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HEALTH STORY: JOHN MORTON Stage 4 Prostate Cancer After MoringaSOP™

HEALTH STORY: JOHN MORTON of London Ontario, Canada. MoringaSOP™

“I Continue to drink 2 Sachets of Guyabano daily and overall I Feel Good and Have more Energy.

My name is John Morton of Scottish Descent, I am 83 years old and I Live in Long Ontario Canada. Last Year I Lost 40lbs and had a lump on my thumb. I went to the Hospital and was advised by a walk in clinic to repair a hernia. But the blood test shows that there were a PSA of 300 and biopsy reconfirmed prostate cancer that went to the bone. They put me on estrogen instead of chemo.
Last November of 2011, I met Jojo Toling who introduced himself a dealer of MoringaSOP™ He told me the potential benefits that the product has to offer. With nothing to lose, I took the chance and started drinking 2 sachets of Guyabano flavor daily. After a month and a half of usage, I noticed the lump had flattened. I weighed myself and to my surprise, I gained 15 lbs.
I continue to drink MoringaSOP™ my daily food supplement as I don’t believe In Taking any further medication at all. My weight continued to stabilize until it become normal. Two months later. I visited my doctor for a scheduled check up and they told me that I have stage 4 prostate cancer.
After going through some health standard questions like if I felt any symptoms whatsoever. I told them nothing and they didn’t believe me. Then the doctors pulled out the result and they were shocked to see that my cancer cells dropped dramatically from 300 to 180! Everybody at the clinic was amazed
with my results!


To the day I  Thank MoringaSOP™ through the help of JoJo Toling and I swear on the drink as an essential supplement to my daily health and well bring. I continue to drink 2 sachets of Guyabano daily and overall I feel good and have more energy. My intention is to continue drinking First MoringaSOP™ Thanks.
~John Morton~





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