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SEMAX The Ultimate Health Peptide for BRAIN REPAIR and Regeneration

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Biohacker ReviewThe Caviar of Russian Nootropics

I've been researching Russian Nootropics and with Semax, more than any other Nootropic ingredient I've researched, I kept coming across Biohackers saying that it's the best smart drug they've ever tried.

Eric Plott1:51:21 These two part videos have literally been every single thing you need to know about Semax in like one source.
The Below videos I will keep up just so you can see how powerful this message is, they banned both videos and now I have made it available on my private website fan page here:
 Semax is great for repairing damaged brain 🧠 and replenishing brain cells. Helps with allowing receptive attention and stimulate the blood 🩸 flow to the brain. Used as a nootropic. I have never lost any hair while on it. I have very long hair and it helps my hair grow if anything. In just two years my hair has grown super long from when I shaved my head to till now which is over a foot long of braids.

Semax is a heptapeptide, synthetic analog of an ACTH(4-10) fragment of adrenocorticotropic hormone. It has a wide spectrum of actions, and at the same time, lacks hormonal activity and side effects. As a nootropic, Semax improves the processes associated with memory formation and learning. As an anxiolytic, Semax increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain thus achieving a balanced and stable mood. As a neuroprotector, Semax helps to reduce damaged cells caused by oxidative stress, provides positive effect on cerebral blood flow, increases resistance to hypoxia, prevents and reduces brain damage caused by stroke. As a neurotropic Semax stimulates the growth and survival of developing neurons as well as maintenance of mature neurons thus increasing the expression of neurotrophins in messenger RNA (Ribonucleic acid) and protein levels. Semax has curative properties against glaucoma optic neuropathy, optic nerve atrophy and diabetic neuropathy, as well as peptic ulcer.
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  • N-acetyl semax amidate is a heptapeptide developed in Russia to treat stroke, optic nerve disease, peptic ulcer, boost the immune system, treat brain damage following insomnia, and other cognitive disorders. Semax is what’s called a synthetic heptapeptide. In other words, it’s a chain of seven distinct amino acids formed as a single molecule. Interestingly, it’s an analog of adrenocorticotropic hormone 4-10 (ACTH) which is released by the pituitary glands in response to surrounding stress. However, while the natural ACTH 4-10 hormone is degraded to amino acids while in the blood stream, n-acetyl semax is broken down to a more stable intermediate peptide.

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