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The Princess Moringa Cures Prince with True love is not sympathetic

Okay.. This is ridiculous!!
Lynda Spoonamore Byrd if you do not like what Eric, his family, etc. Are doing. Can’t you just disconnect from it all together instead of trying to attack someone because they make you feel bad..
Everybody has a personal view..
Every single person has the right to choose an opinion.
But when it comes to the point of trying to destroy someone’s life. That becomes pitiful..
Yes you have the right to preach! But others Also have the right to try help people to become well!!! Even if it may only work sometimes, which I do not agree with as it helped me dramatically!!!!
I had stage 4 cancer.. I had prayed continuously for help.. I tried absolutely everything.. But then Eric sent me a pack of moringa.. But seriously!!!!
I believe that eating the same as I had, no more radiation but with large safe amounts of moringa powder..
I am NOT 31kg anymore, NOR UNABLE to get up! But also DOWN TO STAGE 1
smile emoticon
We Should Be Making This Planet Beautiful!! NOT FULL OF HATE
This is what people are saying about rhonda kays first defense, which was weak, ” even the way she responded to you about her husband. She ppsted on Moringa queen page and this made Rhonda Kay look innocent, because when Eric asked her if she had a girlfriend or not, she acted like no…but because Eric didn’t ask if she had a husband, then it was alright…
Wow…look I have string feelings and pick up on alot about people, but she scares the begeebus out of me…creepy and she is older too?”

Today is an ideal time to water your personal garden.

“Okay so here comes the mind hehe xx
Our world is not a beautiful place but it could be. We all need to take responsibility for our actions..
There are many different approaches out there that work and many that don’t..

But if you never try well you know! Actually you never will..

What has been discovered! tested!
And then there come the Plott’s!!
What hadn’t been able to be recognized in this precious plant HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED and what people are not seeing is the capabilities this plant has to HEAL, WEIGHT LOSS, (#### ADD MORE BRUVY ♡####)..

My name is JESS!! I have cancer.
It was type 4, very rare case of papillary carcinoma.


AND my banana smoothies I called the green monster and well…..
If you have a big family it was so awesome!
I’ve seen rashes go, energy all right haha pumped up!!

But.most of all my cancer is disappearing . No
Radiation. . But honestly it’s nearly all gone.
Also having any illness can make you loose weight..
Well these are as real as tiny as they come!!!!!
31kg up to a healthy 58kg!!!!!!
It’s amazing. .
If we want a better world,

No not thst555 ”

Congrats You Woman Warrior! You Have Been Through So Much And You Are Inspiring Me So Greatly Here, Watching You Overcome This With Your Positivity, You Prove That You Must Be THE ONE WHICH HAS TO CURE YOURSELF! No One Else Has Done This For You, There Is No Way I Can Take Credit For This, Your Strength And Persistant Choice Making Is What Is Getting You Here, In The Cancer Free Zone, Congrats For Making This Far And For BEING OUR HONORARY Palm Girl Of The MONTH!
Your Broda,


After years of making bad mistakes, without identifying the problem, the mistakes turn into Sick Behaviors, And Eventually over time your Sick Behavior Turns into a Life Style of Hate, Envy, Jealousy, Power Thrusting, And Anger; if The Problem is never Corrected…And This Is Exactly why a Toxic person Throws up on all those around them… ~Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott~
Have To Get Orders Out, Deal With Redelivery Emergency; Got To Get Some more Palm Trees in, And now deal with this woman’s drama of course…lol…Always Fun Fun Silly Willy…Doing My Best, NOT EVEN TRYING…Just do It.
Some People Will Never Deserve The Best, Because They Don’t Think highly enough of you, but really the truth to the matter is, they don’t think they are the Best; so how could they think highly of themselves?
Nothing like getting bashed for being hardworking and changing your life..However, those who are attacking you in this manner, are among the worst kind of people; for their conscious is seared up and they care not what they do, say, or the habits they claim over time. They feel they are good people, even though they live a wayward living. When the hurt someone, they do nothing, with no plan to correct the damage made…They are empty. Remember folks, these types of people are hurting themselves…both as victims from past pain and now picking up the sword and hurting others, due to their own hurts…REMEMBER To play the victim-stance, is to always have a boring blame game to justifying your wrongful rational (Which is called false rationalization), which usually is POWER THRUSTING In The Dark. Meaning these individuals, eventually become so disconnected with reality of loving and care; they actually will hurt others in the dark of the moment, hoping no one sees them, and they are usually very keen at getting away with it, and looking good in front of the public. They hide behind their own self-diffusional thinking of grandeur, but when they make mistakes that are hideous…They Make excuses for the reason the are power thrusting. POWER THRUSTING is forcing your actions or thoughts on a person, having it your way without the care or concern for another persons well-being (which ultimately is DISRESPECT).
If you confront an individual like this, you will find LACK OF CARE AND CONCERN & Concrete thinking behaviors lash out at you in defense for their comforting sick behavior. After years of making bad mistakes, without identifying the problem, the mistakes turn into Sick Behaviors, And Eventually over time your Sick Behavior Turns into a Life Style of Hate, Envy, Jealousy, Power Thrusting, And Anger; if The Problem is never Corrected…And This Is Exactly why a Toxic person Throws up on all those around them…
They Simply have forgotten how to do the right thing and let the rest follow.
All Toxic Monsters are fed by these Behaviors:
To Overcome these Behaviors, Simply, “DO THE RIGHT THING AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW! Boys make excuses and MEN Make Change…Girls Make Excuses And Women Make Change.”
‪#‎Gotta‬ Finish new updates on the site as well; there is always something to do in PlottLand.


