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News — Dr.Eric Plott A Scam Artist

Dr.Eric Plott A Scam Artist, Quack, Snake Oil Saleman?

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Dr.Eric Plott A Scam Artist, Quack, Snake Oil Saleman?

 The Truth Disclosed Once And For All. DR. ERIC PLOTT this is what makes People Remember You.. Hey Everybody: LYNDA SPOONAMOORE, RACHEL BINION, Kristine Wyllys, and Heather Barany What was said about ERIC PLOTT was A LIE & I never intended to take our personal life into ERIC PLOTT'S PROFESSIONAL LIFE.... I am here to let the world know that these women have come out WRONGLY against a great Godly man and his endeavors at PlottPalmTrees.Com & TheMoringaQueen.Com (TheKingMoringa.Com). This man, ERIC PLOTT, has been falsely accused on many levels due to being mislead by my own lies and deceitfulness...

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