLY THRIVE!" and we really do have studies to back that up, Way more than your 24 years or so. There are among no more studied plants than Moringa, Hemp, and Reishi Mushroom, as well as Soursop; which we sell all of these and even formulated a newest fresh concoction called, "MORINGA X" with all these astonishing beautiful wildcrafted superWHOLEfood herb plants.

Not to mention, not only this good stuff, but it is in a simple form & not a bunch of junk fillers (That are all sprayed repeadly, food coloring sprayed, ETO Ethylene, and Blanched with Heat, fake wheat and rice fillers etc added into batch) because our SUPERFOODS ARE all from ONE SINGLE PLANT AND NOT A VARIATION OF MANY PLANTS. THIS MEANS THE NUTRIENT DENSITY IS QUITE SIMPLE FOR THE BODY TO BREAK DOWN AND ASSIMILATE PROPERLY; WHICH means we can ultimately utilize it fully! Does that make sense? You cannot promise this with any shelf bought product.
-I hate to break it to you. We are raw gourmet hand picked with love fresh off the tree and shipped to your door.

•He then added something like, "I have made millions and if you really attended Harvard, as you say you have; you should join us and make even more money than you are in NETWORKING MARKETING; as Harvard studies say that is where the money is at!"
•POSITIVE PRESPONSE (Because it ignored it, it isn't a RESPONSE yet, I think he will end up Blocking me, for not joining the MLM Cult)
-Nothing wrong with networking brother. Halleluyah and praise be the Yahuwah.

So, I feel you are making a smart decision with your time and livelihood on that matter. However we do sign ups for free and no obligation to having to buy anything or sell certain amounts. It's simply a Yah special link and no website needed or product. We do it all for you.
On that subject while at Harvard Business, they trained us about how to make it online and that if you weren't a online business in the next five years you would be in the dust; as far as Small Businesses were concerned.

I recall hearing from one megalomaniac Network marketer that the new thing of the future will be called, "CLINICAL GRADE SUPPLEMENTS AND ESSENTIAL OILS"
-Boy oh boy, is this about Selling a Bunch of Junk Chinese Poison Toxic herbs and making a MINT, or is this about having fun and building relationships while selling the highest quality PRODUCE in a PILL available to the world? =I Will LEAVE YOU TO PONDER THIS and I really hope and pray that Organic stays alive, hey, support us, someone that is trying our best as the small underdog guys to KEEP WILD CRAFTED Organic Around a Bit Longer! -I Can guarantee you, aside from all their phony tests and woo woo quacker devices, there IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT BEAT TRUE ALL NATURE, REAL ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC WILDCRAFTED LIFE LIVE Biophotons rich from the Real Source S.U.S.P. Integrity Certified produce!
(Specially Unique Specifically Priority/Proprietary for YOU!)

*Nature cannot be beaten, especially if you believe in the creator YAHUWAH, Halleluyah, there is no Patch, Gelatin filler junk pill, dead herbal supplement with cleaning solutions and food coloring agents or EVEN ESSENTIAL OILS, "That Absorb directly into the blood" That is jargon, if I have ever heard it, checkout our Moringa Gold Queen oil, You will see it is PURE 100% Wild Crafted Heirloom Organic and THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT YOU BODY CAN PROPERLY ASSIMULATE OR ABSORB INTO THE CELL STRUCTURE OF YOUR HUMAN DNA AND BUILD UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. Don't Be SUPERFOOLED! Try out REAL SUPERWHOLEFOOD!

Shalom and Eric Plott is a Harvard medical researcher and Plant based nutritionist from Cornell university. Don't forget that 😉

Where a Cure is Possible



Liquid cold pressed monatomic 99.99% pure gold Moringa Oil


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"Too Blessed To Stressed" Halleluyah!

I Won the "Best Poem in the Western World- Poetry Contest" back in 2008,2010,2012. You may have seen me post it before, I would like an Official Revision to my Authentic CopyWrite versions now. 2018© 

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