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Natalia Irmin

Hi! My Name Is Natalia. I’m Currently Residing In Israel And Studying Towards A BA In Psychology And Environmental Studies.
I Become Vegan After Reading Eric Plott’s Book, “The Perfectaional Plant; The Most Nutritional Tree On This Planet”
And The Video That Is Called The Same Thing. I Found That Educating Myself Via Books And Movies, And Surrounding Myself With People Who Support The Vegan Lifestyle Made A Big Difference In My Life.Throughout This Process I Learned So Many New Things, And Have Come To Consider What I Can Do For The Do For The Planet And How I Can Be More Compassionate To Its Creature.
-Thank You Eric Plott, You Changed My Perspective And Life! I Am Glad I Was Open Enough To Listen To Your Crazy Antics, Because At First I Thought You Were Wrong & I Went Out To Prove You Were Fake…
I Came back To Let The World Know, That I Could Do Neither. Love Your Work Follower For Life.
~Natalia Irmin
Thanks For The *CLICK* Eric. you Are One interesting Human Being.”
~Douglas P.Finnell
Likewise I Enjoy Yourself Too.
We Are One In The Same.
Nice To Meet Back Up Broda.

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Posted by Plott Palm Trees on Saturday, February 8, 2014

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