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Eric geoffrey von Leonard Plott Moringa Blog STOP ASKING ME FOR FREE HANDOUTS ARTICLE RESPONSE TheMoringaKingdom.Com

~E.G.Plott~ Oct.11.2016 ^†∆

I was at the lowest point in my career when the Banks took my money and froze over eight years of my business earnings through the thieves at PayPal and then all the sudden a Professional Forensic Anthropologist comes asking me for a free handout with the following statement,

" I am disabled from a lifetime of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pancreatitis, cataracts/glaucoma, seizures, high blood pressure and failing kidneys. I have suffered with these since I began to walk as a baby. I cannot tell you how many times I have turned a page or opened an email to see a NEW medical cure or treatment for one or more of my problems. I have spent thousands++ dollars trying to make the pain stop, be able to walk, avoid yet another surgery, be able to sleep through a whole night without waking for meds or treatment JUST to be normal! Now, I'm broke and nothing has worked. Waste of $ Why don't just for once you send me a free miracle? Jesus did. If you believe in your plant, send it to me free. And heal me. If you do, and I'm healed, I'll be your biggest spokesperson. My word on it. "

  UNBELIEVABLE! When I Explained that we have a great deal, stating at $18.88 for our produce and how we cannot just give a product for free, she said "I have no money. But thank you." 

