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Bailey Clear From Breast Cancer- Stage 4

Eric Plott, also saved me from cancer- when the doctor turned me away and literally said I was to die. I was very depressed, STAGE 4 BREAST CANCER will eat away at you very quickly and I was so young. Growing up with Eric in Acting studio, I was a model; I would never forget his very high energy character and love for life…Well, when I found him again, he was spouting he could cure cancer and such…I was very upset with him about this and even went out to scold him for his overbearing behavior about curing cancer, heart disease, and diabetes and stuff…well, he went on very persistently about how if I went on a RAW VEGAN Diet and took moringaSOP with water fasting and jogging or exercise- minimal, I would be cured. I THOUGHT HE WAS CRAZY!…But today, I can tell you, he was not crazy, I was the one crazy to believed my doctors…Today, I owe my life to ERIC PLOTT as well, I would not be here typing this story out, that will not reach anybody who is brainwashed by their doctors anyways; but the point of it all, is I have been telling people very LOUDLY on a personal basis and he keeps curing us all, dare I say that word cure!…My doctor is almost disappointed that I am healed, I didn’t have to do chemo, radiation, or surgery, because I listened to my Quack Doctor…lol, forgive me if that offends you ERIC, but it is true…I am still a RAW VEGAN, I consume my Moringa from your website, PLOTTPALMTREES.COM and I will shout that to all who are willing to hear, WE ALL NEED TO BE ON MORINGA! get it now and get it today, listen to this young man…He might seem crazy at first, but does the truth…they always go hand and hand…Like healing and Plott. Thanks for saving my life. I have a second chance to live again, and better than before…Never had to cut my beautiful hair or go chemo brained…I wish to help share to those who are going through that…to know, they do not have to worry anymore, there is a new doctor in town, who has a practice that really works…I think he calls it the PERFECTIONAL PRACTICE,.. Thanks Moringa Man- or Moringa King.
~Jennifer B
-CANCER VICTOR FOR 4 YEARS- Clear From Breast Cancer- Stage 4

THANKS RHONDA. I went to see my doctor recently to rub it in his face even and I was very bubbly about it and he just kinda shrugged me off, like agh I don’t care, some quack that cures cancer…so what- we are still looking for the cure…lmao! they will never find it, the cure is money and that pertains to them and not ME!…their lifebeat only runs on the dollar while mine lives off nutrition today…disappointing, because i also lost both of my parents to cancer. So, i thought i was just next in line…nope, apparently not- I DID IT!

You go sheila! Listen to ERIC- I promise you, he does know what he is speaking!- the truth…He is like a mad scientist/nutritionist – one of a kind- keep him close- if you can. I know he works with millions- literally all around the world. It is really amazing what he got going on these days.




My Cancer Cured Story With MoringaSOP™ Thanks PLOTTPALMTREES.COM- I OWE YOU MY LIFE

PLOTT TRAILER “Plott: The Cure For Cancer” MOVIE COMING SOON WITH PROOF ~E.G.PlottPalmTrees.Com© 2014 from Eric Plott on Vimeo.


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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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