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The Perfectional Practice™Experience that we all are now seeing,feeling and others are witnessing in us.

THE MORINGA KING™ Produce Number #1

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This entire Moringa Kingdom Movement, literally fell into my lap many years ago, when my dad had gotten in a major motorcycle accident. He shattered his tibia and had dealt with living with severe diabetes for most all of his life career. This traumatized me and the family emotionally, financially, as well as mentally. I was attending Harvard university while I was studying about cancer biology and epidemiology; I also attended courses in Plant based nutrition at Cornell University. I had went from the more conventional methods of relying on drugs from the Medical institutions to Really believing in superfoods, nutrition, water fasting, exercise, and quality wildcraft organic produce; as a form of prevention of illness, as well as reversing chronic conditions. With the latter I did experience real results, so did others such as my friends, family, and even pets. So, yes I am giving myself my own review, because this is not me as a healer, but you allowing your own body to heal itself; my produce only supports your intricate digestive system and immunity. Enhancing your body’s unique ability to recover energy, power, and take control of your weight. Influence to building the human physiology, cell structure DNA, to a optimum levels of True Superior Health and Vitality. Authentically give yourself the vehicle you were designed to embrace, with all inner and outer empowerment and divinity of your mind, body, and soul. Express the fortitude of your homeostasis, state of well-being, now fully capable of so much more than you could ever dream possible, thought probable, or imagined reachable. Honest health results do really exist with our Ultr-Nutraceuticals from The Moringa King™ produce. We all developed TheMoringaQueen.Com together. Today, I no longer have cancer, my weight is regulated, my adult acne has completely disappeared. I am no longer on any of my meds. To date have not seen a doctor in over ten years and not been sick since I have grown, produced and sold my moringa produce. My father did not die in vain as he should have, but instead he thrives on the Wholefood Plant based Moringa Livit™ and no longer takes his INSULIN, METFORMIN, OR STATINS. Today, Drug-free at TheKingMoringa.Com. These Superfruits have made a believer out of me, I trust they will come through for you; and what do you have to lose? But opportunity itself… Give it a chance, see what happens. The power is now in your hands, please act with wisdom. Start now, as this could be your life’s best bet. There is absolutely no better dream, than living your reality of saving the world one person at a time, achieving health, wealth, and most amazingly doing it all, as one Moringa Tribe.

We aren’t necessarily about being the Biggest business in the World,

but The Best business for the world. You can’t grow wrong at

We don’t DIEt we Livit!
~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott

Harvard researcher
PLANT BASED NUTRITIONIST from Cornell University.

Whole food plant based livit (that is my peaceful plate “diet”)
President Owner CEO

Sad…To Live With This Curse Of Knowing You Were Suppose To Be The Man That Has The Cure For Cancer And I DO YET…But As If The Worldly People Were To Believe You, Only A Few Would…The Rest Would Fade Away And Never Get Treated As They Should…To Live In Such A Way Is Profanity, And Call Myself A Human Being…What Else Can I Do, For I Must Remain….The Man Who Did Not Sell his Soul To Help The World. Evil Was Handed This World And Anything Greater Than What You See, Would Be, Must Be…Well, Heaven Itself…And I Am Just An Alternative…And That Is something I Must Live With The Rest Of My Life…Even Though I AM, The Man Who Embraced And Cured Cancer, Diabetes, And Over 300 Different Diseases…My Name Is Eric Geoffrey Plott…And You Will Never Hear Of Me Again.

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The Moringa Queen is excellent

Ive been on Moringa for a few days and already I feel a difference in my energy level increasing, less frequent hunger pains and overall satisfaction in the product, and it’s only been a few days IMAGINE after being on it for months or years , I’m excited with the magnificent health I am th achieve with Moringa , a true godsend .

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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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