You see what I have to deal with folks...This was my other sales pitch, because I thought, How amazing that she is literally going to waste my time like this...Please continue my heartfelt response after that sales pitch. I needed to vent this off today, as she probably was a pawn out medical quack investigator, looking to throw me out into the fire and destroy me and my business; so I took quite offense to this; as she is not and will not be the first person to try to throw a guilt trip on me in the name of God...Firstoff, can you imagine trying that one with your All Powerful, almighty doctors? I can't believe she has the audacity to try to expose me as some free case quack or something... 
SALES PITCH: "†∆ Would we get any extra support if we took our 100x Vegan Moringa K˚ Caps and actually increased it to 40x extra capsules WITH NO CHANGE Of Price? That is a grand total of 140x a bottle for the same price of 48.88 ( That is 34 cents a cap, there is no one providing real health care that works this cheap! If we go any cheaper we will go out of business. Put us out of business by being so healthy and growing your own Moringa trees, that we all are healed and don't need to be sick any longer!) We aren't necessarily about being the biggest business in the world, but the BEST business for the world. (Plott, the Cure for Cancer Movie is coming soon with theMoringaKingdom Royal Champion Alliance video) Next Orders will be placed in a Golf tee raffling coupon, where you can get a full supply of 6 months of our Moringa K˚ or 12 Month box FOR FREE! All you have to do is like or share 8 of Our Posts and Like them too, as well just purchase 3 months supply online with this amazing deal. The Site might say 100x vegan caps, but it will be updated to 140x here soon. Does this sound like a fair trade? Kindest Regards, I Believe those who refuse everything but the best are often the only ones who get the best. We have the best  ~E.G.Plott~
Yesterday, she said the following: "I have no money. But thank you."
6:30 PM Today: At 5:09 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "You can also buy 4 pounds of our moringa and we are throwing in 6 FULL POUNDS FOR FREE!, This is practically a charity case for those who have been ripped off by medical doctors all these years and the holistic alternative healers are the ones who have to pay for it. I am so sick of being sick and tired of being told that I have to pay for the medical doctors mistakes...I work so hard, endlessly to research, countless hours to provide care and true welfare; of real research, scrupulous studies, live experimentation, and true testimonial stories.
At 5:11 AM: Eric Plott said the following: "I guess my hard work and tenacity isn't important, that I am to be the one that is insulted by being the last resort, the final choice to make..I am the end of the road, Doctors send patients home to die, then they come to me and they are healed, Doctors send patients home to die, then they come to me and they are healed,Doctors send patients home to die, then they come to me and they are healed...Why is that? Sounds like insanity to me. Why wouldn't you want to experience REAL HEALTH RESULTS That You can See, Feel, and Others Can See in you?.....After all, we know the medical institution is a bunch of frauds and trifling to the facts of health and nutrition and how the body works; instead peddle medical drug scripts with a license to be a drug dealer & the write-off to kill...When we now know that Meat, Dairy and eggs is the truest cause for all your ailments; Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pancreatitis, cataracts/glaucoma, seizures, high blood pressure and failing kidneys.
At 5:12 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "This is why we are constantly reversing these major malignant ailments and severe illness. I guess someone in Forensic Anthropology cannot afford my most affordable efforts of 18.88; and still wanting to rip off a hardworking and ethical business man from his earnings."
At 5:16 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "I am so sick of being belittled and put down as some other herbal alternative that isn't taken seriously, when people have had to spend thousands of dollars of their hard earned money to invest in their health rather than wasting it on fake practices, false hopes, and poison drugs that never work. Then I am the one who has to struggle and pay for it, under "Not being fair" because we find there are thousands of REAL LIFE CURES found in nature. So because of that, we are suppose to "Be Like Jesus" and work for free...Jesus says "Do not cast your pearls before the swine". Jesus also mentioned working at the sweat of your brow to harvest your crops of harvest in due season; your faithful works would produce blessings and favor, with the knowledge of health and wisdom of righteousness..God also talks about how Doctors and drugs are all witchcraft and evil, therefore your doctor is not in the right with God himself and I am not to be punished because of the sins of your own life style habits which initially account for over 97% of your health issues. This is a known fact that if you changed your diet to a WHOLEFOOD PLANT BASED LIVIT (Not Diet) your problems would also gradually sway away."
At 5:21 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "Do you know in 2020, I was going to be a Harvard Oncologist and would have been scaring and scamming real life innocent victims into believing Chemo and radiation is the only Cure for their cancer? And would have been contributing to the highest "Death By Medicine Statistic" in America by the use of drugs on record? But I would be getting paid so well, and do you think the doctors would allow me to give handouts of free Chemo or Radiation..Get your free surgeon today and step right up? I would be barred and laughed at. I guess since I literally have to put more work to grow and produce a raw organic wildcrafted superfood, that actually helps saving millions of peoples lives, outside the crooked and phony medical establishment. My handwork goes down the drain. I have hundreds on record real life testimonials already and have been shouting from the rooftops about my research and my plant herbology and perfection practices. Why do you think Doctors hate me? and the Medical Administration fear my type of information to the public? You could easily look into that and have seen what I am doing and saying is very real and legit. But no you would consider me a quack and actually enjoy trying to set me up for saying something that would destroy my operation, which is sincerely helping many millions of hurting and earnest mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, and brothers, and grandparents to infants.
At 5:23 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "Did you know my dad was dying from a shattered tibia and diabetes which caused him to fall off his motorcycle into the ditch due to his blood sugar and all the drugs they had him on? Insulin, Metformin, and statins etc...He was on these- plus, when he had to go to ER, they charged him for a copious amount of Morphine drip; which even as a Veteran for this country, he was highly disrespected by the MU hospital nurses and doctors insulted his intelligence, when he wanted a more safe and natural route; they balked at him and his efforts. It is always a trying and terrible experience going into the hospital, the graveyard of limbo, just before your die..."
At 5:26 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "Why must my dad pay for this sort of ignorance? Well, he didn't. Because I was at Harvard and researching Superfood plants that literally took him off all his major hardcore drugs and initially saved his life. Today he is not on any of his drugs, he no longer needs insulin; his doctor says whatever he is doing, has made his blood work and sugar, like that of a teenage. His blood is perfected. For over 4 years he hasn't been on his Metformin, Statins, or insulin. Is he cured?
At 5:28 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "Well, as long as he continues taking these superfood plants which I began growing years ago, he will remain in great health. I help people in all walks of life, willing and ready to take the right step forward with the optimum health. If I were to literally give handset to each and every person who begs me to give them freebies due to being duped by the medical quack doctors, I would have been out of business years ago. I believe this is your actual true intention. As you have no idea how much attacks I have taken from financial banking systems and online medical nazi's, telling me what I can and cannot do or sell. Also I have had personal threats by Zionist Shills from all walks of the medical institutions, who wish I was dead. "
At 5:31 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "Nice try, I see how it is. It is like finding the truth when it has been staring you right in front of your eyes all along and you overlook it due to your medical profession and degree of intelligence. You are the educated woman, then why is it you have the worst dieting? You hold a degree in Forensic Anthropology, you should know most about the Physiology of how the body works, whether dead or alive. Or did you discover that all your text books and teachings were all a bunch of hogwash that was tied in meticulously to a cult-like peer-pressuring public health sector that is out to only con millions of billions out of their money, day in and day out? hoping to keep the mirage of disillusion alive?
At 5:40 AM, Eric Plott said the following: "YOU NEED NUTRITION! I am here to tell you, in case you don't already get it, that Nutrients is absolutely the only thing that makes your body function, not some electrosis machine, high end tech savvy advancement, some new improved pill, deadly dose toxic drug, nor some therapy that has been being studied on rats for years and shows no legit stratum of truth for helping with the problems in the real world. REFRAIN FROM ALL PROCESSED WORLD FOODS, STARTING WITH: MEAT, DAIRY AND EGGS! Why don't you watch this doctor here, this is a free ti-bit of real life information that seriously will put you on the right track to change your life, if you are open to watching it first, I want to know what you think.