Benefits of Moringa: Moringa for Heart Health

February is the month of hearts. From sharing our love with friends and family around Valentine’s Day, to spreading awareness about heart health for National Heart Health Month, we’re focusing on making ourselves and our loved ones the healthiest and happiest we can be.

Heart health encompasses many aspects of our lives. Because our circulatory system connects every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies, many factors play a role in keeping hearts healthy and beating happily. These factors include: good nutrition for a properly functioning heart and healthy blood, physical activity to supply oxygen to blood, smart lifestyle choices and stress management.

Excellent nutrition is essential to good heart health. Our hearts work hard every day to pump blood throughout our bodies so we have to do our part in helping our hearts along.   Namely, we have to fuel our hearts with only the best nutrients to keep it going for many years to come. Many studies have shown that the best nutrients for hearts include:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids that supply EPA and DHA, which can prevent blood clots, keep blood pressure in check, reduce inflammation and manage cholesterol levels. The top food choice for omega-3 fatty acids is fish, such as salmon or tuna.

B Vitamins aid in keeping red blood cells and nerves healthy. It may also lower homocysteine, a non-protein amino acid in the blood that is linked to heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. B Vitamins are commonly found in bran, pistachios and hazelnuts, certain types of seeds, fish and spices, including garlic.

Magnesium helps hearts beat regularly and is often used to treat heart arrhythmia. Magnesium, found in walnuts, is also vital to all of our other organs as well.

Fiber, especially from whole grains, is a great asset for cardiovascular health and has been associated with lowering the risk of heart disease. Fiber can also reduce harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Breads, rice, wheat and grain products are all excellent sources of fiber. Fiber also helps the body feel satiated, which may help to reduce one’s overall caloric intake.

Quercetin is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent blood from clotting. It is naturally found in apples and can help to lower the risk of heart disease.

We have some good news: Moringa contains each of these heart-boosting nutrients! It’s important to eat lean proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains to reap the benefits for your heart, but Moringa can ensure you are on a heart-healthy path each and every day. Just two MORINGA KING Moringa capsules in the morning and two Moringa capsules at night, can keep your ticker healthy and strong.

The Clinical Council on Cardiology says that after a heart-healthy diet, daily exercise is a key factor in maintaining heart health. Exercise increases the heart rate and gets oxygen flowing through the blood, invigorating the body. Studies have also proven that high intensity exercise can reduce LDL cholesterol. Additionally, exercise helps with weight management and maintaining a healthy body mass index, a strong indicator for avoiding cardiovascular disease. Moringa also aids in both exercise and weight management by providing the body with the energy it needs for physical activity, helping to repair broken down muscle tissues, and supplying excellent nutrition to help you feel satiated while revving up your metabolism.

Lastly, lifestyle choices and stress can impact heart health. Smoking is a major cause of heart disease-related heart attacks and strokes. Stress creates a chemical reaction in the body that can increase blood pressure and have a host of other negative physical and emotional consequences. When stress takes hold of our lives, we are more likely to overeat or make poor nutritional choices and be depressed and lethargic. Making positive lifestyle choices that improve our heart health, like not smoking and managing stress, can go a long way in keeping the beats healthy and happy.

This month and throughout the year, we’re celebrating healthy hearts, starting with a daily regimen of Moringa. We heart Moringa! Do you?

Moringa Can Certainly Reverse Heart Disease &  Atherosclerosis

Consult a doctor if you have a medical concern. Hardening of the arteries, also called atherosclerosis, is a common disorder.

It occurs when fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up in the walls of arteries and form hard structures called plaques. Over time, these plaques can block the arteries and cause problems throughout the body. Atherosclerosis leads to heart disease.

