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600x True Testimonials & Real Reviews

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600x True Testimonials & Real Reviews

Simple and clean - that's what people and me like the most! Beautifully crafted, well organized and thoroughly documented. •Dear Eric PlottPalmTrees Farm, Is with great pleasure and admiration that I address these few lines to you in appreciation as to the manner in which you received us at your humble place of business on a very difficult Sunday for us after having traveled 320 miles one way, and I say gladly! Because only a person like you (Eric Plott) with such moral values, integrity, knowledge and a profound heart could have only been there to welcome us that Sunday with a personal call from your 800 number. After you had learned the day before regarding our family tragedy involving our two and half year old grandnephew who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Upon showing us the website information on Soursop plants & Moringa you had separated for us very thoughtfully, and instructed us as to the care of such along with a Moringa Miracle Tree, and a (Soursop) tea plant. You had the kindest gesture in presenting us with a Miracle Box which initially changed our lives forever! This was done in a most humble way two persons could have only done so. Only true friends like you would have done something so commendable. Well, let me say my dear friends that with God's help, Moringa and constant Soursop leaves tea bags (You) handmade (from) your nursery produced plants and given to Andrew he has began using his left arm and is not dragging his left leg anymore. The best news is that the tumor has shrunk dramatically according to the last MRI. Our stomach issues have improved 80%+ from the Moringa and we no longer have been taking Omeprazole 40 mg. or Zantac 150 for the acid reflux or gastritis! I am convinced now that this small but giant nursery is not only Plott's Blessed Nursery but also God's Pharmacy! In closing the plants are doing wonderful as instructed by you. Eric Plott, God has put his blessed hands in you to have the knowledge in plants and there benefits, hope you continue to used it as you have been for the benefit of all. Proudly accept this letter and display it in your business with the utmost pride and honor. I remain always your friend. Sincerely, F. Lorie Spring Hill, Florida

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