Click The Link Here:

† Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death - ∆ from Eric Plott on Vimeo.


(Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death with Dr.Gregor)
...Don't be afraid to look at the truth and CAUSE To your problem, perhaps that is the best free gift I can give you and this is real love. Otherwise, I wouldn't have take my time out to try to give you clear realist sound advise, when there are people literally giving all they can to keep my Business & Operation up and running, so I can help those serious individuals who are looking for the honest truth in what God's Nature has to offer. First get right with Christ and then get all these Demonic forces and spells off of you. Go to the father's Natural Herbs. Pure water, grand soil, superfoods, and water fasting. Stop killing animals for food, then wondering why it is destroying your body, to torture another being's life. You don't shoot deer for game and to survive on the meat, you shoot deer to only shoot your foot off and your bellies, because the Meat, Dairy and Eggs is the very cause and trouble that is the ROOT CAUSE TO YOUR HEALTH TRAUMA. Plain and simple. Keep Reading.
Animal protein has no nutritional value and is excess protein for the human body to consume and digest. Animal protein is actually animal bacterias that is foreign to our natural human bacteria of our own and once meats are cooked all the live enzymes from the raw flesh from another being are all gone from the meat where the meat also becomes highly carcinogenic for us to even consume, just to mention in the fumes alone. Let alone when the rotting flesh of a dead corpse is passing through our digestive track promoting cancer growth by feeding cancer cells and many other foreign bacterias from puss mucus and blood from another being, even after its cooked. Besides it drives our white blood cells to react to often then it should causing wear and tare on our over all health and immunity defense reactions and drives it all way out of whack and out of control unnecessarily, every time its consumed just like all animal proteins that are very acidic foods, it makes our red blood cells stick together because they are trying to defend themselves and clear the path so our white blood cells can get to the foreign bacteria's that are feeding cancer cells and other potential diseases and or sicknesses due to the acidity levels that make our immune system vulnerable for attack or growth for potential disease, this way our white blood cells can consume them down to size or down to almost nothing. Animal protein is totally unnecessary, First of all its way to acidic , theres no ph levels of alkaline that our body is always looking for over the acidity levels. Plus no fiber and no live minerals, then on top of all that it leaves mucus residues that not only feeds tumor tissue on contact within due time and build up all over inside the human anatomy, but especially leaving much plaque build up all in our arteries, and is the very reason why any meat and dairy is also the root stem to almost 90% of the worlds common and chronic diseases. All the way from the common cold to the flu to heart disease and most cancers. Its the very core and the root to what weakens the human immunity faster then anything else the human body has ever come in contact with.NEVER GOT ANY OF THESE ISSUES FROM CONSUMING ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THAT IS FULL OF LIVE ENZYMES, BIO PHOTON LIGHT ENERGY FROM THE SUN AND LOADED WITH NATURAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS ALONG WITH MUCH PLANT PROTEIN ABUNDANTLY!!!
– Earth Man Consciousness Eric Plott ~E.G.Plott~ Harvard Medical Researcher Plant Based Nutritionist Cornell University.
Welcome to The Moringa Kingdom - Feel Perfected & Wealthy

∆ War On Health ~theMoringaQueen.Com~ † PLOTT PALM TREES from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

I took much more than that recommended dosage (Moringa K˚ Produce in a Pill) and I really felt high wired, perhaps more is needed for more immediate results, if you are looking for feel good. Smaller is better for building it up in your cell structure indefinitely over long term however. So either way as long as you are getting it in your body and feeding your cells DNA with this produce, I believe you will get hopeful results one way or another. Each person is different and the amounts of stress and chemical balances or imbalances is determined differently upon person to person based upon life style habits and personal upbringing. 97% of all our illnesses today are based from either negative or positive life style eating habits. Where 3% might be from genetics or pollution and other environmental threats that we are exposed to.
^†∆ …All You Have To Do Is Read My Testimonials- I Have Many Doctors Who Are Envious… It Is Simple, I Tell Them Do The Opposite Of What You Are Taught By The Medical Practice And You Will Save Lives… But If You Do What You Are Taught In Med School, You Will Make Money Instead. # Saving Lives One Person At A Time With Real Health Results, That You See, Feel, And Experience… And I Get To Live My Dream At The Same Time…No Better Life Than..

