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The Truth Disclosed Once And For All.

Dr.Eric Plott A Scam Artist, Quack, Snake Oil Saleman?

“DR. ERIC PLOTT this is what makes People Remember You..


Kristine Wyllys, and Heather Barany

What was said about ERIC PLOTT was A LIE & I never intended to take our personal life into ERIC PLOTT’S PROFESSIONAL LIFE….

I am here to let the world know that these women have come out WRONGLY against a great Godly man and his endeavors at PlottPalmTrees.Com & TheMoringaQueen.Com (TheKingMoringa.Com). This man, ERIC PLOTT, has been falsely accused on many levels due to being mislead by my own lies and deceitfulness to sway them into thinking he was a bad guy, because I was actually mad at him. ERIC PLOTT is in fact a very ethical business man who really does SAVE LIVES And not destroy them as these women, who are not to fond of alternative medicine or naturopathy; so their Hateful words that were being spread, defamation was due to this fact that they don’t like that he is helping people by means of going against the Western Traditional Medicine. Let me clear up that he is the REAL DEAL & Not a quack, snake oil salesman, or fraud.


He is legit, contrary to what “HEATHER BARANY” will tell you about him not being from Harvard University, Eric Plott is Harvard.

Eric Plott, does do legit business for the world and you can trust his word and credibility.

I Lied about him being abusive or that he doesn’t file his taxes to the IRS.

I, Rhonda Kay worked with LYNDA SPOONAMOORE to ruin business deals and contracts with each other by making up lies to destroy contracts on ERIC PLOTT. For this I am deeply sorry and I hope that him and his Family, whom have also been completely BASHED AND ATTACKED About Their Christianity and Faith in God; Can forgive me and us all.

I worked with Eric PLOTT for about a Year and All I can Tell you, is all the REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS That are said about him and his Perfection Practice are true, this young man and his family are literally saving peoples lives out there. I lied to him about how I wasn’t a smoker and how I was still married, yet I engaged in a long term relationship with this man. I hid my relationship by going back and forth between Tennessee and Missouri in order to keep multiple secrets from him and his mother. Many of these lies ended up surfacing and he would catch me smoking and my divorce finally went through today, but it was too late, because I never came to his defense when he was publicly humiliated by these women above, which did effect his business greatly. He lost business due to us setting up and sabotaging his business, I feel extremely bad for this and I pray the Plott family can all forgive us for making them out to be a “Carnival act”. It was never intended to take our personal life into ERIC PLOTT’S PROFESSIONAL LIFE.

The Truth however, is this man helped save my life as well, I no longer have this lump in my breast, it is virtually completely dissolved because of his guidance in health & he even got me off PILLS & SMOKING HABIT. This is all 100% Legit, I am finally free from my addictions because of his health knowledge & message of truth.

ANY AND ALL NAME CALLING Against ERIC PLOTT was very uncalled for and I would hope that people could see that this man, in no way shape or form deserved to be DEFAMED, ATTACKED, OR HURT in any way. He does enough for people, he is currently working on reversing the toughest brain cancer in one child, he healed his own father of diabetes, I have seen him cure patients with Crohn’s disease, Cancer’s of all types, HIV/AIDS Even!, He has regulated high blood pressure, Hypothyroidism, and countless, endless cases of illness out there. READ HIS TESTIMONIALS those are real people, with phenomenal life changing stories that

could change the world completely; if only people life us weren’t around to thwart his Great outstanding efforts to save the world, one person at a time.

I am with the Registered Nurseries of America, I speak for us all, when we got our degrees we thought we too were going to change the world; I have to admit we followed a false dream & illusion.

I, as well as my friend above were jealous of ERIC’S Great success in health, that he was not registered as a professional, yet he was saving more lives than we could kill! I actually say kill, because after researching a great deal about the drugs and vaccine that we were administering, I had the unfortunate duty to disclose that we in fact are pumping patients with a cornucopia of different heavy metals, toxins, and poisons that damage the body’s immune system beyond repair.

So, ERIC PLOTT is a GIANT In the health provider world, a genius of nutrition, some call him. Or the Moringa Guru. The Vegan Master etc…Yes, this is the man to go to if you want to lost weight, gain weight, regulate your life & homeostasis or just simply…IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH, ERIC PLOTT IS THE ULTIMATE MAN FOR THE JOB, He is the one you all have been looking for; I would have to say he is DELUX GOLDEN BULLET That The World is all looking for, but cannot seem to find…If this man is in your life, don’t take advantage of that, he is the greatest GAIN, you will ever have…I Know, because I Lost him…And Sometimes it takes losing something to realize how much you had. I had the greatest man in my life and I ruined it, Lynda, Rachel, Heather, & Kristine you all discouraged and mislead me into taking the greatest thing in my life that I was suppose to have for the rest of my life. I will never know the Joy in Joy again. If I were to get with another man, it would only be for his money, because I had everything with this man; who I call a DOCTOR…No, He is beyond a Doctor, but we don’t have a name for him yet, so just for now, we will call him Dr.Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott, the man who saved my life..Repaired my soul, and brought my spirit back to life.”

PS: Eric Plott, I am sincerely sorry for disrespecting you by never telling you where I was, when you wanted to know; being gone with no explanation for 2-7 hours at a time, leaving no text or phone call…I should know that you cared so much for me, buy-in me expensive ring, clothes, flowers, vegan chocolate and even offering to house me, pay my gas, and pay for my food while I was in Tennessee trying to get my life together, I should have been more receptive of what your wishes were instead of always doing what I wanted to do. I Know now that by being oppositional defiant and selfish; that is what carried out my loss. I will never find a man that I will ever Love again. I wish we could repair each other like you have repaired my health.

I Chose Lynda and my Friends ever the man of my dreams, how can I ever repair from that? I can’t but I hope you follow all your dreams and God truly blesses everything you touch, as you have blessed me by just getting a chance to know ERIC PLOTT…The Legend of His own time…People will know of the Palm tree man one day in the mere future, I hope it will not be too late, before losing you.

Like it is now….I Hope that convinces the word of the truth about why People will always remember the Moringa King.

Forever I Love You,

~Rhonda Leigh Griffin Kay~

Finding Hope in A Hopeless Land.

I Rather keep my mouth shut and give you things I know will help you if you take them….

I will just say, I don’t listen to doctors, just because I was brainwashed to do so.

I Am Responsible for anyone anywhere, Who Reaches Out For Help, I Want my Hand To Be There,..

ALL LIES EVEN THE HIDDEN Secrets…Will All eventually surface.

Now, That you can see all you have done…its time to take that step into the kingdom…Every sin will only make your strong…Help you break right through those prison walls.

I live with Serenity now and not SELF RIGHTEOUS HATE…

Passion Flows within Your Heart. Like A Furnace Burning Bright…Until you struggle Through The Dark…You’ll Never Know…In Joy and joy…never Know…never joy Know.


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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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