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”    I received dreadful news:  J – Gordon  you have stage 4 throat cancer,      

the diagnosis  came  because the doctors  thought  the cancer originated from the toxin resin  used  for  making the boards. 

Therefore,  going  the  conventional route which I believed radiation and chemotherapy would      be the solution.    After under going this …. and I was termed cured.” 

Drug companies make 300,000.00 off of every cancer person.

There is a cure but they can make trillions,Won’t let it happen.

Cure it and millions are out of a job.



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“Graviola is one of the main herbs in my protocol that cured my stage 4 incurable kidney cancer. Here is so info on Graviola……..
Here is how Graviola cured my Cancer! Just got this out of my Herb book.
It takes a lot more energy to run a cancer cell than a normal cell. Graviola blocks
ATP energy to ONLY cancer cells and NOT normal cells. Which cancer cells require much more energy than normal cells.
Because CoQ10 feeds both cancer and normal cells it should be avoided…….
Now to be fair, I read too that CoQ10 kills cancer cells! Because we need more info, I would not take CoQ10 until I get more info on it.”

Cancer cell This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. Consider associating this request with a WikiProject. (March 2011) A diagram illustrating the distinction between cancer stem cell targeted

and conventional cancer therapies Cancer cells are cells that grow and divide at an unregulated, quickened pace. Although cancer cells can be quite common in a person they are only malignant when the other cells (particularly natural killer cells) fail to recognize and/or destroy them.[1] In the past a

common belief was that cancer cells failed to be recognized and destroyed because of a weakness in the immune system. However more recent research has shown that the failure to recognize cancer cells is caused by the lack of particular co-stimulated molecules that aid in the way antigens react with


From Surfer to Medicine Man

    Everyday I have new people asking about cancer how I cured myself.       Well here is my cancer survivor story through the surf and cancer ward.       I started surfing and making surf boards in the early 1970s while selling them  in different shops  and coming up  with great designs  for wet suits  down at ONeills Surfshop.

   Then all of a sudden skateboards became the “new rage” so I started making them.  Thereby,  Santa Cruz Skateboard noticed my boards and liked  the  design  and performances.  So  they  hired  me  to  design  their  skateboards. Again this turned out not to be me as I didn’t like to be told what to design. So I went back to working sales at different surf  shops.

    Skimboarding,  it was rapidly becoming the new  fad while kids were riding and I knew I had to jump on the new wave. A skimboard  for those that don’t know are skateboards that slides across sand  and when it hits water becomes a board that can ride waves.  So after making surf boards then skim boards  for 30 years.

    I received dreadful news:  J – Gordon  you have stage 4 throat cancer,       the diagnosis  came  because the doctors  thought  the cancer originated from the toxin resin  used  for  making the boards.  Therefore,  going  the  conventional route which I believed radiation and chemotherapy would      be the solution.    After under going this …. and I was termed cured.

    However,  as it turned out they were wrong.  Three years later while undergoing  a CT Scan while checking my throat. The CT Scan revealed          a peach size tumor  on my kidney  and it had  to be removed by surgery.  About a month  after that surgery another CT Scan showed, it not only,     spread  from  the  kidney,  but also,  into  the adrenal gland  and I had a     small spot on my lung.  

    And to top it all off …. now the M.D.  was saying, “he  would  have  to  remove the whole kidney.” Henceforth, I thought wait a minute give me  time  to think about this.  Therefore,  I went home  and  started  to  think       as I Googled… everything I could do naturally… to save my kidney and after lots of  searching.  I discovered the Holy Grail of  Herb Books that          I  believe would save my life.

    The Healing Power of  the Rainforest Herbs  by Leslie Taylor N.D.,   is a        book many times over that I am thankful for everyday for the rest of my    life. While at  first I could not  figure out which herb to take.  But I knew         I was onto something and eventually decided to take the one’s they said,    Chanca Peidra,  Cats Claw,  Graviola,  Pau D’arco  and  Turmeric where the steady  herbs that heal cancer.

   Until later reading about the Shamans of the Amazon using the seven          to treat their people of cancer. I knew I was on the right track and began using the seven  they use in the rainforest  (Anuma,  Bitter Melon,  Cats Claw, Graviola (MoringaSOP™),  Pau d’arco,  Suma  and Turmeric.)   After  6 months  of  taking  these seven rainforest medicinal herbs. I had another cat scan that showed all clear of  any type of  cancer and it was the happiest day of  my life.

   All  the  while  remembering  how  alone  being  diagnosed  with  cancer made me feel. Today I’m helping people through my Facebook Page people from over 25 different countries  with information on the different methods of  fighting their cancer.  As I become to realize that the rainforest cools the equator and it’s the lung of the earth.  Its living, breathing  and it saved my life… now its my turn to save its life as well.    J – Gordon Skimboard  :)




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2 Responses to From Surfer to Medicine Man

  1. Mandalena says:

    This story brought tears to my eyes. But, these are happy tears. Thank you :-)

    1. JOAN says:

      TRUE WORDS; All the while remembering how alone being diagnosed with cancer made me feel.
      What kind of cat scan did you have? with contrast?
      I am taking the herbs – one a day right now.
      Colon cancer stage II, surgically removed.
      Scheduled for a scan with contrast next.
      Just experienced two close friends pass from their cancer and in great pain.
      Hope the herbs work for me. Thanks for letting people know they are not alone in fighting this battle. Joan

    2. jose luiz padua says:

      I loved!Thanks a lot.

    3. Lori Munn says:

      I love stories like this and so informative and encouraging. Many of the ingredients are similar to ESSIAC TEA which has helped me and my Mom to be cancer free. We came upon it at herbal healer dot com; and another friend reversed Stage 4 colon cancer with this exact same tea. She is 75 now and still drinks it to this day :):)

    4. Ulrike says:

      What a great story! I’m happy to see another soul freed from cancer. I’m a natural therapist myself and fully support anyone who is looking into natural way to cure any illness . There is a great book and video series out there. Its by TY Bollinger. The book called ” Cancer step outside the box” on Amazon. the video series on Ty’s website and on you tube. It is the bible of all natural cancer cures. Invaluable !

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