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Fran Burns

My husband has been using the Moringa King (PlottPalmTrees.Com) for almost 3 months. He has gone from 5 blood pressure medications to 1 that is now becoming too much it’s only 5 mg. He was also diagnosed with copd, his amount of usage of the products has gone down enough to
almost half. Thank you so much Eric Plott, for bringing this to the Christians and those who believe in natural products.
I have a praise about the Moringa…I have had a nodule on my thyroid for 11 years; very large on the right side…since I started the Moringa King about a month ago, it is shrinking and is about half the size now! Glory to God!
Fran Burns

What impressed me was the fast response to questions and helpful community conversation in the support forums.

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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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