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News — Death by Medicine

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS- Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and More

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∆ War On Health ~theMoringaQueen.Com~ † PLOTT PALM TREES from Eric Plott on Vimeo. Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy Theory Death by Medicine COMPLETE SUCCINCT STUDY ~E.G.PLOTT~ by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com   Codex Alimentarius: ORGANIC NOT REALLY? What Is Codex Alimentarius?   A Serious Threat to Your Health. Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce. ~ E.G.Plott~ Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and... Organic Pesticides: Not An Oxymoron by Eric G. Plott Sugarsnap peas are ready for harvest at the Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre, Mass., in the summer of 2009. Charles Krupa/AP It may seem counterintuitive, but foods that...

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