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"Too Blessed To Stressed" Halleluyah!

"Too Blessed To Stressed" Halleluyah! E.G.Plott EGPLOTT EGplott1988 Halleluyah StraightTALKEGPLOTT UltimateTruthWarriorX Yahushua Yahuwah

"Too Blessed To Stressed" Halleluyah!

I Won the "Best Poem in the Western World- Poetry Contest" back in 2008,2010,2012. You may have seen me post it before, I would like an Official Revision to my Authentic CopyWrite versions now. 2018© "Too Blessed To Stressed" •I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed, Too Anointed To Be Disappointed I refuse to be discouraged, to be sad or to cry. I refuse to be downhearted and here's the reason why:   •I have a YAH who is almighty; who is sovereign and supreme; I have a YAH who loves me, and I am on His team.   He is...

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