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Moringa King vs Zija As Well as Young Living…#335 Jul 15, 2014

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#335 Jul 15, 2014

My family tried it faithfully for 2 months and I tried it for 6 month. We spent $2000.. I have found that 3-6 months is about how long it takes for things to get into or out of my body. We talked to several people who had great stories as to what it did for them. It MAY work for cancer and big diseases but it did nothing for my families issues which were depression, exhaustion, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and migraines. I am trying the diet pills but so far it has done nothing to curb my hunger. While my family members would not drink the tea because it was nasty tasting and the effects were uncomfortable, I did. I am very disappointed because I can say that I felt absolutely no benefit after faithfully taking it for 6 months. Had it worked of course I would sell it only because of that fact. One family member is now trying Young Living essential oils for Migraines. Since taking the Moringa King, She has not had a severe migraine in 3 weeks. It has not taken them away totally but thankfully it has been a marked improvement. As with all these products they are ridiculously expensive so right now only our neediest family member is on the Moringa King™ because we used our money on the zija. Because no regular AND cheaper medicine have made a dent in the Migraines that have been debilitating it has been worth it AND necessary to explore alternatives things. Thankfully we seem to have found something that has shown good possibilities. Young Living has in practice very good production practices the only criticism so far I have is the fact that they have priced their products so high that even desperate people might not be able to afford to get the help they need. It does make me MAD that ALL these companies are set up like pyramids so that you have to sell it in order to not go broke using them unless you are rich. In conclusion, I would not waste money on zija but I would try Young Living oils. I hope that maybe the rest of my family will get to try the Moringa King  Produce  and I would love to be able to diffuse their oils! I tried their lavender and was surprised that it really did relax me.
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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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