A Place Where Living Simple in a Complex World is Normal.
Plott Palm Trees. Com







Click The Options Bar Above And Get The Kit-Kat Care N Essential Sample Kits & Real Living Young Kits For The Pets. Check out, But Remember To Add To Cart: We Accept Credit, Debit, Paypal, And Money Orders/Checks.

Read More on Pets And Moringa Or How I LOVE FAT PEOPLE?:



Moringa For The Sportsperson

1) Moringa Man Shows You The Best Cure For Cancer According To Body Chemistry PLOTTPALMTREES.COM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

Links to scientific proof on the benefits of moringa

Moringa is a Cancer Cell Killer:

Strong Antioxidant Activity:

For Myocardial Patients:

For overall Metabolic Syndrome:

Powerful Immune booster:

Kidney stone will be discharged naturally in 4 ~6 weeks.

Also Gallbladder Stone will be discharged in 3 weeks.

Sugar level goes down immediately and lowered A1C will follow.

Insulin dependents can decrease injections in a month.

Lowering blood pressure will be confirmed in less than 2 weeks.

Hypertension and Diabetes Complication:


Joint pain will be gone in 3 days.

Moringa is your Liver Guardian:

Lower cholesterol LDL and increased HDL will follow.

Your Heart must be protected:



Thyroid Hormone Abnormality:

Prevent Damaged DNA caused ailments:


Protect from Radiation:

For Stress:

Drug Side Effects:

Moringa is natural antibiotics:

Prevent cataract:

Vegan Strongman; Eric Plott Moving 10 TONS of SAND ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

Moringa happens to be a super food consisting of 90 nutrients


best as dietary supplement for all athletes and particularly vegan athletes.

Since I Personally Have Been Taking Moringa Myself (Eric Plott), I Have Actually Gained Muscle Weight, Even On A VEGAN LIVIT (We Don’t Diet We Livit).
I Gained More Tone Than Ever And Had More Energy And Endurance- Stamina Than Even When I Was A Child. I Knew As A Vegan,
That Vegans Were 7 Times Stronger Sitting Around Eating Veggies, Fruits And Nuts Compared To An Animal Eater That Worked Out Each Day (Scientific Reference- “Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death-PLOTTPALMTREES.COM on Youtube).
I Also Know That Taking Moringa Removed My Adult Acne, That I Had Actually Always Had To Deal With While Growing Up, Due To Excess  SOMATIC – Pus Cells Found In Dairy Products; Mainly MILK! I Had Acne So Bad, I Actually Had Scars; I Thank God For Moringa Leaves And Moringa OIl For Not Only Removing All The Toxins And Heavy Metals In My Body & Skin, But Also REMOVING THE SCAR TISSUE On My Face.
BEFORE MORINGA AND VEGAN LIFE CHANGE:                                                            AFTER I DECIDED TO GO VEGAN AND TAKE MORINGA LONG TERM
Since I Eat Live Raw Fresh Organic Fruits, Veggies And Nuts Today, My Skin Is Actually Naturally Glowing And Clear…As Even A Guy This Feels Good And I Feel Even Better Knowing That I Am 4 Times MORE SEXUALLY Active Than A MEAT EATER NOW, Since We Don’t Clog Our Arteries As A Vegan. On Average Vegans Also Live 15 Years Longer And There Is Not ONE SINGLE DISEASE That You Can Say VEGANISM ONLY Contributes To, but On The Flip Side, Consuming MEAT, DAIRY AND EGGS (In Organic Free Range, Grass Fed, Raw Milk EVEN!) DIRECTLY IS LINKED TO ALL 15 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH, Check This Underrated Factual Study Here ( IT IS ONLY 45 MINUTES AND COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE)




Moringa – what is it exactly?

What is Moringa exactly? Moringa Oleifera is talked about as a miracle tree.

Moringa happens to be a super food consisting of 90 nutrients best as dietary supplement for all athletes and particularly vegan athletes.

Moringa is able to be got as tea bags, Moringa Green Superfood Powder, loose leaf tea, moringa oil and Moringa vegan capsules, to name some.

Moringa as a work out supplement

Using moringa as a pre-workout as well as post-workout supplement is able to aid the body to attain its peak performance. A lot of the present day athletes use Moringa as work out supplement

Pre workout

Consuming it ahead of a workout aids in tuning up ones body with naturally occurring nutrients which make your energy to last longer unlike the majority of the sweetened pre-workout supplements. Improved flexibility is something that the majority of the sportsperson taking it have observed and less injuries as well as sprains is the result.