~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal,

or acts to improve the lot of others,

or strikes out against Injustice,

he sends forth a tiny Ripple of Hope,

and Crossing each other from a

million different centers of energy and daring,

those ripples build a current

that can sweep down the

mightiest walls of Oppression and resistance".



^†∆ The Perfectional Practice™ Experience that we all are now seeing, feeling and others are witnessing in us.

The Perils of Dairy ~E.G.PlottPalmTrees.Com ©2014 from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

This entire Moringa Kingdom Movement, literally fell into my lap many years ago, when my dad had gotten in a major motorcycle accident. He shattered his tibia and had dealt with living with severe diabetes for most all of his life career. This traumatized me and the family emotionally, financially, as well as mentally. I was attending Harvard university while I was studying about cancer biology and epidemiology; I also attended courses in Plant based nutrition at Cornell University.
I had went from the more conventional methods of relying on drugs from the Medical institutions to Really believing in superfoods, nutrition, water fasting, exercise, and quality wildcraft organic produce; as a form of prevention of illness, as well as reversing chronic conditions. With the latter I did experience real results, so did others such as my friends, family, and even pets.
So, yes I am giving myself my own review, because this is not me as a healer, but you allowing your own body to heal itself; my produce only supports your intricate digestive system and immunity. Enhancing your body's unique ability to recover energy, power, and take control of your weight.
Influence to building the human physiology, cell structure DNA, to a optimum levels of True Superior Health and Vitality.
Authentically give yourself the vehicle you were designed to embrace, with all inner and outer empowerment and divinity of your mind, body, and soul.
Express the fortitude of your homeostasis, state of well-being, now fully capable of so much more than you could ever dream possible, thought probable, or imagined reachable.

Honest health results do really exist with our Ultra-Nutraceuticals from The Moringa King™ produce. We all developed TheMoringaQueen.Com together. Today, I no longer have cancer, my weight is regulated, my adult acne has completely disappeared. I am no longer on any of my meds. To date have not seen a doctor in over ten years and not been sick since I have grown, produced and sold my moringa produce.
My father did not die in vain as he should have, but instead he thrives on the Wholefood Plant based Moringa Livit™ and no longer takes his INSULIN, METFORMIN, OR STATINS.
Today, Drug-free at TheKingMoringa.Com.
These Superfruits have made a believer out of me, I trust they will come through for you; and what do you have to lose? But opportunity itself... Give it a chance, see what happens. The power is now in your hands, please act with wisdom. Start now, as this could be your life's best bet.
There is absolutely no better dream, than living your reality of saving the world one person at a time, achieving health, wealth, and most amazingly doing it all, as one Moringa Tribe.

We aren't necessarily about being the Biggest business in the World,
but The Best business for the world.
You can't grow wrong at
We don't DIEt we Livit!


~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott
Harvard researcher
PLANT BASED NUTRITIONIST from Cornell University.
Whole food plant based livit (that is my peaceful plate "diet")

^†∆ Eric Plott works very hard to research for you, he spends day and night to find natural substitutes for ailments that can be reversed with the produce that he sells online called The King Moringa produce at TheMoringaQueen.Com. His legal business name is PlottPalmTrees.Com and he put all of this together in ONE GIANT Interface at TheKazweh.Com. All information was directly sourced from his Leonard Library online at PlottPalmTree.Miiduu.Com and all sites are virtually the same, even TheKingMoringa.Com and EricPlott.Com.
If You have purchased from Him and his trusted company, we would really really appreciate if you could help him out, by giving a 5 star review, if you feel he has deserved a perfect rating from his services toll free at 855-841-9659 or his products that he sells.

This service is very expensive and you would be helping give back, if you could just leave a reasonable testimonial about his mission and ability to reeducate the world, one person at a time with his background knowledge and information found that he shares from Harvard University and Cornell University.


TrustPilot is Truly the Most Known and Trusted Honesty site for Consumer Safety and Security on the Web)...

Eric Believes if You Refuse Everything but the BEST, The BEST is Often All You Will Receive and He is about saving lives and creating a pristine environment for the children and not just saving money and holding it over less fortunate people; He is a fix it kind of guy
(Google Search Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott to learn more about the character and personality of this man of God. )

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