Post Workout

For a supplement after workout, the complete amino profile of moringa oleifera, together with dozens of minerals and vitamins, makes it an ideal recovery food following exhausting workouts and bodily strain. Endurance work out is able to boost oxygen use 10 to 20 than while a person is resting. This significantly increases the production of free radicals and this prompts apprehensions about greater damage to the muscles and added tissues. The high antioxidant content in Moringa helps decrease oxidative stress that is caused by the great deal of physical exertion. Sportsperson and others in the same category are unable to perform at their most excellent on being malnourished / dehydrated.

Workout with Moringa is something that is very much in practice among the present day athletes.

Moringa – the secret to boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s strength

More than a few news agencies have reported that boxer Manny (PacMan) Pacquiao has disclosed the secret behind his strength as well as endurance, which is Moringa (Malunggay).

All of us are aware that Manny is similar to a machine while he is fighting and it is as he goes about his training like a gladiator. However that is not the whole thing and is only a bit of the reason.


Gladiators Were Vegan — John McDougall MD ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

The second bit is what the boxer eats on regularly for fuelling his Ferrari-like motor vehicle of a human body and for accelerating the recovery procedure.. Just as Popeye has spinach, Manny Pacquiao has Malunggay.







NEXT….Awesome Success Story On How Moringa Cured This Aussie Girl And Is Now Helping Her Gain Weight!!! See, If Nutrients is What Our Body Needs To Function, Wouldn’t It Also Help Regulate Our Weight? Most People Starving In The Third World Country Are Starving Because Of Malnutrition And Lack Of GOOD FOOD; Because Our Government Is Destroying Them And Not Allowing Aid To Be Obtained. Set-Aside From This Fact, We Also Are Being Fed Garbage Foods And ARE ALSO VERY MALNURISHED AND STARVING, In A Different Light; You Can Watch My Video here To Learn more About This…

“Dr.Moringa King” Speakth Empyreal Knowledge From Heaven Above To Earth ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM~ from Eric Plott on Vimeo.




In the next article, I will explain how to apply moringa oleifera oil on the skin for best results…

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How to use Moringa oleifera Oil for skin diseases

Moringa oil is very useful for many skin diseases. There are specific skin diseases for which moringa oil is most appropriate. Here I will highlight how to use moringa oleifera oil for skin diseases.
Skin diseases are not a good sight especially on the face. If you have ever suffered from severe acne on the you will appreciate what I mean. It can be embarrassing sometimes. It makes you to feel shy and withdrawn from public places. There are many types of skin diseases. Some are curable and others incurable. Skin diseases could be caused by bacteria, fungus, inflammation, etc.

Types of skin diseases

1. Acne
Acne is often referred as the curse of adolescense because it is prevalent among adolescents. Only 20% adults have acne.  Acne manifests as pimples when the passageway that connects the skin’s pores to the oil glands becomes blocked or clogged. Many adolescents are looking for how to get rid of acne totally. Using Moringa oil will help acne sufferers a great deal.

Some adolescents, after breaking the acne on their faces are left with scares. Now they are looking for ways of treating acne scars. Again Moringa oil can be applied on the affected areas of the face for good results.Order Moringa oil online now

2. Eczema
Eczema is another type of skin disease that affects any part of the skin. It is contagious so the next time you see an eczema infested skin, avoid contact with the person affected at all cost. But the good news is that it can be managed effectively with Moringa oil and some other topical skin ointments such as sulphur ointment.

3. Psoriasis
Psoriasis, is a common, chronic, relapsing/remitting, immune-mediated skin disease characterized by red, scaly patches, papules, and plaques, which usually itch. The skin lesions seen in psoriasis may vary in severity from minor localized patches to complete body coverage. This is according to wikipedia.

Usually psoriases forms as a result of  buildup of excess skin tissue that looks red and thick and is covered with silvery scales on the skin. Moringa oil will ease the discomfort of itching experienced by psoriasis sufferers.

4. Ring worm
When we were young children, we usually see other children with rings on their heads. These rings were usually caused by ring worm- a skin problem. We usually make gest of them that they have kobo on their heads.

Ring worm skin disease infected skin area slowly spreads out from the center point and
then creates a slight bump. Applying Moringa oleifera oil will help to eradicate the symptoms of ring worm on the skin.

Order Moringa oil online now

5. Skin cancer
Skin cancer is one of the commonest forms of cancers worldwide. One of the causes of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet rays especially among the whites. Moringa oil has anti cancer properties and can protect the skin from cancers when applied daily.

Skin diseases pictures

The following are selected skin diseases pictures.

Common skin diseases

The commonest skin diseases are: Stretch marks, liver or age spots, psoriasis, acne, rashes and eczema. Moringa oleifera oil is highly recommended for the above skin diseases. To order moringa oil, contact us.

In the next article, I will explain how to apply moringa oleifera oil on the skin for best results…

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How to use Moringa oleifera Oil for skin diseases


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